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Vitamix Grain Mill Review: Is This The Best Vitamix Add-On?

vitamix grain mill reviewThe Vitamix grain mill container, also known as the Vitamix dry grains container, is a 32-ounce container specially designed to be used with your Vitamix machine for grinding dry grains, such as whole grains, seeds, nuts, spices, beans, and so much more.

The Vitamix dry grains container is fantastic for mixing batter and for kneading dough. It works using specially designed blades that will simulate the process of kneading dough, making your time baking in the kitchen much more valuable. This really saves time on mixing all your dough and batter, and it doesn’t even get your hands dirty.

If you have been looking for the ultimate accessory for your Vitamix blender, you must get the dry grains container. This thing is dirt cheap, it’s extremely impressive in its quality and resilience, and the blades are just as great as the standard blades you get with your Vitamix blender. The only difference is that these blades are designed for dry grains.

Vitamix Grain Mill Review: Overview

The Vitamix grain mill container is engineered to be used with whole grains. You get the same durability offered by every Vitamix product while using the power of your Vitamix blender to enhance your baking.

This is only one of the fantastic accessories that come from Vitamix. This particular model offers 32 ounces inside its walls, but you can find other models that offer more room, and you can even purchase additional personal cups. There is no end to the accessories and additional pieces for your Vitamix blender, all designed to make your life easier.

Designed for Whole Grains

The dry grains container is built specifically for use with dry ingredients of all kinds. Whereas most blender containers are designed to create a vortex of spinning liquid to be blended to perfection, this container works a bit differently.

The blades are designed to make a reverse vortex, pushing the dry ingredients away from your blender blades rather than sucking them into the blades. This prevents packing and makes mixing much smoother. And it’s not only for baking. You can also use the dry grains container for spices, for seeds and nuts, for making butter – basically for anything that involve dry ingredients instead of wet ingredients like you use for smoothies and sauces.

Yes, you can use your standard Vitamix blender to complete all these tasks. However, because of the unique blades that come inside the dry container, and the dry container’s specially designed walls, it is the ideal tool for food processing. When it comes to any kind of food, use the dry container to get the best results.

Perfect Measurements

Everyone knows there is nothing more important than getting your measurements right. And sometimes, there can be nothing more frustrating than having to transfer your ingredients from one measuring cup into another measuring cup.

But thanks to the grain mill container from Vitamix, you can now measure everything inside of the mixer itself. This container is clearly marked with measurements for ounces and for cups. This makes it much simpler when you need to do your measuring quickly and effectively. Even the plug of the blender lid has a special measurement line going to 2 ounces. This is great for quick additions to your recipes.

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To keep those measurement lines visible and clear, you can easily clean the container using a drop of dish soap and a splash of warm water. By filling your dry grains container with water and soap, it can easily clean itself in about 30 seconds, keeping all those measurement lines pristine.

Another great feature is the spill-proof spout, which adds to the overall cleanliness of the device. Because of the angle of the container’s spout, you can easily pour the contents of your container without spilling or making a mess. This is revolutionary! Believe me, you will be glad when the time for cleanup arrives.


You’re probably wondering which Vitamix blenders you can use the awesome dry grains container with. And you’re in luck because it can be used with basically every Vitamix blender out there right now. The dry grains container has full compatibility with all Classic C-Series Blenders and G-Series Blenders that are full size.

However, it is important to note that the dry grains container is not compatible with the Ascent-Series of blenders from Vitamix. But that said, you can use the standard container with the Ascent Series to do most of your dry blending.

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The Best Accessory

If you have read this far into the article, chances are you are pretty serious about getting a dry grain container for your Vitamix. But you might still be wondering what’s in it for you. Is it worth spending over $100 to get an extra container just for blending dry ingredients?

For me, it’s absolutely worth it. But for you, it all depends on how much you will use it. Do you like baking banana bread, making cookies, and trying your hand at homemade pizza? If you want to explore your culinary side a little more in the most convenient way possible, the dry grains container is definitely a good choice.

Vitamix Grain Mill Review: Final Thoughts

If you have yet to pick up the dry grains container from Vitamix and are still using your hands to mix batter and knead dough, stop right now and pick up this great accessory. I promise that for such a low price, the dry grains container will pay for itself after just a few uses. And besides, can you really put a price on convenience?

The container is BPA-free, it can clean itself just like a standard Vitamix container can, and it’s even marked with measurements so that you don’t need to use a measuring cup while filling up the container. Even the lid itself comes with a 2-ounce measurement line so there is never any confusion.

All I’m trying to say is that if you spend a lot of time baking and blending, why not join them together in perfect harmony? You won’t be damaging your Vitamix by blending dry grains, the machine is simply too powerful. You will save time, you won’t have such a mess, and cooking will be more enjoyable.