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NutriBullet Lid Stuck: 4 Simple Solutions To Get Unstuck

nutribullet lid stuckA NutriBullet is one of the most popular single-serve multi-purpose blenders for everyday use. You can easily prepare smoothies, yogurts, sauces, and dips with your NutriBullet blender.

Instead of a lid, a NutriBullet has a cup that is attached to the power base for activation. The cup which acts as the lid may get stuck due to vacuum pressure or stuck food, limiting access to your blender’s services when you most need it.

Is your NutriBullet lid stuck? You may be wondering what to do and reasons that may cause the breakdown; keep reading to find out!

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What happens if my NutriBullet lid gets stuck?

There is no need to panic when the cup or jug of your NutriBullet (which serves as the lid) gets stuck.

NutriBullet operates on high power, which means that they are likely to heat up when using them. Consequently, the plastic may expand, causing the lid to get stuck.

I have encountered this problem when I blend hard ingredients such as nuts and I haven’t experienced it with regular fresh fruits.

I found out that as much as a NutriBullet is an all-purpose blender, it tends to jam when hard ingredients are used, perhaps because those ingredients require high power to blend.


Expansion can only be resolved by its opposite, which is contraction. Run the NutriBullet under cold water for about 1 minute or put it in a freezer.

Cooling the NutriBullet to a normal temperature allows you to unscrew the cup from the base of the NutriBullet easily.

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How does blending vacuum cause a NutriBullet lid to stick?

A NutriBullet is a handy kitchen companion for all your smoothies or other blended foods. It is, however, important to note that blending hot foods in a blender can be dangerous.

Pouring hot ingredients in a NutriBullet cup and then placing it on the base for activation causes the air between the food and the lid to heat up and get trapped since the cup is sealed.

Heated air builds up pressure creating an airlock/vacuum since there is no escape which could either lead to an explosion or suction the cup onto the base preventing you from unscrewing it.

How do I remove a vacuum stuck NutriBullet lid?

I once tried to blend hot pumpkin for my pumpkin soup with my NutriBullet, and I experienced the airlock issue.

Option 1: carefully relieve the pressure

I tried freeing the pressure created in the cup by prying on the lid with a fork. I added a little more force when unscrewing the cup, and my problem was solved.

Option 2: neutralize the pressure with temperature

Place the NutriBullet in a large plastic bin that is halfway filled with very hot water. The water should be just enough to submerge the entire NutriBullet blender for a few minutes.

The process helps to balance the temperature inside the blender with the outside temperature to room temperature.

Once the balance is achieved, the vacuum pressure should subside, allowing you to unscrew the stuck NutriBullet lid from the base easily.

Option 3: prevent pressure build up

Avoid blending hot foods and liquids in a regular blender to avoid getting your NutriBullet lid stuck.

Option 4: upgrade and avoid the headache

Alternatively, purchase a NutriBullet Blender Combo, which is sold with a vented pitcher for letting out air, allowing you to blend hot foods without risking vacuum locks.

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Can overloading my NutriBullet cause the lid to stick?

Yes, adding ingredients beyond the ‘maximum’ line on the cup of your NutriBullet may cause the lid to stick.

The excess food may stick along the screw lines, consequently making it hard to unscrew the NutriBullet cup from the base.

Avoid adding ingredients beyond the ‘maximum’ line to prevent the lid and food from getting stuck and also as a maintenance measure for your NutriBullet.

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Can a jammed activator cause my NutriBullet lid to stick?

Yes, your NutriBullet cup/lid can get stuck if the activator is jammed. The cup is fixed to the base with the activator, which means that it is very likely to get stuck.


Add a few drops of warm water to the activators. Alternatively, you could use vinegar, alcohol, or vegetable oil in the activators slots.

Press the NutriBullet cup down for a few minutes while trying to make little twists. You should then be able to unscrew the lid easily, and your activators should start working.


If the jamming problem only occurs to the activators, use a q tip to add oil or alcohol to the slots and press them down. Using your fingers may cause unnecessary injuries to your hands.

You can alternatively use the tip of a kitchen knife, a spoon, tips of your scissors, or any other useful object.

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Related Nutribullet issues

You may get your NutriBullet cup unstuck, but your blender is not working. Here are some explanations to the possible issues;

Stuck blades

The blades of your NutriBullet may refuse to turn or may take long before responding due to food getting stuck between them.

All you need to do is unplug the NutriBullet from the outlet, then remove the extractor blade to clear any barrier. You will need to be extra careful to avoid hurting your hands.

Alternatively, the blades might have served their time, and it’s time for a replacement. The NutriBullet should then work effectively. You can buy a replacement blade for your NutriBullet on Amazon.

Avoid using solid food on your NutriBullet; it may also be among the reasons why the blades may get stuck and stop working.

Stuck NutriBullet lid: final thoughts

NutriBullet blenders are the most convenient kitchen gadgets that save time when making a smoothie or any liquid. You only need to connect the cup to the power base, and you are set.

If put to the wrong task, such as preparing hot foods, or overloading, the blender may experience vacuum pressure causing the NutriBullet lid/cup to get stuck to the base.

I use a little secret to ensure that the cup secures safely to the powerbase to avoid being too loose or too tight; checking the rubber seal/gasket to ensure it is not torn or broken.