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4 Simple Dinners You Can Make on Busy Weeknights

We all know that we should be focusing on nutrition and making sure that we regularly eat healthy and filling meals.

This is often easy to do during the morning and afternoon, but it can be very hard to motivate yourself to spend hours cooking dinner, especially if you’ve had a long, hard day. This means that many people end up opting for takeout.

While this is fine on occasion, you shouldn’t be only eating takeout, which is why it’s a good idea to have some staple recipes you can fall back on when you need a simple dinner to make during the week. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place, as this post will be discussing just this. 


Most families eat pasta at least once a week for dinner, and it’s easy to see why. Making a delicious pasta is quick and it takes minimal effort, plus it’s easy to prepare it for a crowd.

close up of penne pasta in a red sauce in a gray bowl.

There are also hundreds of different pasta recipes, so there’s something out there for everyone. If you’re feeling like comfort food, make some mac and cheese.

If you want something a bit healthier, opt for a pasta filled with lean protein and lots of veggies. And if you’re having guests over and want to impress them, why not try your hand at the famous Gigi Hadid pasta?


We often tend to think of salads as light meals, which is why we often eat them for lunch, and not dinner. Of course, it is true that a salad can be a lighter meal, but remember that not all salads are created equally.

top down view of a salad with lettuce and grape tomatoes on a white table.

If you spend some time thinking about what you’re putting into your salad, you could end up chopping up a few things, tossing it in a dressing, and still having a satisfying meal that keeps you full for hours. 

The key is to balance your salad, so if you need some help with that, click here


We know what you may be thinking . . . stew is a lot of effort to make. And it can be! But it can also be very easy, especially if you have a slow cooker or pressure cooker. 

beef stew with potatoes in a silver bowl on a rustic wood table.

If you do happen to have one of these devices, you can simply place your stew ingredients into it and allow it to cook and simmer while you do whatever you want!

You can also make your stew chunky, or you can place the gravy and vegetables in a food processor for a smoother stew. 


We recommend always having some tortilla wraps on hand because tacos are one of the simplest meals out there. Plus, they are delicious, which makes it a double win. 

three steak tacos on a gray platter.

You can fill tacos with whatever you want – fish, beef, chicken, tofu . . . the possibilities are endless! And if you are serving a large crowd of picky eaters, tacos are perfect because everyone can make their own taco and simply add what they want.

Tacos are also perfect for meal prep, so you can do your cooking once and have multiple dinners ready to go.