Blender Smells Like Burning Rubber: Things To Check

blender smells like burning rubberSometimes people forget that blenders are complicated electrical machines. Your blender is not a magical device – it can malfunction, and it can breakdown. If your blender smells like burning rubber, chances are you have a major issue going on inside your machine. It can also be dangerous to continue using your blender at that point.

The smell of burning rubber is typically caused by malfunctioning components. It may smell like burning, or it may smell like a hot electrical discharge. This can be very alarming while you are making smoothies or doing food processing. But today I am going to help you learn how to diagnose and fix when you notice that your blender smells like burning rubber.

Blender Smells Like Burning Rubber: Overview

The problem almost always comes down to parts. Mostly it would be the blades, the motor, or even the seals. Anything can wear down, and with so many spinning parts inside your blender, it is only a matter of time until something malfunctions, no matter how premium your machine is.

The good news is that blenders are easy to fix. All you need is a new part, and then you will be ready to make smoothies again without that disgusting burning smell. However, it is important to understand that if you have a cheap blender that you paid under $100 for and the motor has burned out, you may be better off just buying a new blender. Repairs can get expensive.

Let’s take a look at the main components that cause a burning smell or an electrical smell from your blender.

The Blades

The blades in your work extremely hard. Without blender blades, you would never be able to blend anything. These come in many different styles, with some being extremely sharp and others being dull and blunt. But they all do the same thing. Your blades spin so that your smoothie gets blended.

But there is more going on than just four jagged pieces of metal. It is a whole assembly, consisting of blades, a bearing, and a sealing plate. If the bearings inside the blade assembly get seized because of food or liquid seeping through the seal and causing issues, it will make the motor work harder, which can eventually result in overheating or burning out completely.

blender bladeAlso, if you have dull blades that are not supposed to be dull, but have been worn out over time, they can put extra stress on the motor, which will result in a burning smell. It’s just like any motor that works too hard when there is too much friction, it starts to stink like burning!

The good news is that the blades can be replaced easily. You just need to take apart the blade assembly and install a new one. Most blenders allow you to unscrew the base from the jar and then pop out the blade assembly. You will need to check the assembly to see if there is any damage to the seal, then replace it if necessary.

If there is a problem with the blades, you will undoubtedly need to replace the whole assembly by going through the factory. Most hardware stores are not going to sell a set of blender blades that work for your specific blender. However, if there is an issue with seals, many hydraulic shops and hardware stores have a surplus of different seals that will help fix your blender.

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The motor is the heart of your blender. This is the key component that makes the machine work. The motor powers the blades, and the blades spin fast enough to blend all your ingredient. The motor is also the most likely culprit for your burning smell.

You see, if anything in the blender fails, it eventually comes back to the motor. Any problems with your blender will result in decreased performance and stress on the motor, which will cause overheating and eventual failure. When your blender begins to overheat or fail, you will smell a very distinct burning or electrical scent.

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It is also possible that somehow liquid seeped through the seals and into the motor. If you blend a lot of ice, the blades could fail and cause the motor to be overworked. There are a lot of reasons for a failed motor. If you smell burning, chances are the stench is coming from the motor. This can be a very expensive part to fix. Depending on the price of your original blender, you may be better off just buying a replacement.

O-Rings & Gaskets

blender gasketBecause your blender works with lots of liquids, it is important that everything is properly sealed, from the sealing rings around the blades all the way to special gaskets that keep your motor from getting wet. However, the O-rings and gaskets that keep your internal parts safe can eventually crack, tear, or be worn out. When this happens, liquid will find its way into places it shouldn’t.

This is a fairly easy problem to identify. First, check the seals around your blade by removing the blade assembly from the motor, and if you notice they are flimsy, frayed, or don’t sit right in their grooves, you are going to need some new seals. One of the most important seals is between the agitator assembly and the blender jar.

These are extremely easy to replace, as most plumbing shops sell lots of different types of gaskets. If you bring in the old gasket it can be measured and replaced with a new one, and you can do all the repairs by yourself at home.


Last on the list are the couplers found in your blender. These are special components that are designed to fail if your blades become overloaded. However, many couplers on modern blenders are made from plastic. What happens is that when the blades get overloaded and cause the couplers to fail, so much heat is generated that the couplers melt and cause a nasty burning smell like flaming tires. This is a much more difficult problem to fix than just putting in new seals.

You’ll need to open the blender and check the coupler on the top of the blender base. If it looks melted or disfigured, you need to take it off with a screwdriver and then go to your nearest hardware store and try to find a replacement. Luckily, if you can get the proper coupler it is easy to screw it back on.

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