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Does Blending Destroy Fiber: 5 Blending Myths Busted

Owning a blender and using it is one of the best ways of living healthily. However, there are many myths and questions surrounding blending that people are not sure of.  One such question is “does blending destroy fiber?”. Today, I will address this and some of the most asked questions about blending and blenders.

Does Blending Destroy Fiber?

does blending destroy fiberThis question is one of the most asked about blending, and there are many myths surrounding it. You may have heard that blending removes all the nutrients and fiber from a fruit or vegetable, and that’s why doctors recommend people to eat fresh fruits, not drink smoothies or juice.

Well, that’s not true. A blender does not destroy all nutrients or fiber in your ingredients. Yes, some nutrients and fiber will be lost, but the loss is usually not severe.

Since the insoluble and soluble fiber of vegetables and fruits work together to slow release of sugars and digestion, when you blend fruit or vegetable, you are breaking down insoluble fiber or essentially pre-masticating not destroying it.

The breakdown of insoluble fiber means a faster release of glucose into the liver and a spike in your blood sugar. This loss of optimum fiber is not that bad, though. Consuming a glass of veggies and fruits is still healthy as it has lots of nutrients.

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However, whole fruits or vegetables have the upper hand against smoothies and juices. But having a smoothie once in a while is not bad at all. Plus, you still get a lot of nutrition once you toss your fruit or vegetable in the blender. Stop panicking, get a blender, and enjoy that smoothie!

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What Can I Make with A Blender?

There are many brands of blenders out there, and each produces a mixer that is capable of performing different kitchen duties. There are some mixers you can even use to knead the batter and chop veggies. However, there are some functions that each blender should be able to perform.

With your blender, you should be able to make smoothies, juice, and milkshakes. Other mixers allow you to grind the coffee, make party dips, prepare frozen desserts, and make ice cream. It all depends on the type of blender you go for and the money you are willing to spend on one.

What is the Best Blender for Me?

vitamix 5200 blender is a good choiceWe all have different tastes and preferences, so what can be best for me may not be the best for you. That’s why it is essential to have a strategy of choosing the blender that suits you the most. The first thing you should always look at is your budget. How much money are you willing to spend on a mixer?

After figuring out the amount, you can filter results and see the blenders that are within your budget. Secondly, look at the power of several mixers and compare them. The more powerful a blender is, the more it will probably perform better. You can maybe choose the most powerful blender within your budget.

Finally, makes sure that the blender fits. Knowing the measurements of the mixer you want to buy is crucial. You don’t want to buy a blender that cannot fit in any of your drawers or cabinet, do you?

Some people want to go for products that will add some beauty in their homes.  If the color and design are essential to you, be sure to check them out too.

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What are Blenders Container Made Of?

The container or jar your blender comes with depends on the brand you go for as there are different materials used to make blender jars. Each material has its strengths and drawbacks, depending on your needs. However, you should always make sure that the container feature a tight seal that ensures everything remains inside the blender.

Plastic is the most common material for blender containers. These containers are designed to withstand constant use and last for a long time. However, plastic is not always dishwasher safe, and some are prone to staining.

Glass is a bit heavier than plastic but is resistant to odor and stains. These containers are often dishwasher safe, but their weight is not always perfect for a commercial setting.

Some containers are made of stainless steel. Such containers are easy to clean, and they are resistant to stains. However, they are not transparent, so you have to open the lid to see what you are blending.

How Soon Should I Take My Smoothie after Blending?

Oxidation is a natural process that occurs once you expose a vegetable or fruit in the air, and this can lead to loss of nutrients or fiber; that’s why it makes a lot of sense to take your smoothie as soon as possible. The optimum time to take your smoothie and enjoy its nutrients to the maximum is in or before 20 minutes after it is blended.

If you are planning to prolong the use of your smoothie, then you might want to consider buying higher-quality vegetables and fruits. Organic fruits and vegetables are likely to produce smoothies with nutrients that last for a longer time.

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Also, make sure that you store your smoothies well and as soon as you blend it. Ensure that you protect it from heat, oxygen, and light. Placing it in your fridge is a logical solution. A blended smoothie can last for up to three days in a refrigerator and still retain its nutrients.

You can use a mason jar to store your blended produce. You can also use glass holders for the same. If possible, use a slower blender to blend your ingredients as slower blenders tend to retain more nutrients.  If the smoothie or juice turns brown, then it means that it has lost its nutrients.

Does Blending Destroy Fiber: Final Thoughts

There are many questions and myths surrounding blenders and blending. Getting the answers to some of the most common ones can help you make an informed decision about blenders and blending in general.

A lot of people believe that blending destroys fiber, and this has made a lot of people avoid using a blender. In as much as it is true, the loss is not severe, and the blended produce still has enough fiber to help your body.

Just ensure to take your smoothie as soon as it is blended or store it properly for maximum retention of fiber and nutrients. You might also want to consider using a slower blender or slow speeds while making smoothies and juice.