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Vitamix E310 Review: Affordable Professional Grade Blender

vitamix e310 reviewBlenders are an awesome way to change your lifestyle, eat healthier, and even lose a lot of weight. The Vitamix is probably the best type of blender you can find today, some even refer to it as the Mercedes of blenders because many of their products are often used in culinary schools.

Today I will review the Vitamix E310, a state of the art blender I really had fun experimenting with these past few days.

Vitamix E310 blenders are one of the best and most reliable blenders that can be found in the market nowadays. Apart from being designed in a very modern and stylish look, the blender has high-performance capabilities due to its high-powered motor.

Although the blender’s cost is maybe a bit higher for a lot of people, it is definitely worth the price. You get ten-speed settings, a pulse feature, aircraft-quality steel blades, and a self-cleaning mode that will reduce the work you have to do when smoothie time is over.

It has many features that make up for its high price and make it be a reliable and trusted appliance in your kitchen.

Anyhow, let’s see what this blender has in store for you.

Vitamix E310 Review: Overview

A good product can be judged by its features. To this effect, it is always important to study a product’s features before deciding on whether to make a purchase.

Vitamix E310 has some amazing features that enable it to perform a variety of tasks in the kitchen.

The E310 has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. It doesn’t light up or have a secondary on-off power switch. And it doesn’t have Bluetooth or NFC technology. What it does have are powerful Vitamix motor and full variable speed control.

Performance-wise, the E310 is similar to all the other Vitamix machines that have variable speed. That means it makes the smoothest smoothies, and it can plow through thick nut butter and hummus. It can quickly blend up frozen desserts, and, if you let it run for 6 minutes, it can make hot soups from room temperature ingredients.

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I also measured the speed of the E310 and confirmed that it is just as fast and powerful as previous full-size Vitamix models that I have come across with.

What is different about these Explorian line products is that they introduce a new body design.

It’s still extremely similar to the older bodies used in the C-Series and G-Series, with some slight visual design changes. From what I saw and experienced, they’re cosmetic and not very functional differences.

Overall, it’s a nice body design, and the switches and knobs are of high quality.

The Low Profile Container

Traditionally, Vitamix blenders have always been a little bit difficult for users to store because of their massive container.

Their standard container size is 64 ounces, as opposed to the 48-ounce container that you get here with the E310 model. The smaller size helps with the storage factor. But Vitamix has also optimized the design of the container. It’s short, rather than tall, for better cabinet compatibility.

If you only have one Vitamix container, the 48-oz is a great choice to have. It’s shorter than the classic 64-oz container, which means that scraping ingredients out of it is a bit easier, and it fits under standard kitchen cabinets while on the base.

It’s narrower than the low-profile 64-oz containers that come with the Ascent and G-Series models, which means that it works better for small amounts. For small amounts of smoothies, the narrow container splashes around less.

The squat design also helps with the blending process. Because the base of the container is wider, ingredients fall into the blades easier, making the blending process a little bit smoother than before.

The main downside of the 48-oz container is that you can’t blend a lot of things at once. However, for most people, 48-oz is plenty. And, if you are careful, you can go a few ounces over the maximum. The narrow container is not quite as good as the wide containers for chopping. But again, most people don’t use their Vitamix for chopping that much.

Variable Speed Settings

With 10 speed settings, you get an incredible range of options with this blender. With a range that big, you can do things with the Vitamix E310 that other blenders just aren’t capable of doing.

If you, for example, want to make some cold ice cream, you can do that with some of their slower settings. On the other hand, if you like piping hot soup, the Vitamix also has you covered. On the highest speed settings, the blades produce enough friction to turn cold ingredients hot so that you can make chowder in one single container.

In addition to the speed settings, you also get a pulse mode with this blender. Realistically, pulse features are fairly common to most blenders, but other Vitamix models have left this mode out in the past.

With that being said, it’s certainly nice to see it included here.

With the pulse feature, you aren’t going to have any trouble making more nuanced foods like chunky salsa or hummus.

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Vitamix E310 Review: Final Thoughts

While this may not be Vitamix’s best blender, the Vitamix E310 allows buyers to get one of their products at a price that is not completely out of everyone’s budget.

The features are still great here. The speed settings allow you to have complete control over your blending, and the performance is truly hard to beat.

The E310 is an excellent blender that will keep you blending happily for many years. It offers the full performance that Vitamix has built its reputation on.

In my opinion, if you’re looking for a high-end blender that won’t completely break your bank, this is definitely something to consider.

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