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Vitamix Container Loose on the Base? Why You Don’t Need to Worry

vitamix container loose on the baseWhen you use your Vitamix, do you find the Vitamix container loose on the base? If so, don’t worry – this can happen, and it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your Vitamix.

In fact, Vitamix blenders are designed this way. As long as there is just a slight movement between the container and the base, this is completely normal.

In this article, I will discuss the reason why your Vitamix container may seem loose and why you shouldn’t worry about it. Hopefully, I can save you hours of unnecessary troubleshooting!

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Is it Normal for the Container to Move on the Base?

Yes, it is normal and expected for your Vitamix container to be loose on the base. The container will always have a little wiggle room when sitting on the base, and it is for a very important reason.

First, it’s important to understand what happens when you turn your Vitamix blender on. The blade assembly in the bottom of the container contains gears that allow the blade to spin. The blender motor also has gears that are contained in the drive socket, where the container connects to the base.

In order for the motor to spin the blade around, these 2 sets of gears have to match up exactly. The reason why the container feels a bit loose is so that the 2 sets of gears find each other when the blender starts, and allow the blade to spin.

If the container sat completely rigid on the base with no play at all, you would have to make sure that the 2 sets of gears were perfectly matched up in order for your blender to work. Considering that you can’t actually see the gears when the container is on the base, this would be a frustrating and almost impossible task.

The container’s play also allows the blade to spin freely during use, and this is very important because if you turn off your blender before it has finished running, the blades will continue to rotate after they have been disengaged from the gears. This free movement of the blades helps avoid strain on them and protects their integrity over time.

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Don’t be Tempted to Hold the Container Tight to the Base

If you are concerned that your Vitamix container seems to be loose on the base and are tempted to hold it firm when blending, don’t!

As I have just explained, the container needs to be free on the base so that the blade can spin freely during use. By holding it firm while blending, you are preventing this movement, and instead putting strain on your blades – exactly what we want to avoid!

By holding the container onto the base while blending you also risk damage to the motor and the gears as they will not be able to line up correctly, putting unnecessary strain on the motor.

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What if the Vitamix Base Moves on the Counter when Blending?

vitamix dry grains container for grinding spicesI have explained that the Vitamix container being slightly loose on the base is perfectly normal. However, if your motor base is moving around your kitchen surface while it is blending, then this is another problem altogether.

Vitamix blenders have blades that spin at high speed and they have been engineered specifically to manage the load and balance the blender. If the base starts moving around while in use, then this indicates a problem with either the drive socket or the rubber feet on the bottom of the base.

If it is the rubber feet that are the problem, you can replace them with Vitamix replacement feet to resolve the problem. If it is the drive socket, this will require professional maintenance in order for your blender to continue working properly.

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Vitamix Container Loose on the Base – Final Thoughts

In summary, the Vitamix container being loose on the base is completely normal and it should not be a cause for concern. Whenever you turn your blender on, the motor will always line up the gears in order for them to match up exactly with those in the bottom of your container.

Having a little bit of play between these parts when they are connected together allows space so that everything lines up correctly during use.

I hope that I have explained why there should be a tiny bit of play in the container when sitting on your base and also what you should do if your motor base won’t sit still while blending.

Your Vitamix container should be loose on the base and this is a sign of high-quality engineering. This little bit of play means that you can blend confidently, knowing that your blades will spin freely during use.