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Why Does My Vitamix Overheat? 5 Simple Checks

vitamix overheatWhen your Vitamix blender is running, you will definitely have plenty of smells in the air, depending on what you are preparing. But what if there is a burning smell?

Something is automatically wrong when your Vitamix starts to produce a burning or electrical smell, and when you touch the base, you notice that it’s hotter than usual.

Interested in knowing why your Vitamix overheats? This article has just the right information for you, including possible ideas on minimizing overheating chances. Keep reading!

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My Vitamix Blender Smells Like Burning. What’s Wrong?

The burning smell from your Vitamix means that it is overheating, and the common cause is overworking your blender, or you used it for the wrong purpose. When you run the Vitamix motor at high/low speed over an extended period, it will be overworked, heat up, and produce a burning smell.

To find out all the possible reasons your Vitamix overheat, plus more eye-opening information regarding your Vitamix usage, read on!

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Reasons Why Your Vitamix Overheats

Whether new or old, you may experience the burning smell from your valuable Vitamix blender just when you think you are about done preparing your smoothie.

Here are the reasons behind your Vitamix overheating:


Every Vitamix blender has a ‘Max Line’ indicating the maximum level you should add your ingredients. Anything above the line is overloading and could cause overheating.

Overloading your Vitamix, especially with ingredients, causes the blades to slow down when pureeing the ingredients. Consequently, the motor will start overheating.


Use the correct quantity of ingredients, consistently below the maximum line, to avoid overworking your Vitamix.

Wrong Ingredients

ice cubes can cause vitamix overheatHard ingredients such as ice cubes or hard nuts get trapped between the blades preventing the blades from normal functioning. Consequently, your Vitamix will start to overheat.

Additionally, using very thick ingredients such as peanut butter paste in your Vitamix in large amounts may cause pressure on the blades leading to overheating.


To prevent your Vitamix from overheating, avoid adding hard ingredients into your blender. If you are preparing thick ingredients, it is best if you make them in small batches.

Note: If you insist on using hard ingredients, use a high-powered machine such as Vitamix 5200, built with strong blades and more horsepower to handle the task.

Air Pockets

You wouldn’t try to run an empty Vitamix, would you? The blades will malfunction and cause your Vitamix to overheat. The same happens when you create air pockets with your ingredients.

Using leafy ingredients at the base of your Vitamix creates air pockets preventing the blades from normal functioning, causing your Vitamix to produce a burning smell due to overheating.


To prevent air pockets from forming, pour liquids into your Vitamix before adding the leafy ingredients such as spinach which will also create a good order of ingredients in the blender.

New Vitamix Blender

Vitamix motors and drive sockets tend to heat up the first time you use your new machine. Almost like an initiation into the labor world, right?

When you notice the burning smell with your new Vitamix, it will most likely be the windings in the base burning, which is no cause for alarm.


Allow your Vitamix to cool down for about 45 minutes when it starts to overheat before proceeding to prepare your smoothie.

If in a space with high room temperature, your Vitamix may take longer to cool down. Unplug the Vitamix from the power socket, take out the container, and blow-dry the base to cool it down.

However, if the overheating does not stop, contact the Vitamix customer care agents for assistance.

Inappropriate Running Speed

Running your blender at high speed for too long will overwork your motor, and your Vitamix will start to heat up, producing an electrical smell.

Running your blender at a very low speed, especially when handling heavy ingredients, will overwork your Vitamix as well, causing it to overheat.


Set your Vitamix to the appropriate speed setting as directed in the Vitamix manual or the cookbook manual to maximize the service length of your Vitamix.

Vitamix Blades

Most blenders, including Vitamix, have Dry grain (D) or Wet blades(W). Dry grain blades are for grinding hard grains such as peanuts. Wet blades are for blending liquids such as smoothies.

Using wet blades to puree hard grains means that the blades will run at a very slow speed on hard ingredients, which will overwork the blades causing your Vitamix to overheat.

Likewise, adding soft ingredients into dry grain blades meant to burst out nuts means that the blender will run at high speed for a smooth task causing it to overheat.


Only add liquid ingredients in the wet blades containers and hard grains in the dry grains blades to prevent your Vitamix from overheating and enhance its service life.

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How Does A Vitamix Tamper Prevent Overheating?

Vitamix blenders are sold with a tamper specifically designed to help you improve the flow of food in your blender and to remove air pockets which, as discussed, may cause overheating.

When you notice the restricted movement of ingredients, dip the tamper into the Vitamix and direct the food against the blades to allow normal blade functioning and prevent overheating.

Additionally, the tamper helps to release air pockets that form around the blades allowing smooth flow of ingredients through the blades.

Do Vitamix Blenders Self Protect From Overheating?

Yes, Vitamix blender motors are built with an Automatic Overload Protection that prevents your Vitamix from overheating.

The Vitamix automatically switches off when the motor starts to overheat or when it starts to produce a burning smell.

Will Vitamix Manufacturers Schedule Repairs For Overheating Blenders?

Yes, if your Vitamix blender overheats while preparing your smoothie, do not shy away from contacting Vitamix customer care service at 1-800-848-2649.

You will be given over-the-phone troubleshooting assistance, or you will get to schedule a repair if it falls within the warranty period.

Vitamix Overheat – Final Thoughts

Vitamix blenders are designed to cover all consumer needs from household consumption to industrial use, and just like any other electronic, they are subject to overheating.

There are numerous reasons why your Vitamix may overheat, and each as a solution as clearly outlined in this article.

Additionally, Vitamix customer care agents are ready to help you out when you encounter overheating issues with your Vitamix blender.

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