Kitchen Habit: Smoothie Ideas And Blender Recipes

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jessica mason kitchen habitMy name is Jessica Mason and I am a smoothie enthusiast. I love coming up with new smoothie recipes, some of the best smoothies have the most unexpected ingredient combinations!

A large part of making so many smoothies is that you have to have the correct equipment. There are a huge number of blenders on the market: some of them good for making smoothies, some of them not so much.

It’s my aim to help you find delicious smoothie recipes, and also find the best blenders to make them with.

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jessica mason kitchen habit

Jessica Mason

Jessica is a smoothie enthusiast who believes the best way to start the day is with a delicious smoothie. When she is not drinking a smoothie, you’ll find her coming up with new recipes and trying out the latest blenders. Jessica likes the outdoors and socializing with friends.