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Vitamix 500 Review: Top-Rated Professional Series Blender

vitamix 500 reviewThe Vitamix Professional Series 500 has become a popular blender within a short period of time because it is convenient, programable, and durable. It is effective because it comes with three different settings for consistent results, hence it is ideal for your smoothies, soups, and dessert recipe preparation.

In this Vitamix 500 review, I will go over how this corded blender is energy efficient and is powered by a 2-peak horsepower motor, making the blender sturdy and able to handle light and heavy daily usage. Do you want to make hot soup without the need for a stove? Prepare frozen treats within seconds, grind your nuts and coffee in a short time, and even create silky-smooth purees in a moment, this is the blender you need.

This blender makes blending a joy because it comes with a spill-proof vented lid that holds the content inside in place to avoid any form of spillage.

Vitamix 500 Review: Overview

The main features of Vitamix 500 are;

  • Three pre-programmed settings.
  • Variable speed control and pulse.
  • Spill-proof vented lid.
  • Commercial grade 2HP motor.

Dimensions and Specifications

The Vitamix 500 professional blender comes in a thick black color and this color is resistant against chemicals and moisture, hence it does not fade. It weighs roughly 11.95 lbs. which is relatively lighter than many of its main rivals. Vitamix 500 is mostly made from durable plastic material that is tough against mechanical accidents. The product measures 17.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 in height, length and width, respectively. It comes with an electric cord with a three-pin mouth that can work with cord extension or adapter for plugging into an electric socket.

Programmable with Variable Speed Control

This Vitamix 500 review is incomplete without mentioning the different programs and speed controls on the blender.  You may use the three pre-programmed settings here to achieve a consistent result with your foods. The pre-programmed feature helps you achieve a fine blend of your soup, smoothie, frozen dessert, juice and much more.

The variable speed control can be easily adjusted and will help you achieve different texture for different types of food processing. The variable speed works with a dial that can be rotated at any point during the blending and this gives you complete control over the blender.

Air-craft grade Stainless-steel Blade

Unlike many other blenders around, the Vitamix 500 has a completely different blade design. The hardened stainless-steel blade helps you achieve just about anything you want. Create your chilled desserts by adding the frozen ingredients and let the blades create your ice cream and fruit sorbet within few seconds. With the powerful blade, you can also create your homemade nut butter from ground nuts or create your perfect morning coffee by grinding your coffee nuts in the machine.

These blades will also have the ability to pulverize the toughest food ingredients, hence you can create those silky-smoothies, soups, and sauces, day after day, without lower consistencies. Air-craft grade stainless steel materials are known for their resistance against corrosion; hence these blades will never become rusty even after years of a continuous blending of different food ingredients. Just rinse it after use and it will dry quickly before storage.

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Powerful Design

The Vitamix 500 is characterized by a sturdy design. The container is a whopping 64-ounce which is large enough to process different food for a small to medium family size. The size and shape of the blender are designed for easy handling, and you can use it to blend small, medium and larger batches of ingredients consistently.

It also comes with a gentle-running motor that creates no noise and no disturbance when processing. The motor maintains a steady Torque at different speeds and volumes of food processing. The motor also maintains a cool temperature, to ensure that power is delivered consistently while you process your food ingredients.

This machine is designed to last for many years and it comes with a 10-year full manufacturer warranty that covers all component parts, just like any other Vitamix product. The powerful blender delivers a complete blending system that delivers smoother and faster blends with full flavor.

The pulse feature of this machine, you can create multiple layers of blends of ingredients on each other. For instance, the pulsing allows you to add coarse chops on top of your smooth purees and this is cool when creating some salsas and vegetable soups. This is one feature that will bring out your creativity especially when creating your own recipes from existing ones.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

One of the features you will certainly appreciate about this product is its ease of cleaning and maintenance. The walls of the container are designed to repel sticky food ingredients; hence, you can clean such food particles with water. For the most difficult stains, you can simply add a few drops of soap with warm water and the machine will clean itself within 60 seconds, and all you have to do is rinse and dry.

The blender occupies much less space; hence it can be easily stored anywhere inside your kitchen cabinets. Make sure it dries out completely before storage.

Vitamix 500 Review:  Final Thoughts

With great features like variable speed controls, powerful stainless-steel grade, pre-programmed options, and spill-proof vented lid, you are guaranteed convenient and consistent results with the Vitamix Professional 500 blender. In addition to the main features, the fact that this blender is easy to clean means you can re-use over and over again for a long time without reducing consistencies in results.

The Vitamix 500 makes food preparation a lot easier. If you are looking for a way to make steaming hot soup without a stove, for instance, you can rely on the friction from the blades of this blender to bring your soup to the right serving temperature right inside the blender’s container. Everything about this blender is fascinating. The black diamond color brings some touch of radiance to your kitchen space, while the variable speed will allow you to fine-tune the texture of the final ingredient blend to your preference.

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