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jessica masonHi and welcome to Kitchen Habit!

My name is Jessica Mason, and I am a certified clinical dietitian. I help my patients to control their weight by changing their diet, which ultimately leads to them improving their health in so many ways.

One of the main strategies I use is incorporating smoothies into the diet. Most people don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables which are vital for our health.

Having just one smoothie per day will drastically increase your fruit and vegetable intake, leading to noticeable differences in our health and appearance.

So why did I start this site?

After I explain to my patients the benefits of drinking smoothies, the first thing they ask is: “How do I prepare these smoothies?” Everyone knows that you need a blender, but with so much choice on the market I started researching different brands so I could pass this knowledge onto my patients.

I now have a good grasp on what the best blenders are for different situations, and I wanted to pass that knowledge onto even more people, in the hope that more of us will start drinking these delicious smoothies and reaping the health benefits.

I also wanted to share some of my favorite smoothie recipes. If you put spinach, strawberries, and banana into a blender every day, you will quickly get bored with the taste. There are virtually unlimited combinations of food you can use in smoothies, some of them good for weight loss, and some of them good for a delicious weekend treat.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any questions, you can reach out to me on the contact page.

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Jessica Mason

Jessica is a clinical dietitian who believes in the power of healthy eating for controlling weight. When she is not working with patients, you'll find her coming up with meal and diet plans based on scientific evidence. Jessica likes the outdoors, socializing, and making delicious smoothies.