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Vacuum Blending: Benefits, Method, And Best Practices

vacuum blending benefitsBlending is a fantastic method to quickly and easily blend vegetables and fruits while retaining nutrients and a beautiful texture. You hardly throw anything away, because you can simply blend most peels. The problem with traditional blending is that the smoothie does not last long. This is due to the natural oxidization process that quickly spoils the contents of your smoothie.

This is fine if you plan on drinking your smoothie as soon as you make it, but what if you want to store it for later? Enter a revolution in the field of blending: vacuum blending! The vacuum blender has been developed to remove the air from your finished blend, which prevents oxidization. This means your smoothie will stay good for days instead of hours.

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What is vacuum blending?

A vacuum blender ensures that all air is first removed from the blending cup and that the ingredients are then vacuum-blended. This prevents air layers from forming and the ingredients will not oxidize. This results in an end product that not only looks and tastes better but also contains more nutrients and stays fresh longer than with normal blending.

How does vacuum blending work?

Vacuum blending is done as follows:

  • The ingredients are put into the blending cup in smaller pieces.
  • The cup is closed with a lid and placed on the engine block.
  • First, you start the vacuum process and all air is removed from the blending jug and a vacuum is thus created.
  • Due to the change in the pressure in the blending jug, the volume of the ingredients will increase.
  • Then you start the blending process. Since the mixing of the ingredients is done in a jug without air, minimal oxidation takes place. In addition, the ingredients are ground even more finely due to the pressure difference in the jug and the volume of the ingredients themselves.
  • The vacuum is released after blending. You now have juice with natural color and flavor without air.
  • Keeping the juice in a sealed jug keeps it fresh for longer.
  • Vacuum blending preserves nutrients and creates juice with natural color and flavor that most closely matches the original ingredients.

There are no air layers in the juice, so the juice is a nice whole and remains after blending. The juice contains considerably more vitamins and antioxidants than when it is prepared with a normal blender.

What is the difference between a standard blender, vacuum blender, and juicer?

Juice squeezed with a slow juicer contains all the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables, but contains less fiber. However, fiber also has a good function. They have a beneficial effect on bowel movements and bad cholesterol, provide a feeling of fullness for longer and ensure that the sugar level rises and falls less quickly.

A smoothie made in a standard blender oxidizes, causing nutrients to be lost. However, it is easy to prepare and you need fewer ingredients to get the same amount of smoothie because the fiber stays in the juice.

The traditional blender spins at a very high speed. During this process, oxygen mixes in the smoothie, causing it to oxidize. You can recognize this process by discoloration.

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What can you prepare with a vacuum blender?

You can mix, chop and blend different ingredients in a vacuum blender. Fruits and vegetables are liquefied in a vacuum blender by chopping everything at high speed. The drink becomes light and the fibers remain in the juice. No juice can be pressed from ingredients with low moisture content such as banana and avocado. These can easily be mashed in a vacuum blender.

You can make the most delicious dishes with simple preparation in a vacuum blender. It is a matter of cutting all the ingredients into the mixing bowl and turning on the vacuum blender. You need fewer ingredients than with a slow juicer to make the same amount of juice because the fibers remain in the juice.

You can prepare the following in the vacuum blender, among other things:

Juice and smoothies

Remove thick skins and hard kernels from fruits and vegetables and cut everything into chunks. Place the pieces in the blender jug. To make a smoothie, add some milk or yogurt as desired.

Ice cream

You can make delicious ice cream from frozen fruit. You put the frozen fruit in coarser pieces in the blender jug. If necessary, you can put the ice in the freezer immediately after blending and before serving, so that it is less soft.

Baby food

Baby food can be mashed very finely in the vacuum blender. However, the vegetables must first be cooked and cooled. You can reheat it for your child after blending.

Sauce, soup, tapenade, vegetable dip

By blending the washed ingredients (vegetables and herbs) into chunks, you create delicious sauces, soup, pesto, tapenade, vegetable dips. If you want it slightly coarser in texture, you can pulse the ingredients instead of using the blend function. By pressing the pulse button a few times, you already chop the ingredients.


To make mousse with a fresh taste, you can first mash the desired fruit with some agave syrup in the vacuum blender. Then heat the mixture of fruit and syrup in a pan and add some soaked gelatin leaves and stir well until the gelatin is completely absorbed. Beat some whipped cream with agave syrup and mix with the strawberry mixture. After that, all you have to do is let it stiffen in the fridge.

Marinades, pestos, and spice mixes

Add a little bit of olive oil to the fresh ingredients and briefly mash all ingredients in a vacuum blender. Do not use dried herbs.

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