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Moringa Smoothie Recipe: Healthy Superfood Smoothie

moringa smoothie recipeToday we are going to look at the best moringa smoothie recipe and why you should be making this smoothie on a daily basis.

It is hard to find a better smoothie to drink in the morning that will give you an equal amount of energy. The moringa smoothie is designed for maximum energy and power. The smoothie is creamy, positively delicious, and jam-packed with lots of plant-based fibers and antioxidants.

Not only can you make a smoothie with moringa, but you can even make some yummy moringa tea. Even better is the fact that you can grow this plant in your backyard, dry the leaves when they are fresh, and then grind them into a powder and keep the powder all winter to make smoothies and teas. You will never run out!

What is Moringa?

moringa treeMoringa is a type of tree that grows naturally in tropical and subtropical places around the world, like in India, Southeast Asia, Central, and South America, and even some parts of Africa.

The tree’s full name is the moringa olefiera, but it is often just called a drumstick tree or a ben oil tree, or even a horseradish tree. What’s so interesting about this tree is that the entire thing is edible. From root to stem to leave, you can eat the entire tree. No cooking required!

In the places where the moringa tree grows naturally, most cultures have been using it as a medicinal plant way before smoothies were ever invented. The moringa offers some very serious health benefits, plus the leaves are easy to add to any smoothie like you would spinach or kale. You can even grow one of these trees in your yard like you would tomatoes or roses.

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Is Moringa Healthy to Eat?

moringaMoringa is extremely healthy to eat! In fact, moringa is a superfood. This plant is dense with nutrients and has all kinds of vitamins and minerals that are going do wonders for your health. Moringa leaves also contain all nine of the essential amino acids your body needs.

Moringa is high in protein and a wonderful source of vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium, and healthy fiber. There is even some magnesium and zinc in case everything else was not enough.

When you add moringa leaves to your diet, you will feel a boost in your everyday energy, notice an increase of hair growth, reduced stress, and improved digestion. These may not be overtly obvious at first, but the moringa definitely helps. Try drinking a moringa smoothie every day to see stronger effects.

These leaves can also help to reduce wrinkles and decrease the signs of aging. Stabilize your blood sugar, boost your immune system, and reduce harmful inflammation – moringa leaves may just be the best greens on the planet! Why wouldn’t you put them in a smoothie?

Banana Moringa Smoothie

This is a great smoothie for early in the morning. You may be surprised to discover that moringa tastes a lot like matcha, which is famously used in lots of teas and other beverages in Japan. By adding moringa leaves with banana, you will get a very calm and slightly sweet-tasting smoothie.

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When all is said and done, your smoothie may be a milky white color because of the banana and almond milk. It will almost look like a jar of milk. But don’t let that put you off. The smoothie is great for your body thanks to all its nutrients. There is no better way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of the moringa tree than by blending a quick smoothie.


  • 1 Cup of Almond Milk
  • ½ Cup of Moringa Leaves/ or 1 Teaspoon of Moringa Powder
  • 1 Frozen Banana


Add all three ingredients into your high-quality blender and blend for roughly 30 seconds, until the smoothie looks silky and creamy. Then enjoy! Because of the frozen banana, there is no need for ice. It will already be chilled.

Keep in mind that this is a very basic introductory recipe with only three ingredients. If you enjoy this smoothie and want to bump it up a notch, try adding a healthy serving of spinach, 2 tablespoons of bee pollen, and ¼ cup of strawberries. That will give you a bit more zing.

How Do I Prepare Fresh Moringa?

moringa powderYou can buy moringa leaf powder in just about any supplement store or health food store in North America. If you are lucky and live in a place that has a local farmer’s market, you can probably buy bunches of fresh leaves from there.

Because of the moringa tree’s adaptability, it can grow in cold climates, like in the north and even Canada. That means anyone can grow a moringa tree and use the leaves to create delicious recipes. Whether you live in tropical Florida or not-so-tropical Minnesota, you can easily grow one of these trees in your yard.

To prepare fresh moringa, make sure you only use the leaves. There is no need to eat the stem of the plant, even if it is edible. You want to remove the leaves and then rinse them gently before adding them to your blender to make a smoothie.

If using moringa powder instead of leaves, just add it to your smoothie like you would flaxseed or any other powdery ingredients.

Moringa Smoothies: Final Thoughts

Moringa can do so much good that it is a wonder we haven’t discovered the health benefits of this plant sooner. In a world of changing tides, where plant eaters and smoothie fanatics are rapidly outpacing the meat-eaters, the moringa smoothie is a great addition to our catalog of super drinks.

If you would like to create your own recipe, I highly suggest adding mangoes, pineapple, spinach, bee pollen, super seeds, and your own flavorful spices. Once you have a fairly good idea of how the moringa leaves taste, feel free to play with lots of different ingredients to make your best moringa smoothie.