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Vitamix CIA Professional Series Review: 1709 Model

vitamix cia professional series reviewVitamix CIA Professional Series is a blender suitable for both professional and amateur use. It can handle all kinds of kitchen tasks which is why it is praised by professionals worldwide. But, it is extremely easy to use, hence it is equally adored by home chefs as well. With an incredibly powerful motor and variable speed control, this Vitamix blender is among the top-rated blenders available on the market today.

It comes with a unique set of properties which I’ll discuss in detail below. I especially appreciate the option to choose from a variety of colors so it will blend in different kitchen designs. Given that it also comes with a 7-year full use warranty, there’s no room to doubt the quality of the blender.

Thanks to its features, the blender has earned the endorsement of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and is widely used to train the next generations of chefs around the globe. Without further ado, let’s see what the blender has to offer!

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Review: Overview

The blender that I’m about to discuss received high scores in a number of professional reviews as well as great feedback from customers. Praised as a multi-tool in the kitchen, it chops, blends, grinds, mixes, and handles all types of food processing. Its top-notch performance is due to a number of features such as motor power, container size, and additional unique properties. Stay tuned as I share my impressions with you!

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Review: Design

Sporting a simple design, the Vitamix CIA Professional Series is as simple to use as it looks. Made to do pretty much everything and anything including butters, different types of creams, smoothies, soups, dressings and more, it really can handle the needs of professionals.

The machine comes with a fairly long power cord which is extremely useful in case you don’t have enough power plugs in your kitchen. You needn’t worry about your countertops being untidy and messy either; underneath the motor base, there’s a dedicated storage space where you can neatly pack the length of the cord.

Instead of a digital front, the brand opted for toggle switches and a rotating speed dial. Similar to other Vitamix blenders, the motor base features three controls. On the right, you have the on/off switch. To the left, there’s a variable/high setting. The variable setting works with the center speed dial, but the high setting doesn’t.

The speed dial starts from 1 and goes all the way to 10. When you start the machine, start at low speed and work your way up. However, if the highest speed is not enough to blend your ingredients to the preferred texture, you can switch the blender from variable to high setting. Note that you should never start the machine in high setting!

With a 2-peak HP motor, you can expect the same super-efficiency as different Vitamix 5200 and 200 series blenders offer. For increased ease of use, the CIA model comes with a cooling fan and thermal protection system. The cooling fan keeps up with the speed you set, therefore the blender is provided with proportional cooling ensuring that it won’t overheat.

Finally, the motor base is made of brushed stainless steel available in red, black, or platinum option.

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Review: Container, Blade & Tamper

Most of Vitamix blenders come with standard wet containers, and Vitamix CIA Professional Series is no different. Although it can accommodate up to 64 ounces of ingredients, it works perfectly even if you decide to blend small batches of food. It is made of high-quality copolyester known as Eastman Tritan which is stress and temperature resistant. In addition, it is BPA-free, shatterproof, and comes with a two-part locking lid and attached blade assembly.

You can optionally purchase a 48 ounces dry grains container for grinding grains into fresh flour, mix batter, and simulate the kneading process to easily prepare dough for baking. Of course, you can get smaller wet containers as well, but according to my research, there’s no need to splurge.

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The blades are made of high-grade stainless steel measuring 3-in diameter. They are laser-cut which in turn means they feature extremely sharp edges. Going as fast as 240 mph, they can shred anything.

Patented by Vitamix, the tamper is an ingenious tool that will make your blending a breeze. The tamper can plunge down the most stubborn ingredients thus achieving a smoother blend. Since the container comes with a lid plug, you can easily place the tamper inside while blending. The tamper comes with a special collar so it slips securely into the container.

Remove the lid plug and place the tamper inside, thus forcing the ingredients towards the blade or stir the ingredients to help mix thoroughly. Don’t be tempted to take the lid off and place the tamper directly inside. You can damage the blade and cause the tamper to shatter.

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Review: Operating

Every Vitamix device is extremely easy to use. However, when ordering, shipped with the box is a manual that will explain how to set up the machine and how to use it. In general, all you need to do is fill the container with the preferred ingredients, set the dial knob on a higher or lower speed setting depending on the texture you want to achieve, and you’re good to go.

Remember that you should always start with lower speeds. In case you need a smoother blend, switch to high setting and you can always rely on the tamper. As the blender comes with an automatic shut-off system, don’t be alarmed if it turns off in the middle of blending.

Vitamix CIA Professional Series Review: Final Thoughts

The Vitamix CIA Professional Series is aimed towards anyone looking for a powerful blender that will last for years to come. It is built to endure regular use and handle the demands of professional kitchens while being simple enough for home chefs as well. The only fault this blender has is that it can be quite loud when used at maximum speed. However, it processes the food quickly so the noise is bearable.

Able to replace food processors of all kinds due to the myriad of functions it can do, the Vitamix CIA Professional Series blender is everything you need, and then some! Be aware that it is on the expensive side, but you’re not overpaying for anything! In case the blender doesn’t fit in your budget, you can always opt for a refurbished version of the same blender.

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