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NutriBullet Stopped Working: 7 Simple Things To Check

nutribullet stopped workingImagine waking up with a huge appetite for your favorite smoothie or any other beverage. You turn on your NutriBullet, and it just won’t start, or it turns on, blitz for a few seconds, and it stops.

You will definitely be disappointed and tend to panic over what could be going on with your trusted NutriBullet.

The fact that your NutriBullet stopped working may be due to:

  • Accidental unplugging
  • You might have overloaded your NutriBullet cup
  • Broken rubber seals leading to food leaks
  • Food debris might cause the blades to jam
  • You might also be operating with a spoilt blender cord or a broken cup tab, among other reasons

Wondering why your NutriBullet stopped working? To find out what could have happened to your NutriBullet, how you can fix the problem, plus other interesting information, read on!

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Why has My NutriBullet Stopped Working?

As with many electronics, the main reason your NutriBullet could have stopped working is most likely related to user errors such as overloading and overusing your blender.

If you purchased a pre-owned NutriBullet, the reason it stops working could be an overdue service time, or faulty blades, cords, and broken parts. For detailed information, keep reading!

Why Did My NutriBullet Turn Off While Blending?

For starters, you may be worried about your NutriBullet when it suddenly stops working. Going off while operating is something common amongst blenders.

If your NutriBullet turns off when you are blending your smoothie, there could be several reasons behind it. They include:

Unplugged Wire

You might have stretched your NutriBullet way too far from the power socket that the wire unplugged itself, causing your NutriBullet to stop working.

Check the power supply cord; if unplugged from the power socket, plug it back, and move your blender closer to the power source to avoid repeating the incident.

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Worn Out Parts & Stripped Wires

Your NutriBullet could have stopped working because parts of the blender are old and worn out, and wires may have been stripped.

To confirm, you should unplug the NutriBullet from the power socket as a safety precaution before doing anything else.

Confirming whether your NutriBullet wires are stripped or whether you may be having worn-out internal parts is a simple process that you can do at home.

Remove the casing of your blender by turning the powerbase upside down and unscrew it. Once all the screws are out, remove the plastic base from your blender.

After opening up the base of your NutriBullet, you will have a chance to explore the inside and confirm whether the wires have been stripped.

You may need to replace the wires and the worn-out parts if possible or generally purchase a new blender.

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Overloading The Cup Of Your NutriBullet

dont overload the nutribulletNutriBullet blenders are designed with a maximum line drawn on the cup, which serves as a user guide limiting you from adding ingredients beyond the line.

Adding ingredients beyond the maximum line in the NutriBullet cup means that you have overloaded the blender; hence it may fail to blitz.

Try removing the excess ingredients to ensure they are below the maximum line. Adding ingredients to the right amount will preserve the service life of your NutriBullet.

Adding Hard Foods In Your NutriBullet

Adding hard food such as nuts and ice in your NutriBullet may be a reason why the NutriBullet has stopped working.

Unless you purchase NutriBullet Pro designed for grinding whole nuts or any other high-powered NutriBullet, the blades of your regular NutriBullet may fail to cut through the hard food.

Use soft foods such as fresh fruits and veggies in your blender while preparing your smoothie and add enough liquids to ease the blending.

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You Ran The NutriBullet For Too Long

Running your NutriBullet for too long can cause it to stop working. The blades of a NutriBullet are powered by a motor that best operates by running your NutriBullet in bits.

The motors of your NutriBullet could stop working as a result of burnout if you run your blender for too long at a go.

30 -60 seconds are the safest running period for a NutriBullet. Take breaks after this period or before making any power increment.

If your NutriBullet has stopped working before due to running it for too long, now you know what to do.

Broken Rubber Seal

The gasket underneath the extractor of your NutriBullet may be broken, which could be a reason your NutriBullet stopped working. Here is how;

  • Broken gaskets made of rubber seal means the cup of your NutriBullet will loosely be attached to the powerbase or will not attach at all.
  • Loose attachment means that the activators built at the powerbase will not sense the NutriBullet cup, and hence the blender will not run.

If the rubber seal is broken, replace it immediately to avoid further damage to your NutriBullet.

Jammed Activators

Your NutriBullet has stopped working because the activators that link the NutriBullet cup to the powerbase are stuck.

Food leakage could jam the activators causing the NutriBullet to stop working, or you might have fixed the NutriBullet cup wrongly.

All you need to do is pour some vegetable oil, vinegar, alcohol, or hot water into the three activators.

Using a q tip, try pressing on the activators to check whether they can move down. Repeat the process until you can easily press the activators down and they become functional.

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Can I Return My NutriBullet To The Purchase Store If It Stops Working?

Yes, if your NutriBullet has stopped working, you can take it to the purchase store for repair or replacement if it is within your warranty period.

Alternatively, if you just purchased the NutriBullet and it is not working, you may return it to the store you bought it from for replacement.

Some stores, such as BestBuy and Costco, among many others, allow customers to return electronics as long as they meet all the set exchange and return policy requirements.

NutriBullet Stopped Working – Final Thoughts

NutriBullet blenders have a long service life if properly used. Human errors such as overloading, overusing, or blending hard foods may cause a NutriBullet to stop working.

If your NutriBullet has stopped working, check with your service agent for any repair that seems a safety hazard.

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