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Magic Bullet Not Working: 7 Simple Blender Fixes

magic bullet not workingIs your Magic Bullet not working? The Magic Bullet is an inexpensive bullet blender that is powerful and convenient. Just like any kitchen appliance, sometimes things go wrong.

Do you ever find yourself trying to blend something and the Magic Bullet blender just doesn’t want to start? It can be frustrating when your Magic Bullet blender stops working. There are many reasons why this can be the case, and more often than not the solution is simple.

I’ve compiled a list of 7 simple fixes for your Magic Bullet blender. Most of these are quick, easy, and inexpensive fixes that will allow you to get back in action quickly.

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Magic Bullet not Working – Reasons and Fixes

There are numerous reasons why your Magic Bullet may not be working. Whether there is no power going to the blender, the blades are not spinning, or if it just won’t blend your ingredients, I will go over some common issues with the Magic Bullet.

Magic Bullet Won’t Turn On

If your Magic Bullet will not turn on at all, there is probably no power getting to the blender. This is an indication that there is an issue with the power source, so here are a few things to try.

Check the Magic Bullet is Plugged into a Power Source

The first thing you should always check is that the Magic Bullet blender has power. Check to see if there are any lights on the base, and make sure it is plugged into a working outlet. If you are using the Magic Bullet in a different country, make sure you have the proper voltage converter.

Check Outlet for Power

Plug something else into this outlet, such as a lamp or other appliance, and see if it works fine. If not then there may be an issue with that specific outlet rather than your Magic Bullet itself.

You can also try using another power outlet around your home to ensure that the problem isn’t coming from where you normally use it at home.

The Magic Bullet Power Cord may be Faulty

If the power cord on your Magic Bullet is worn or damaged, it may be faulty. If this is the case you can get a replacement cord from the Magic Bullet website.

Faulty Activators

The power base of the Magic Bullet has small white activators that send a signal to the motor to start blending. If these go bad, the blender will not receive a signal to start blending.

If you have a problem with your activators, you can replace them or send your Magic Bullet in for repairs. Sometimes the activators just need to be cleaned. You can see how to do that in the video above.

The Motor may have Overheated

Magic Bullet blenders are designed for quick blending. The motor is not designed to run for longer than 1 minute at a time. This can cause the motor to overheat and turn off.

If you find that your Magic Bullet is overheating and will no longer turn on, then you should let it rest for 15 minutes before using it again.

Check that there is no Debris in your Power Cord Port or Blender Base

If you have checked all the above steps and there is still no power going to your Magic Bullet, then chances are something has gotten jammed inside of the port where the power cord goes.

If this happens simply unplug everything and unscrew both pieces on your base unit so you can clear whatever may be stuck in there out with tweezers or another small tool. Remember which screws go where for easy reassembly later.

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Magic Bullet has Power, but the Blades Won’t Spin

magic bullet blade not spinningIf your Magic Bullet has power but the blades are not spinning, then there are several things you can check. This problem usually indicates that a part is worn out or broken, and a repair will be likely.

The Magic Bullet is too Full

If your Magic Bullet blender is too full, then the blades will not have room to spin. Make sure you are only blending the recommended amount of ingredients for the best results.

Your Blades are Blocked or Jammed

Sometimes something can get caught in between your blade unit and motor base which prevents the blade from spinning properly. If this happens simply try removing whatever may be stuck in there with a tool like tweezers or pliers before turning it back on again.

The Gear in the Blade Unit May Be Broken

Most likely if one of these gears goes bad, things will start catching when they aren’t supposed to because parts that should move don’t move as intended anymore. This usually means that you need a whole new blade assembly.

This is a very common problem with the Magic Bullet, but luckily it’s not hard to fix.

The Gear in the Base may be Broken

If the gears in your base unit are broken, it’s likely that they will need to be replaced. This will usually result in issues when you try to blend because the blade will not move as intended anymore.

You can order replacement gear sets for the Magic Bullet blender from their website if this happens.

The Bearing may be Broken or Stripped on either Unit

Bearings allow smooth movement and reduce friction which allows your blades to spin freely without any catching while blending. If these bearings break they can get jammed and cause problems when something gets caught between them and creates friction.

Replacing these bearing units often fixes this issue though even after wear-and-tear has taken its toll on them over time.

The Blades may be Damaged or Broken

If your Magic Bullet blades are damaged or broken they will need to be replaced. This won’t usually result in noise, but it will mean that the blades do not move as intended when you try to blend something together.

You can replace these blade units by ordering a replacement direct from Magic Bullet or from a third-party vendor.

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Magic Bullet won’t Blend Ingredients

magic bullet wont blend ingredientsIf your Magic Bullet has power going to it and the blades are spinning when turned on, there are a few things to check if it won’t blend ingredients.

The Magic Bullet is too Full

If the blade is spinning but the Magic Bullet doesn’t seem to be blending the ingredients that you put into it, then there is likely too much in the bottom of the cup.

The blending cup needs room to pulverize and mix all of the ingredients together.

Not Enough Liquid in the Container Cup

Sometimes the blade spins but there is not enough liquid in your container cup to blend together everything that you put into it.

Try adding more water or other liquids depending on what you are blending until the ingredients move freely and get mixed together properly when blended for an extended time.

Food Stuck Between the Blades

Sometimes food can get stuck between the blades, and this prevents them from blending food properly. If this happens you will usually need to dislodge whatever is stuck in there with a tool like tweezers before trying to blend again.

The Blade has become Dull

If your blade is old and has become dull it can be hard to blend things properly even when there is enough liquid in the container.

The easiest way to replace a damaged or worn-out blade unit is by ordering a replacement from Magic Bullet directly, however, they are also available for purchase elsewhere online.

Magic Bullet Not Working – Final Thoughts

If your Magic Bullet isn’t working, don’t worry. There are many reasons why this can happen and we’ve compiled a list of 7 simple fixes that you should be able to tackle in 15 minutes or less.

If none of these things are working for you when using your Magic Bullet blender, then make sure to check over your manual because each model may be slightly different depending on how old it is. You will often find troubleshooting tips specific to that model which might give more insight into why yours isn’t working anymore.

This inexpensive blender is powerful and convenient – so if it’s not blending smoothly at the moment, make sure you’re trying one of these easy steps before throwing it away.