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My Ninja Blender Won’t Start: 4 Solutions To Try

my ninja blender wont startNinja blenders are some of the most effective blending devices in the world. However, sometimes malfunctions do happen. Whether because of an internal problem, a mistake on your part, or something altogether different, your device might not be turning on.

If your Ninja blender won’t start, you are going to have to do some troubleshooting. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to make a smoothie in the morning and your blender just won’t work. You lose time, you lose patience, and you can’t make your breakfast drink. This must be fixed!

So, what can you do about it? Well, it could be an extremely complicated matter, or it could be something simple. Today we will talk about a few key reasons why your Ninja blender might not start.

It is important to note that before you do any troubleshooting, you should always unplug the blender so it can’t start accidentally.

The Thermal Switch

One of the biggest issues is heat. Every machine overheats. It just happens. If you were blending something too hard, the blender was on for too long, or something strained the motor, it could be that your motor overheated.

This is a fairly common situation. What happens is when your unit overheats, the thermal switch is flipped. Think of it as a power surge when one of the switches on your circuit breaker gets switched off. This will cause the blender to stop working.

You can generally tell if it’s a heat issue because you’ll either smell an electric burning or the scent of hot rubber. You can also feel the body of the machine where the motor is and it will be hot to the touch.

If your blender won’t turn back on because of a heat issue, simply wait about 15 minutes before trying to turn the unit back on. Let the motor cool before trying to use it again. You can tell it’s not a heat problem if you weren’t using the blender at all and it still won’t start. Overheating generally happens if you blend something, the blender gets hot, and then the blender doesn’t turn back on.

Improper Assembly

As silly as it may sound, sometimes you might have an improper assembly. What I’m talking about is the components of your Ninja blender could be assembled improperly. It’s not your fault, as these machines can be fairly complicated. But if your machine is not assembled the right way, it probably won’t start.

Before doing any troubleshooting, take a look at your instruction manual and make sure all the assembled pieces are put together in the proper order. The blade assembly should be positioned properly through the gasket, the pitcher should be firmly in place, and the pitcher lid should have its locking handle matched with the arrow.

You want to make sure the pitcher is snugly fit in all its four positions. If the pitcher is too difficult to rotate, it is not properly locked and needs to be adjusted. Simply make sure the pitcher faces you directly with the handle on the right-hand side.

Take care when messing with the blade assembly, as the blades are often sharp. You also need to keep in mind that all Ninja blenders are different, and the proper assembly will vary between them. Read your instruction manual and make sure everything is fitted properly.

The Lid Isn’t On

Sometimes the problem is something so simple you didn’t even think about it. If the lid of your blender is not properly locked, the machine won’t start. This is a smart feature designed to avoid nasty spills and other types of accidents. So, if your lid isn’t on properly, the blender blades are not going to start turning.

This should be pretty simple to spot because the power button will be flashing if the lid is not closed right. For you to solve this issue, simply lock the lid into its position. You should always rotate the handle while pressing the lid downwards. And even if you get the lid closed properly but the LED light is still flashing, you need to make sure the white arrows are lined perfectly from the edge of the lid to the handle.

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Power Problems

Another common issue with a Ninja blender not starting is that you have a power issue. Even if the power light is on, there could be an electrical problem somewhere inside the machine stopping the motor from starting.

If your blender is new and doing this, it probably has an issue with the power source. You might want to try plugging it into a different outlet and seeing if that works or plugging a different appliance into the same outlet and seeing if that one works. You could also try resetting your circuit breaker.

If everything points to an electrical problem inside of the blender itself and not the power source, you may have a busted power cord or some kind of internal issue with the electric components. This may not be something you can fix on your own, and you may need to send it in for repairs.

My Ninja Blender Won’t Start: Final Thoughts

Having a busted piece of equipment sucks. Whether your motor burned out, an electrical problem is preventing the motor from starting at all, or it is a total mystery, it will definitely sour your experience using Ninja blenders.

But this is a very rare thing to happen. Ninja blenders are typically very well-designed and excellently constructed. They make delicious smoothies, they can blend almost anything, and they are almost always reliable. If you ended up getting a faulty Ninja blender, chances are it happened somewhere on the assembly line or between the factory and your kitchen.

The good news is that if you contact your supplier, chances are they will fix it for you. Usually, by replacing the defective component, your blender will be as good as new. But before going through all the trouble, try the troubleshooting methods we talked about today.