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What to do if Your Ninja Blender Pitcher Cracked: Can it be Fixed?

ninja blender pitcher crackedNinja blenders are among the most popular kitchen appliances, and they are designed to last. If your Ninja blender pitcher cracked, you may be wondering what to do.

In this blog post, we will talk about why Ninja blender pitchers might crack in the first place, what the warranty covers when it comes to cracks in the pitcher itself, and how you can get a replacement ninja blender pitcher if yours is beyond repair.

Most of us think that when our Ninja blender pitcher cracks it means we can’t use it anymore and need to buy a new one. But before you do anything else, make sure to read through this article!

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Reasons Your Ninja Blender Pitcher is Cracked

ninja container with crackThere are a few reasons why your Ninja blender pitcher can develop a crack. Unfortunately, once there is a crack in the plastic container it will most likely be rendered useless. Even if the pitcher doesn’t leak, the vibrations of the blender will make the crack even bigger, causing a safety hazard.

Let’s first look at the reasons it can crack before looking at the solutions. Hopefully, by knowing how these containers usually crack you can prevent yours from cracking.

The Pitcher was Dropped on the Floor

The most common way for Ninja blenders to crack is when the pitcher falls on the floor.

This is usually due to the user trying to pour out liquid quickly, and their hands slip. It can also happen when blending heavy items like ice cubes or frozen fruit with water in the pitcher.

To prevent dropping your Ninja pitcher on the floor, make sure to always hold the pitcher with both hands.

When pouring out liquids, make sure not to tip the container too close to your body or over a sink. Always pour away from you and let gravity do its work.

The Pitcher was Stored without Proper Care

Another way for Ninja blenders pitchers to crack is if they are stored in an uneven position or stacked on top of each other improperly.

Make sure that all containers have been thoroughly washed before stacking them together – never put dirty items next to clean ones as this can cause stains and bacteria growths which will lead to cracks down the line.

Never store your blender jars upside-down either! If there is liquid left inside after blending, it should be poured out completely before putting the container away.

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Can I Fix My Cracked Ninja Blender Pitcher?

Ninja blender pitchers are made from durable, BPA-free plastic. While they may be able to withstand a little bit of pressure and drops here and there, when the container is cracked it will not be usable anymore.

This is because the cracks will only get worse when the Ninja blender pitcher is in use and can cause you harm. Bits of plastic can break off into your blended drinks, causing you to choke or cut up your mouth.

Even if there are no visible cracks on the container itself but it doesn’t seal properly anymore (meaning that water leaks out even though nothing has been blended), this means that there’s a crack somewhere under the surface which may not be fixable.

How Can I Avoid Cracks in the First Place?

You can avoid cracks by taking better care of your Ninja blender pitcher.

Never drop it on the floor, don’t try and pour out liquid too quickly, and make sure that you always hold onto both sides when pouring or blending so as not to tip over accidentally.

This will prevent any visible cracks from forming which means that Ninja Blender replacement jars won’t be necessary – at least until a year has passed since the purchase. If there are no visible signs of wear after this time period though then you may want to replace them anyway if they’re still under warranty.

What does the Ninja Blender Warranty Cover?

Ninja blenders come with a warranty that covers the pitcher, blade assembly, and motor base.

If your Ninja Blender jar has developed visible cracks or leaks you can get it replaced for free by contacting customer service via phone or email.

If you have misplaced your receipt though do not worry – just reference model numbers online to find out what year of manufacture yours falls under so that they may process your request more efficiently.

Do note however that Ninja requires proof of purchase before sending their replacement products out which means shipping costs will apply unless there was already shipping on your original order through Amazon or some other retailer.

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Where can I get a Replacement Pitcher?

Ninja Blender replacement pitchers can be purchased on their website or through other retailers such as Amazon.

If you have the original receipt, Ninja will only require proof of purchase, and shipping costs will not apply unlike with warranty requests.

Replacement jars are also available for sale which means that even if your pitcher has developed cracks but everything else is still functional, you may want to get a new jar instead since it’s cheaper than having to buy a whole new blender.

How do I know if my Pitcher Needs Replacing?

There are some tell-tale signs that indicate whether or not your Ninja blender pitcher should be replaced: If there are no visible cracks yet but water leaks out when blended items like fruit and ice cubes are inserted, there is a crack somewhere on the container which will only get worse as time goes by.

If your Ninja blender pitcher has visible cracks but it still seals properly, this means that there’s a deeper problem with how water flows through and out of the jar which you may not be able to fix yourself if it occurs after too much use over the years.

Ninja Blender Pitcher Cracked – Final Thoughts

Ninja blenders are popular appliances and they are designed to last. The Ninja blender pitcher can crack though, which is why we recommend reading this post before taking any other action.

If your Ninja blender pitcher cracked you may be wondering what to do – worry not because in this blog post we have discussed the warranty that covers cracks on the pitchers themselves as well as how you can get a replacement if yours is beyond repair.

Whether or not your current one has cracked or it’s just sitting around waiting for its inevitable demise, there are many reasons why these appliances might need replacing over time. Thankfully though, when it comes to getting a replacement pitcher, as long as you are still in your warranty there’s no need to worry about the costs.