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How To Clean Vitamix: The Ultimate Guide

Vitamix is one of the most trusted brands among blenders. If you are looking for high-performance blending technology either for your home or business, Vitamix is the name you can trust and choose. Since 1921 Vitamix is privately owned and operated by the Barnard family. Using the Vitamix is easy, and you might be musing over “how to clean Vitamix.” Well, read along to know the easy tips to clean your Vitamix efficiently without exertion.

What is Vitamix?

how to clean vitamixVitamix is the brand name that is involved in manufacturing of blenders for household as well as for use in restaurants and hospitality industry. Although founded in 1921, Vitamix is now based in Olmsted Township, Ohio, since 1948.

Essentially a blender, Vitamix can be used for making instant ice cream and sorbets, creamy soups, thick dips, crunchy or smooth nut butter, smooth purees, and you can even crush ice. Vitamix is the superman of blenders and can blend anything. Be it boozy blended drinks or raw juices made from fresh vegetables and fruits; you can get it done with Vitamix.

Vitamix is designed to pulverize the toughest ingredients into perfect purees. From fibrous raw vegetables to frozen-solid fruits, you can get the optimum results with Vitamix.

How to Clean your Vitamix?

This heavy-duty cleaner can blend almost everything. It is obvious that on blending such satiny and sticky substances, it can leave marks on the blending jar. Often the thorough cleaning is unable to get rid of all the marks. Keeping in view of this issue, Vitamix comes with a pre-programmed cleaning setting. This cleaning setting not only eases your work but increases the longevity of the blender as it prevents unauthorized de-assembling for cleaning.

#1 Pre-Programmed Cleaning Setting

When you are using the cleaning setup, the primary way to clean your Vitamix is to rinse the container thoroughly with warm water. It is better to use warm water and not hot water. You can place a few drops of a dishwasher or liquid soap in the Vitamix container and fill it halfway with the hot water.

Once this is done, you need to secure the lid of the blending jar and lock it. Then you can select the clean setting and start the blender. Vitamix is programmed to stop automatically when the cleaning is completed. The only thing you have to do is pour out all the contents and rinse thoroughly. The pre-programmed cleaning ends with turning the blending jar upside down and let it dry.

#2 Cleaning the Vitamix Without Pre-programmed Clean Setup

Even if you intend to clean the Vitamix without using the preprogrammed cleanings setup, you would need warm water. Rinsing the blending jar with warm water after every use not only cleans the jar but gets rid of the odor.

You can place a few drops of a liquid dishwasher in the blending jar and secure the lid before placing the jar on the blender. Remember to fill the blending jar only half. Now you need to start the blender on variable speed one and slowly increase to variable speed 10. Finally, you need to run the blender on maximum speed for thirty to sixty seconds.

The final step includes pouring out all the contents and rinsing thoroughly. Then you can put the container upside down and let it dry.

Getting Rid of Cloudy or Stained Container

cloudy blender jarOften the pre-programmed clean setup or the other cleaning method might not be sufficient to get rid of the stains in the container. For deep cleaning, you can place four cups of vinegar and four cups of cold water and place the mixture in the container. The blending jar must be allowed to be soaked in this mixture for at least four hours and then rinsed thoroughly to get rid of the cloudy stains.

Soaking the container in this mixture overnight and then scrubbing with a soft pot scrubber can provide you better results. Although both the container its led are dishwasher safe, it is better not to put these in the dishwasher.

 Cleaning the Cloudy or Stained Container

Since Vitamix can blend almost anything from the tough vegetables to fruits, it is obvious to be stained. Moreover, the minerals from the vegetables, fruits, or leafy greens can form a film on the container.

Such stains are trough to remove even if you use the pre-programmed cleaning setup. It is recommended to pour a cup of white vinegar in the blending jar and filling it up halfway with warm water. You can keep the container to soak overnight and rinse thoroughly after scrubbing with a soft scrubber.

Getting Rid of the Smell

Since the Vitamix can blend almost all items and find applications in the hospitality industry apart from the homes, it can get smelly at times. You might be thinking about how to clean the Vitamix, but all models of this universal blender come with the owner’s manual and cleaning instructions.

A smelly blender can be a real headache. You can blend a 1-to-1 ratio of water and baking soda in the Vitamix. Then the blended solution should be allowed to sit for around ten minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.

Getting Rid of the Rust from the Vitamix Blades

blender bladeWith regular use and proper cleaning, the chances of rust in the Vitamix blades are less. But once the rust sets in, you can clean the blades by placing a paste of baking soda and scrubbing with toothpaste.

Often soaking the rusty blades in vinegar and then scrubbing with steel wool or abrasive sponge can get rid of the rust.

Storing the Vitamix when Not in Use

As you have gone through this article, the thoughts on “how to clean Vitamix” might have pacified. Once the Vitamix is clean and dry, you need to store the same when not in use. You can rub a few drops of vegetable oil on the rubber gasket present on the lid of the container to maintain its soft texture.

It is mandatory to ensure there is no moisture inside when you are storing it.

How to Clean Vitamix: Final Thoughts

The blender is an essential kitchen appliance in the modern-day household. Maintaining the cleaning procedure can elongate the lifespan of Vitamix.