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Ninja Blender Blade Not Spinning: 7 Simple Solutions

ninja blender blade not spinningIs your Ninja blender blade not spinning? This is an incredibly frustrating problem that is slightly more common than you might think. If your Ninja blender blades are not spinning, you are going to need to do some investigating. Out of all the problems that can occur with a blender, this might be the most irritating.

You will know your blades are not spinning when the motor is turned on but nothing is happening inside the container. Without the spinning blades, your food and other ingredients will not turn at all, or they may turn very weakly. They definitely won’t be blending.

You may have an easy time blending liquids but your blades won’t turn when you add solid ingredients. There are a few reasons this could be happening, and some of them are easier to fix than others. If you have a serious issue with your Ninja blender, the best thing to do is reach out to customer service and they will likely replace your broken part.

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Blender Blade Won’t Spin: Too Much Food

One of the main reasons why your blades will stop spinning is because you have overfilled the container. This may not be obvious right away, but if you try to empty the container a little bit and then blend again you may find that the blades are now spinning.

If there is ice packed beneath the blades, or if there is too much inside the container stopping the blades from beginning to spin, simply try to put less stuff into your blender. Remove some of the food chunks and then try to blend again.

The reason your blades won’t spin when you have overfilled the container is that they don’t have the room to start spinning. It’s like trying to push a wheel with a spoke through it. It simply won’t work. Your blades need enough room to start spinning before they can blend any ingredients.

For example, if you have a big piece of ice at the very bottom pushed against the blades, they probably won’t be able to spin. Your blender will make a very loud and angry groaning noise, which is the drive gear trying to spin but being unable to. Try to give the blades enough space so that they can at least start blending.

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Blender Blade Not Spinning: Not Enough Liquid

Another issue is a lack of liquid. If you have added too many hard ingredients into your Ninja blender and have not included any liquid, you may notice that when you turn on the machine the blades won’t spin. They’re trying to but they simply won’t. Either that or they will spin slowly and not work to blend anything. You will also hear an angry groaning sound from your blender.

This is because your blades need liquid to help them spin and break apart your ingredients. This is a very easy issue to fix. All you need to do is fill a little of your container with liquid. This will give your blades the lubrication and assistance they need to start spinning and chopping.

Blender Blade Won’t Spin: Mechanical Issues

If there is nothing wrong with the ingredients inside your blender, and if your blades won’t spin even when your blender is empty, you undoubtedly have a mechanical problem. This is going to be significantly harder to fix. Not everyone can repair a blender on their own, and many of the parts may not be widely available.

The main issue for blades not spinning is that the threads have been stripped where your blades attach to the drive shaft. You see, the motor powers the drive gear, which turns the shaft that spins the blades. If any component is stripped, loose, or not working, your blades won’t spin.

If you need replacement blades, you can find them on Amazon.

Basically, your motor is running but something between the motor and the blades is loose. The threads can wear out over time so that there is nothing connecting your blades to the drive shaft properly. You can try to take the blender apart on your own to inspect the gray rubber gear. If it has stripped threads, you will know immediately. This will be the problem you need to fix.

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Ninja Blender Blade Not Spinning: How to Fix

ninja blender arrows need to be alignedNow that you know the reasons why your Ninja blender is not spinning, it’s time to fix the problem. There are a number of simple solutions that will get your blades spinning again.

You should try a few of these techniques until you find the solution that works for you. You may even need to do a combination of some or all of these methods, depending on what the issue with your blender is.

Check the Power Cable is Connected and Working

One of the most simple reasons why your blades may not be spinning is because something has gone wrong with your power cord. Many people often forget to plug their blender in, so if you find that it’s unplugged then try plugging it back into an electrical outlet.

If that doesn’t work then try another socket or wall outlet, just to make sure the problem isn’t somewhere else. Also, check that the power cord is plugged into your Ninja blender and is not loose.

If this does not solve the problem, there may be something wrong with the plug itself. Check for any obvious damage like frayed wires or burn marks on either end of the wire or around where it plugs into your machine.

Check the Power Switch is Turned On

If you’ve checked that your power cord is plugged in and switched on, but your Ninja blender still won’t turn on, check the power switch. This may seem like an obvious solution but it’s often overlooked by people who are rushing to get things done.

There should be a little button on the front of your machine with a light next to it which lights up when turned on. Make sure this button has been pushed in properly and hasn’t come loose.

You could also try pushing it multiple times because sometimes these switches can become stuck if pushed hard enough. If nothing seems to work then there may be something wrong with the power switch itself.

Make Sure all Components are Correctly Assembled

If your power switch is on and the cord is attached properly but your blades won’t spin, check that all the components are correctly attached.

Ninja blenders have little arrows on their components that show which direction to place them. You should make sure that all the components are facing the right way and lined up with each other properly.

Check for Bits of Food Blocked around the Blades

If your Ninja blender is not spinning or struggling even when empty, check for bits of food stuck between the blades and housing. If you have used your Ninja recently then it may be something as simple as a tiny piece of fruit getting stuck in there during operation.

Checking the area where attachments fit into your blender will often solve this problem quickly and easily. Make sure that nothing is blocking any moving parts and remove anything that could potentially do so before operating again.

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Don’t Overfill the Container

Make sure you don’t overfill your Ninja container with too many ingredients. You should only fill it up about halfway or two-thirds maximum because adding a lot of ingredients at once can prevent the blades from spinning properly.

If overfilling is not causing issues, you may want to reduce how much you put in your blender anyway because blending everything together right away can mean that there are large chunks of unblended food mixed with other chopped items.

This ruins the uniformity and texture of your finished product so try adding liquids first and then harder solids like ice or frozen fruit last.

Ensure there is Enough Liquid and Add it First

If you find that your Ninja blender is struggling to blend everything together, there may not be enough liquid. This can happen when too many dry ingredients are added and the blades cannot move properly because of it.

Ensure that there is enough water, juice, or any other liquid inside the container and turn on the machine again. If adding liquids doesn’t help then proceed with checking the other steps on this list.

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Internal Components Need to be Replaced

If the time has come to fix the internal components of your blender, you are going to need a professional. Even if it is just one screw loose, just a few threads that have been smashed flat and won’t allow the blades to turn, you will need to send your Ninja blender in to get some replacement parts.

If you need replacement blades, you can find them on Amazon.

There are no hardware stores that are going to sell replacement blender blade assemblies. It’s just not going to happen. You will need to reach out to your Ninja blender supplier and request a fix. Luckily, many Ninja blenders come with a pretty robust warranty, and so you won’t need to fix it yourself and you likely won’t need to pay for anything.

Of course, if you are exceptionally skilled at fixing small pieces of machinery and small appliances, you can try to fix it yourself. By disassembling the motor and looking at the drive gear, shaft, and by inspecting the pins and tiny screws that keep the entire assembly functioning, you may find something small that can be repaired.

However, you want to keep in mind that if you tear apart your blender you may never get it back together. And if you rip apart your blender and try to collect a warranty, you are probably going to end up paying more than you would have otherwise. In fact, if you rip apart your blender and can’t get it back together, you may be better off just buying a new Ninja blender.

As a final note, all the Ninja blenders are built to a very high quality of standards. If there is a mechanical issue stopping your blender blades from spinning, Ninja won’t have a problem replacing and fixing the part. This is a trustworthy company that has been building kitchen appliances for many years. I always trust Ninja with all my appliance and blender issues.

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Ninja Blender not Spinning – Final Thoughts

If you have a serious issue with your Ninja blender, the best thing to do is reach out to customer service and they will likely replace your broken part.

In the case that it’s not a mechanical problem, there are easy fixes for when Ninja blades don’t spin such as too much food in the container, not enough liquid, or even power problems.

I hope this article was helpful in fixing your Ninja blender that is not spinning. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.

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