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Vitamix 6500 Review: Top Rated Professional Grade Blender

vitamix 6500 reviewIf you ever owned a Vitamix blender then you probably know what the fuss is all about. The Vitamix 6500 is another workhorse that is a mighty ally in the kitchen. It is extremely powerful, rich in a unique set of features to handle all kinds of ingredients and turn them into a number of textures.

The Vitamix 6500 is made for the home chef, mostly because it has three preset settings.  However, its superb motor can handle the demands of a professional kitchen as well. An upgraded version of the already incredible Vitamix 6300, it certainly packs a punch.

Due to its versatility, it is considered as one of the best blenders available on the market today. Made to meet – and exceed – the expectations of demanding parents, professionals, health enthusiasts, or just regular gourmets, the Vitamix 6500 is not just an appliance, but rather a friend!

Vitamix 6500 Review: Overview

As mentioned above, the Vitamix 6500 is an upgraded version of the previous Vitamix 6300 model. However, although similar in appearance and performance, there’s more to this blender than meets the eye.

Vitamix 6500: Design

The Vitamix 6500 belongs to the C-series of Vitamix blenders. It has the same elements as other blenders including a power cord, motor base, container, and although not every device comes with a tamper, this one does.

The 6 ft long power cord is extremely useful if you don’t have power outlets all around the kitchen. The length of the cord which you don’t use can be neatly packed underneath the motor base. The motor base is made of stainless steel and it is available in black, white, red, and platinum color. At a weight of almost 12 lbs, the base is rather heavy. However, the weight adds up to the overall stability of the blender.

The Vitamix 6500 has two buttons to the left and right, and a variable speed dial that also doubles as a pre-setting control right at the center of the base. The right switch is the start/stop and the left switch activates the unique Pulse control. If you turn the speed dial to the right you can select from speeds from 1 to 10. Turning the dial to the left, you get to choose from three pre-settings: smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups.

The base houses the powerful 2.2 HP motor. As a comparison, the Vitamix 6300 has a 2-peak HP motor, therefore in terms of motor power, the Vitamix 6500 is closer to Vitamix 5300. The 2.2 HP motor is constructed with ball bearing technology. It enables low load on the system and promotes higher efficiency and increased durability.

As an added bonus, the blender also comes with a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system. Because of these features, the blender is very unlikely to overheat, but in case it does, it will automatically shut down on its own!

Vitamix 6500: Container, Blade & Tamper

Aside from the motor, possibly the most visible difference between the Vitamix 6500 and Vitamix 6300 is the container. Vitamix 6500 uses a low profile, wide-bottomed, wet, 64-ounce container, and unlike the Vitamix 6300 tall, narrow bottomed container, it can fit under any kitchen cabinets.

At 64 ounces, it can accommodate the needs of families and even restaurants, but it performs equally efficiently even when dealing with smaller batches of food. The container is made of high-quality copolyester known as Eastman Tritan. The material is stress and temperature resistant, it is BPA-free, shatterproof, and comes with a two-part locking lid and attached blade assembly. On the other hand, the lid is spill-proof, and it allows you to add ingredients in the blender while working.

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The blades are measured at 4 inches and a few Vitamix 6500 reviews that I came across online state that this design is quieter in operation and requires less tampering. To ensure optimal edge, the blades are laser cut, made of stainless steel.

The tamper is made to fit the low-profile container and it is shorter than the tampers used for tall profile containers. There’s a special opening for the tamper on the lid which can be used while the blender is running. In addition, it comes with a collar that prevents it from coming in contact with the blades.

You needn’t worry about cutting the ingredients in smaller pieces. Thanks to the superb motor, large container, powerful blades, and of course with a little help from the tamper, the blender can handle whole fruits, veggies, and ice cubes.

Vitamix 6500: Operating

Any Vitamix 6500 is beginners-friendly as it is very simple to use. There’s no special science behind setting it up either, you just need to plug it into a power outlet. To start blending, put the ingredients in the container starting at low speed and working your way up. Of course, there’s also the possibility to choose one of the three preset settings and let the blender provide you with the perfect smoothie, frozen dessert, or hot soup!

When using the tamper, don’t be tempted to use it without the collar or the lid on as you can damage both the blades and the tamper. As the system comes with an automatic shut-off system, it may turn off by itself if it overheats.

Vitamix 6500 Review: Final Thoughts

The Vitamix 6500 is another example of what Vitamix is all about. High-quality, unmatched performance, superb motor power, durability, versatility, and so on – the Vitamix 6500 covers all ground.

Praised by thousands of satisfied customers as the best investment they have made, the blender is certainly worth the high price tag. Although some may argue that the blender is a bit noisier than what you may be used to, given that it comes with a 2.2 HP motor, the noise is well justified. Since it is extremely powerful though, it will take a few seconds before your blend is ready.

With three preset settings and 10 variable speeds, it handles every food processing with ease. If your budget allows it, you won’t regret buying the Vitamix 6500!

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