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Blendtec Designer 600 Review: Top Rated Professional Grade Blender

blendtec designer 600 reviewAre you looking for a powerful and durable blender? Well, if you are, you just found the one. The Blendtec Designer 600 Blender is a powerful blender from a company you have probably heard of.

Blendtec is a company that sells both residential and commercial blenders founded back in 1975. As of 2021, they have provided us with great mixers such as Blendtec 575, Blendtec 675, Blendtec 625, and many others. The Blendtec 600 is no different, and I can assure you that it will provide you with exceptional services.

This blender is sophisticated, and it features next-generation control and blending technology. It has pre-programmed cycles that make your work even more comfortable. Its distribution is quite limited, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot get yourself one. This review will help you understand more about this blender so that you can decide if it is a perfect fit for you or not.

Blendtec Designer 600 Review: Overview

Nowadays, the best mixers are so powerful and can even prepare hot soup when you need them in the morning. The Blendtec 600 is one of the best blenders out there, so you can expect some fantastic features. Some of the features that will blow your mind away include:

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Large Enough Container

The container of a Blendtec 600 blender is big enough to make smoothies sufficient for you and your family. It is the same size as the Blendtec 625, both with a capacity of 90 oz. The 90 oz. WildSide container has measurements up to 36 oz.

The lid that comes with it is strong enough to keep everything inside the container when you are blending your fruits or vegetables. I love the fact that the lid has thinner blenders. It makes the blender even more unique. The plastic used is BPA-free, which makes it a safe mixer for both kids and adults.

Powerful Blender

If you are looking for a powerful blender at a decent price, this one is good for you. It has a 3.0 peak horsepower. The Blendtec Designer 600 blender is among the few models in the market that can heat food just with friction! The mixer can blend whatever you want from soft fruits such as apple and oranges to hard vegetables.

It has powerful blades that can cut just about anything. The blades are made of stainless steel, so you can be sure that they won’t be rusting anytime soon, and they are easy to clean. To clean it, add a glass of water, drop two drops of dish soap into the container, run the cycle, and rinse. How hard is that?

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Using the blender is quite simple, and it comes with a set of instructions when you buy it. The prep-programmed cycles make your work even easier. The container is also well-marked, so reading it is quite easy. It lights up with one touch, and it has a beautiful display that shows the remaining blending time.

The pre-programmed features include 180-second, 90-second, 60-second, and a smoothie. You can use the blender for both easy and complicated recipes. With the 90-second cycle, you can make hot soup. If you want an even hotter soup, be sure to use the 180-second cycle. But if you’re going to make cold soup, be sure to use the 60-second cycle.

Ease of Use

The blender comes along with a guide and a recipe book. You can follow the recipes in the book and cook whatever you want with your Blendtec 600. Most people who have used it claim that it is so easy to use. It is a nice blender that can be used by amateurs.

Blendtec 600: Jars

The blender comes with a standard WildSide Jar, but you can be sure to get a Twister Jar. The WildSide Jar is a strong, lightweight, and BPA-free copolymer. Your ingredients are unlikely to jump out with this jar, and it is easy to pour your recipes with it. It is also super easy to clean.

The jar is square in shape, which prevents it from being overly tall, making it easy to store. The twister jar is designed for extra thick ingredients, the likes of nut butter, and hummus. Get yourself a twisted jar as you order for your blender. It is sold separately.


The Blendtec 600 is quite versatile, and you can use it for various functions. As stated, it can crush almost everything you throw in its way. One of its presets is ice crush. The blender can crush bagged ice gracefully and effortlessly. Just make sure you crush a reasonable size of ice.

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When it comes to making smoothies, Blendtec 600 blender is just fantastic. It has preset for smoothies, and it is incredibly accurate. I can give its performance of about 98.9%, which means you will rarely see any bits of fruits left on your smoothie. The result is a smooth and drinkable smoothie that is almost perfect.

On the Blendtec recipe book, it includes nut butter. With this blender, it will take about 20 pulses to get a uniformly ground flour. It will take about seven minutes in order to achieve a near-perfect flour. You can also use it to make soup, whipped cream, and even pancake batter. As you can see, the Blendtec 600 blender is very versatile.

Blendtec Designer 600 Review: Final Thoughts

You can’t really go wrong with the Blendtec 600 blender. It is a powerful blender that can blend lots of things. You can use it to make soup, smoothies, hot soup, and almond flour, among other things. Its blades are made of stainless steel, and they can crush just about anything.

The blender is not readily available like its counterparts Blendtec 625 and 575, but you can still find some from Blendtec official website or stores such as Amazon and eBay. The blender is easy to use and clean, just like other blenders made by Blendtec. It comes with an 8-year warranty, which means that the manufacturers are pretty sure of their product.

It is a product I recommend to all homeowners for both residential and commercial purposes. Get yourself one today, and you won’t regret your decision.

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