Can A Vitamix Replace A Food Processor? Let’s Find Out!

can a vitamix replace a food processorVitamix machines and food processors are both excellent kitchen appliances. Food processors are geared more for just processing food, whereas Vitamix machines are extremely convenient and able to make excellent smoothies and process some foods.

Many people wonder if a Vitamix can replace their food processor. If you are wondering the same thing, you should know that it is absolutely possible to use your Vitamix as a smoothie blender and as a food processor. But there are a lot of differences between the two machines, and today I will breakdown the individual pros and cons of replacing your food processor with a Vitamix.

Can a Vitamix Replace a Food Processor: Overview

There are a few differences between a Vitamix blender and a food processor. They are different machines, but they can essentially perform the same tasks. Can a Vitamix replace a food processor? Let’s find out.

More Convenient

Vitamix machines are undoubtedly more convenient than using a food processor. This is mostly because Vitamix machines are easier to clean, they have simpler features, and all the settings are easy to manage. Most Vitamix machines can even clean themselves by simply blending soapy water.

On the other side, when you have an extremely thick mixture in your food processor, it can be very hard to clean. You often have to scrape the thick substance off the shallow container, and this is a pain in the neck. However, food processors are a little easier if you need to do scraping, considering Vitamix often have taller jars. But with about 60 seconds of blending soap and water in a Vitamix, you shouldn’t ever need to scrape anything.

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The Blades

The blades are a little different between machines. The blades on a Vitamix blender have been optimized for blending softer foods into liquids. On the other hand, the blades of a food processor are more centered for slicing ingredients. The food processor blades are actually designed for processing foods, whereas the blades on the Vitamix will end up pulverizing the ingredients because they’re not as sharp.

When it comes to blades, food processors definitely have the advantage. They are able to slice and chop any kind of ingredient into a food paste. Vitamix machines are better at blending liquid.


Vitamix blenders are all made with the same durability. Whether you have a professional Vitamix used in commercial kitchens and cafés, or if you have a residential blender just used for at home in the kitchen, it is the same level of quality. This is what distinguishes Vitamix from standard blenders. The quality is next level!

Vitamix blenders are often more expensive because of their 5-star quality, and this is a huge difference with food processors. Many food processors are simple consumer products that come with weaker parts and are much more likely to fail over time. This is not the case with Vitamix machines, as all of them come with premium components. They are all designed to last a lifetime.

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Basically, a low-end Vitamix is going to have the same level of quality as a top-end food processer, especially in terms of parts, design, and functionality.

Is a Vitamix Better than a Food Processor?

vitamix 200 blenderIn some ways, a Vitamix is definitely better than a food processor. A Vitamix is best at doing all the traditional blending jobs. Vitamix machines make awesome smoothies, they can make creamy soups, they can crush ice, and they can blend hard ingredients like seeds, nuts, and coffee beans.

Vitamix machines have better functionality, the user interface is nicer, they have lots of different settings for speed, and they are generally more straightforward to operate. In terms of convenience, the Vitamix is definitely better than the food processor.

You also get much more versatility when you use a Vitamix machine. They are awesome at making thick blends, things like nut butter or hummus. Vitamix machines can make frozen treats like ice cream and margaritas. Anything that needs to be blended can be blended better inside of a Vitamix. That really is the bottom line.

When talking about the actual build of the machines, the Vitamix wins through the combination of having a powerful motor, a unique vortex system the blends perfectly, and the useful tamper, which allows you to push and mix without needing to stop the machine, open its lid, and scrape the sides. You can do it all while the machine is running using the tamper.

This means the Vitamix has a better motor, it blends better, its features are better, and it can do a few more things than the food processor can. For example, you would not find yourself blending a fruit smoothie in your food processor, then making salsa with it, then using it to mix cake batter. However, you can do all these things with a Vitamix, with minimal cleaning between uses.

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Is a Food Processor Better than a Vitamix?

shredded vegetablesWe already know that a Vitamix machine can definitely replace a food processor. However, there are things that a food processor does better. A food processor is inevitably going to be a little better at processing certain foods.

For example, a Vitamix is not great at shredding cheese, as it tends to clump up the cheese. But a food processor works to shred and grate cheese very nicely.

A food processor is also good at slicing and shredding vegetables, where a Vitamix tends to just blend them. A food processor will leave you with slices of actual food, whereas the Vitamix tends to just mash stuff up.

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Can a Vitamix Replace a Food Processor: Final Thoughts

There are a lot of people replacing their food processors by buying a Vitamix. This is not uncommon, as Vitamix machines tend to be smaller, easier to store, and more versatile. Nobody wants too many appliances cluttering their counter, and if you can replace an old blender and an old food processor with a new Vitamix, there is really no downside.

Plus, Vitamix is very aware of their battle with food processors, which is why they have made their own special attachments that you can use with your Vitamix machine to turn it into a food processor. There are now food processing containers and blades that are available with Vitamix machines so that you can make the switch and never look back. Quite frankly, food processors have become outdated thanks to the Vitamix.

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