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Places in Your Kitchen That Need the Most Cleaning

Cooking isn’t a neat and clean process. In fact, your kitchen can often end up dirtier than you’d think after preparing just a few simple recipes. However, keeping your kitchen clean is important to ensure it’s a healthy space for everyone to enjoy.

a hand scrubbing a stainless steel sink with a soapy red sponge.

Here’s a list of places in your kitchen that need the most cleaning to help you keep a perfectly sanitized, beautiful kitchen.

Sink and Faucet

Your sink might be the appliance that helps you clean up after cooking messes, but this fixture itself can take on a lot of the grime.

Whether it be leftover food scraps, grease, or soap scum, sinks can be just as dirty as the rest of your kitchen. Because of this, make sure that you take the time to wipe the inner basing down on occasion with a soapy sponge. 

Stovetop and Range Hood 

It’s also crucial that you clean your stovetop and range hood. The stovetop can accumulate grease splatter, dust, and food crumbs over time. As such, wiping it down after cooking is key.

Range hoods can collect grease from cooking as well, and they are difficult to notice getting dirty. Be sure to regularly remove the filter and thoroughly wash it.

Refrigerator Interior and Exterior

Another place in your kitchen that needs the most cleaning is your refrigerator. As the place that stores the bulk of your food, it hosts plenty of things that can leave

germs and grime behind. Cleaning the interior of your fridge provides a sanitary environment for food, and cleaning the exterior keeps the appliance looking sleek. If your fridge’s exterior is stainless steel, learn how to clean stainless steel kitchen appliances for best results.

Cabinet and Drawer Handles

Handles to our drawers and cabinets are items we touch frequently, often with unwashed hands. For this reason, these surfaces are some of the most dangerous for spreading germs and contaminating your countertops. Regularly taking a disinfectant wipe to them can go a long way in keeping your kitchen sanitary.

Sponges and Dishcloths

Sponges and dishcloths are also top contenders for the dirtiest items in your kitchen. After all, we use them to remove grime and food from dishes and even scrub down countertops after preparing raw meat.

This can leave them riddled with bacteria that you don’t want to spread around. Get into the habit of replacing your sponges and throwing your dishcloths in the laundry every few days.

Keeping your kitchen clean is a crucial step in maintaining the health of your food and family. Pay extra attention to these places so that you know your kitchen is in the best possible condition.