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Best Blender Food Processor: 3 Top Rated Models

Best Overall

Ninja BL770

ninja bl770 mega kitchen system thumbnail
  • Large Capacity
  • All-In-One System

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Best Price

Ninja QB1004

ninja master prep QB1004 thumbnail
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Cheap Price

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best blender food processorToday we are going to take a look at the best blender food processors. What I mean by this is the best blenders that can also process food, allowing you to make delicious fruit and veggie smoothies, then turn around and process food, such as pulverizing dough or chopping fresh ingredients.

Why is this important? Because a blender and a food processor work slightly differently. The main difference is in the size of the container. The best blender food processor is going to come with a specialized bowl that allows perfect processing of foods, like salsas and salads, without blending them into a paste. Nobody wants salsa smoothie.

The three blenders I will show you today are all Ninja models. Ninja is one of the best manufacturers of not only high-quality blenders and coffee makers but all kinds of other kitchen appliances. You can rest assured that when you buy ninja you are getting the best.

Top Rated Blender Food Processors Of 2021

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Best Overall Ninja BL770

Best Overall

ninja bl770 thumbnail view prices

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Best Budget Ninja Master Prep QB1004r

Best Budget

ninja master prep QB1004 thumbnail view prices

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Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO ninja nutri bowl duo thumbnail view prices

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Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System

ninja bl770The Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System is one of the best overall systems for blending and processing food that money can buy. Ninja really put full effort into creating this all-inclusive system.

It comes with an extra-large 72-ounce pitcher, a convenient 64-ounce processing bowl, and a pair of 16-ounce cups that can be used for making personal smoothies and iced drinks on the go.

Everything You Need

To put it simply, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System has everything you need in one convenient package. I’m talking about smoothie madness. The giant pitcher allows you to blend the most supernatural smoothies of your life, with enough volume to go around at any home gathering.

With a large food processor bowl, you can mix and chop all your favorite ingredients for a batch of pancakes, a few sheets of delicious chocolate chip cookies, or even for your secret salsa recipe.

You will never need to buy another blender again. Baby food, coffee drinks – the sky is the limit here. The mega kitchen system has every piece of advanced technology to keep you cooking, and to keep you drinking healthy.

Control Your Speed

For added convenience, this great blender/food processor comes with five manual programs. This means you are in total control of how you blend your food.

Greater still is that this blender has the power to go all the way. Blending vegetables and frozen fruit into a smooth paste or mixing potatoes and green beans into a thick and chunky warm soup, the choice is yours.

Ninja QB1004 Blender & Food Processor

ninja master prep QB1004Here is something different. Ninja has finally designed their Ninja QB1004 Blender & Food Processor as a super affordable way to make milkshakes and smoothies, while still being able to prepare meals easily. And it all comes in a super compact blender that is easy to store and easy to use.

Size Matters

When it comes to counter space in your kitchen, there is a constant battle going on and always too many appliances. How would you like to have a super-powerful blender and food processor always at your disposal, the entire unit as easy to put away as your coffee mugs?

With this new system from Ninja, they have managed to miniaturize their ultra-popular blender. This unit comes with a pitcher that is only 48 ounces and a food processing bowl that is only 40 ounces. Plus, it comes with a solo chopper bowl that is great for dicing carrots and onions or even preparing garnish.

Great Price

I guarantee you are never in your life going to get such an impressive item for such a low cost. By saving space with Ninja’s new mini blender, you are also saving money. If you are a casual smoothie drinker and only need a machine to make healthy drinks in the morning and delicious iced beverages in the evening or on a hot afternoon, you do not need a big expensive blender.

You get pulse technology, maximum control over your blending, components that are super easy to clean, and included storage lids to keep all of your food at maximum freshness. And you get all of this for less than the price of a pair of sneakers!

Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO

ninja nutri bowl duoIf you are looking for a blender/food processor that looks like it just came off a spaceship, check out the Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo. This thing is modern. It is an ultra-sleek unit that fits great in any contemporary kitchen, plus it is small enough to easily be stored out of the way after use.

The Perfect Size

One of the biggest complaints about blender combos is that either the pitcher is too big or the bowl attachment is too big. Not with the Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo. Each attachment is just the right size, making enough blended coffee for a whole room of teenagers or the right amount of salsa for game night on the big screen.

A smaller size means less cleanup. The Nutri Bowl can quickly be washed and then put away, even if you were processing sticky dough or slimy red tomatoes. As an added bonus, the blender comes with a special inspiration guide with 35 recipes to broaden your cooking horizons.

Powerful Breakdown

The Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo shines with its 1200 Watt blending power. The blender uses specialized automatic IQ technology to breakdown all of the ingredients and get them into your body better.

All the nutrients and vitamins will be expertly extracted thanks to the pro blades on the unit, which breakdown seeds and nuts to produce the healthiest beverages and snacks. Whether blending the perfect oatmeal or the perfect blueberry melon smoothie, rest assured this machine has the power to do it properly.

Best Blender Food Processor: A Complete Buying Guide

What do you look for in a blender food processor? Obviously you want a premium blender. And, obviously, you want a high-quality food processor. When looking for a dual model, it better have both.

All three of these Ninja models have both. But each one is tweaked a little depending on price, volume, and how often you may be using the machine. Let’s take a look at some of the things to keep in mind before purchasing.

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How Much Do You Need?

It is nice to have a large enough capacity in your blender that you never have to worry. At the same time, you do not want too much extra capacity. If you are a single person and only use your blender once in a blue moon, or if you use it every day but only for a single celery smoothie, it does not make sense to waste money on a huge pitcher.

However, if you are feeding the whole family (maybe forcing them to be healthy) then maximum capacity is important. When deciding which blender to buy, you want to focus on the best fit for your needs. You may find it annoying to clean a giant container that you have never even filled before.

Also, considering the blender will also work as a food processor, you want a big enough bowl that you can lightly blend a big salad, stir up a nice custom bowl of mayonnaise, or pulverize a family-sized portion of meat.

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Professional Machines

Some machines are more professional than others. It is also true that some machines offer far more features than others. If you fancy yourself a kitchen connoisseur, you may want a special blender/processor that comes already included with settings like crush, blend, pause, and dough.

A high-quality blender that also works to process food is going to come with different dedicated blades. Always check what blades come with the unit! The same blades that grind ice and frozen strawberries into a silky smooth afternoon treat are not going to be the same blades that mix the muffin batter.

A professional blender/processor should be able to do everything in a matter of seconds. You should never have to fight with your blender or deal with clogged blades. For this reason, always make sure the motor is tough and the blades are strong, and that the machine is going to work for longer than a few weeks.

The best way to ensure you are purchasing the most professional machine is honestly to check the online reviews. Certified buyers almost never lie. Why would they? A quick online scan will determine just how good the blades and motor truly are. If the machine is prone to fail, the online reviews will warn you.

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Best Blender Food Processor: Final Thoughts

ninja bl770 is my top pickNinja makes good blenders. There are no two ways around it. From their super small budget models to their expensive all-in-one kitchen systems, blenders are made perfect by Ninja. But which one is best?

Definitely the Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System. It is no surprise that the most expensive model is also the most versatile and most powerful model. While the Ninja Nutri Bowl Duo is a very close second, it simply cannot compete against the oversized 72-ounce pitcher, the immense crushing power, the overwhelming accessories, or the smart design of the Mega Kitchen System.

The Ninja QB1004 Blender & Food Processor is the best in its own class. You cannot really compare the small budget model to the other two versions, it is just not the same. However, it is the best at what it does. It is small, easy to use for the whole family, and packs a lot of punch for such a tiny budget blender.