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Are Vitamix Containers Interchangeable: The Best Guide You Need

are vitamix containers interchangeableVitamix is among the most consumer-trusted electronics brands offering high-performance blenders for both home use and business purposes.

I love experimenting with different blenders for my smoothies. I must admit that Vitamix blenders are way too diverse that, during my first encounter with the brand, I was lost for choice.

In the last two decades, Vitamix has expanded its range of blender containers and series to offer consumers more options that perfectly match their needs.

The question most people ask is are Vitamix containers interchangeable? For more information on Vitamix blender containers and whether they are interchangeable or not, read on!

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Vitamix Containers Interchangeability 2021

As of 2021, Vitamix containers come in two major variations; wet or dry grain. The wet blade Vitamix containers are designed for wet recipes such as smoothies. The dry grain containers are used for preparing grain recipes. The container’s compatibility with other Vitamix blenders is entirely dependent on the blender series it belongs to.

For answers on “are Vitamix containers interchangeable?” plus more interesting information about Vitamix containers, keep reading!

Are Vitamix Containers Interchangeable?

Yes, Vitamix containers are interchangeable, but only if they belong to the same product line. However, three decades ago, you could easily interchange the Vitamix containers.

Vitamix has categorized its blenders into different Vitamix product lines, each with its compatible containers; Ascent-Series, S-Series, G-series, C-Series, and the Explorian Series.

Which Vitamix Containers Can Be Interchanged

This guide will not only help you to understand which Vitamix containers can be interchanged, but it will also help you know the series your Vitamix blender belongs to.

Vitamix 64-Ounce Classic Container (Tall)

vitamix ascent a3500 64oz blender containerThis Vitamix container contains a 3-inch blade and can be interchanged over the following Vitamix blender power-bases under the C-Series, classic blender models;

  • TurboBlend Two Speed
  • Vitamix Pro 200/500
  • Vitamix 5200
  • CIA Professional Series
  • Vitamix Creations Elite
  • Vitamix 6000/6300/6500

Vitamix 64-Ounce Low Profile Blender Container

This 4-inch blade Vitamix container is short and broader compared to the 64-Ounce Tall container.

The Vitamix 64-Ounce low-profile container can be used on all the Vitamix G-Series Next-Generation blender power-bases because they are powerful enough to run the container.

The low-profile 64-Ounce container can be interchanged over the following Vitamix G-Series power-bases;

  • Vitamix 7500
  • Vitamix Pro 300/750/780
  • Vitamix Creations Elite Model.

Other Vitamix blender models that the container is compatible with include Vitamix 5300 and the Explorian E320 model.

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Vitamix 64-Ounce Self-Detect Low-Profile Container

This container is exclusively designed for the Vitamix A-Series, Ascent Series. The self-detect feature will work perfectly with any blender in the Vitamix Ascent Series.

Additionally, the Vitamix 64-Ounce self-detect low-profile container is compatible with the G-Series but only on manual mode. The self-detect feature will not work with the G-Series.

Vitamix Ascent Series that the container is compatible with include;

  • Vitamix A2300/A2500/A3300/A3500

Vitamix 48-Ounce Blender Container

This Vitamix container is quite diverse and can be interchanged with the Vitamix G-Series, Explorian, and the C-Series.

You can therefore interchange your Vitamix 48-oz container with the following blenders;

  • Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed blender
  • CIA Professional Series
  • Vitamix 6000/6300/6500
  • Vitamix Pro 200/300/500/750/780
  • Vitamix Creations Elite Model
  • Vitamix Explorian E310/E320
  • Vitamix 5200

The Vitamix 48-oz container is available in two variations; wet and dry.  The two variations are both compatible with the Vitamix blenders I have mentioned above.

Vitamix 48-Ounce Self-Detect Container

The Vitamix Self-Detect containers belong to the smart-system blenders, and they automatically fall under the Vitamix A-Series, Ascent Series.

Luckily, the Vitamix 48-Ounce container is compatible with every available full-sized blender. However, if the full-sized blender is not an A-Series, the self-detect feature will not work.

It means that other Vitamix blender series such as G-Series, Explorian Series, and C-Series can support the Vitamix 48-Ounce self-detect containers.

Here is an outline of the Vitamix blenders by series that can support the Vitamix container;

Vitamix Explorian blender series:

  • E310/E320- These two are the most budget-friendly Vitamix blenders in the market, for starters.

Vitamix C-Series blenders:

  • Vitamix Pro 200/500
  • Vitamix 6000/6300/6500
  • Vitamix 5200
  • CIA Professional Series
  • Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed blender


  • Vitamix Creations Elite Model
  • Vitamix Pro 300/750/780
  • Vitamix 7500
  • Vitamix 48-Ounce Aer Disc Container

This Vitamix container can be interchanged over any of the full-size Vitamix blender power-bases: the C-Series, Ascent-series, G-Series, and the Explorian series models.

Vitamix 40-Ounce Wet Container (Compact Design)

This Vitamix container is only be interchanged over the S-Series Vitamix blender power-bases such as the S30/S50/S55.

Vitamix 8-Ounce Self-Detect Blending Bowl Container

The Vitamix containers with the self-detect technology mean that they are only used on the Vitamix A-Series powerbases such as A2300/A2500/A3300/A3500.

Vitamix 32-Ounce Blender Container

This 3-inch blade is designed in both wet and dry grain variations and can be supported by the C-Series, Explorian, and G-Series Vitamix blender power bases.

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Can All Vitamix Containers Be Used On All Models?

No, not all Vitamix blender containers can be interchanged. For example, the Vitamix 20-Ounce containers that come in three variations cannot be interchanged.

Vitamix containers can only fit in a designated product line, either Ascent-Series, C-Series, G-series, S-Series, or the Explorian Series.

To understand what I mean by product line, I will outline each Vitamix container and the models of Vitamix blender powerbases that can be interchanged on.

Can You Use The Vitamix Dry Grain Container To Blend Wet Recipes?

Yes, you can interchange the recipe meant for a wet Vitamix container and use it on a dry grain Vitamix container; however, you will not get a smooth consistency.

The wet Vitamix container is designed to bring the ingredients together and squeezing fluids out of them while the dry grain container blasts the ingredients apart.

You do not necessarily need to interchange the original purpose of the containers because Vitamix blenders are sold with the two containers.

You can make your vegetable or fruit smoothie with the dry grain container, but you will have to strain it to get a smooth result.

Are Vitamix Containers Interchangeable: Final Thoughts

Vitamix offers consumers various options in terms of blender container size to match the recipe you are working with.

What I love most about Vitamix is that one can interchange most of the containers with a different power-base as long as the power-base is within the container series.

The Vitamix 64-Ounce wet classic tall container is the oldest in the market and is best for starters who have no idea what size of Vitamix blender container to go for.