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Best Vacuum Blender: Top Rated Models In 2020

In a hurry? Best Budget Choice: Ninja Smart Screen DUO | Best Overall Choice: Kuvings SV500S

best vacuum blenderVacuum blending is a game-changer when it comes to performing blending tasks. The best vacuum blenders are designed to remove air from the container before blending to prevent ingredient oxidation and retain maximum nutrition.

This process eliminates one of the biggest issues when blending. This also means that you won’t get discolored smoothies with an altered taste the next day. You can save your smoothies for later use and still get the same taste as a freshly prepared one.

Visually, vacuum blenders don’t look much different from regular blenders. The main difference is a vacuum attachment that is either placed on top of the blender to suction out the air or comes as a built-in component.

To help you with your selection, I have rounded up three of the best models available in this category. These recommendations come with various price points with some being ideal smoothie makers and others capable of doing much more.

Top Rated Vacuum Blenders Of 2020

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Best Overall Kuvings SV500S Vacuum Blender

Best Overall

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Best Budget Ninja Smart Screen Blender with FreshVac CT660UKV

Best Budget

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Pado Ozen 500 Vacuum Blender pado ozen 500 vacuum blender thumbnail view prices

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Kuvings SV500S Vacuum Blender: Best Overall

kuvings sv500sPairing vacuum blending with a powerful 3.5 HP motor that spins at 32,000RPMs, the Kuvings SV500S is a revolutionary machine. This model features a vacuum pump built into the unit’s base assembly that does the job of maintaining nutrient integrity and freshness.

Auto-Blend Technology

The Kuvings SV500S comes with an Auto Blend technology that automatically adjusts the blender’s settings based on what you plan to blend. The Auto-Blend technology identifies blender content quantity and modifies the blade speed to blend any mixture of ingredients. Once the desired blending consistency is achieved, the motor will stop.

Users also have the choice to opt for vacuum only, vacuum and blend, and blend-only settings. The Pulse setting and variable speed controls let users operate the blender manually.

There is also a 3-d moving system that features six heat-treated blades that rotate in three different dimensions allowing the ingredients to fall to the bottom. This mechanism results in creating a superior blend than many other similar blenders.

Quiet Performance

The SV500S ranks as one of the quietest performers among the best vacuum blenders. This is impressive given its high-power output and high speed.

Since powerful blenders tend to be noisy machines, this Kuvings model comes with a noise reduction cover. The cover makes the noise a lot more discreet for a quieter performance.

That said, the blender does retail for a high price tag which one can’t really complain about considering its superior performance and excellent vacuuming function.

Ninja Smart Screen Blender with FreshVac CT660UKV: Budget Pick

ninja smart screen duo freshvacThe Ninja Smart Screen Duo vacuum blender comes with a powerful 1400-watt motor and an easy-to-use touchscreen display. The 1400 watts of power are plenty to whip you a smooth vacuum-sealed smoothie, even with the toughest of ingredients like leafy greens and ice cubes.

FreshVac Technology

The outstanding feature of this Ninja blender is the FreshVac technology it uses. This model uses a separate vacuum pump, unlike the built-in varieties, which is a battery-powered, hand-held version.

The pump is easy to use as you simply place in atop the 72-oz container for larger batches or the 20-oz smoothie cup for a single serving. When in place, one push of a button is all it takes to suction out the air and then the blending begins.

Given the smart features on this machine, it is a great buy in its price range.

Auto IQ Feature

Another outstanding feature on this model is the Auto IQ feature. The one-touch Auto IQ program comes with seven pre-programmed settings where one push of a button puts the blender through a series of automatic blending cycles.

The blender blends, stops, and pulses automatically, taking the guesswork out of your blending chores. The result is creating smooth, flawless blends every time.

Adding to the genius of the machine, it can also automatically recognize the container size that goes on its base. The accompanying touchscreen can then show you each vessel’s unique menu of pre-programmed settings.

Pado Ozen 500 Vacuum Blender

pado ozen 500 vacuum blenderHailing from Korea, the Pado Ozen 500 is a smart vacuum blender that comes with an innovative seal technology to minimize oxidation. Compared to other blenders, the Pado Ozen 500 presents a compact size making it ideal for smaller kitchens and tighter cooking spaces.

Unique Blade System

The Pado Ozen 500 features 6 blades with a unique hexa design to completely pulverize ingredients. The blades are designed so as to blend ingredients but without reducing their nutrient content.

This is something that makes the Pado Ozen ideal for juicing tasks. With this blender, you can look forward to getting nutrient-filled juices and smoothies that come full of vibrant colors and rich flavors.

Ease of use

The Pado Ozen 500 falls in the all-in-one category of vacuum blenders. This means the blender has the vacuum pump built in the assembly making it a convenient machine.

Like other all-in-one solutions, this model also has a smart one-touch setting which, when pressed, extracts the air from the container before blending.

The blending process, devoid of oxygen, produces some impressive results with juice coming out more vibrant. This is not only because of oxygen removal but also because of the richer antioxidant content in the juice.

There will also be a noticeable foam reduction as compared to juices prepared in non-vacuum blenders. And finally, the powerful grinding action of the hexa blades pulverizes all parts of the fruits and vegetables completely preserving the foods’ natural nutrient content.

Best Vacuum Blender: A Complete Buying Guide

Vacuum blenders are creating quite a buzz in the world of health aficionados, and for good reason too. These innovative machines help prepare healthy smoothies and juices by reducing the impact of oxidation.

That is quite a feat in itself as it’s hard to find a way to stop exposure to oxygen once the ingredients are placed in the bender. But vacuum blenders conveniently suction out the air before the blending process starts.

Two designs to choose from

Vacuum blenders are of two types. There are blenders that have a pump built into the blender assembly and then there are models that come with a separate pump attachment.

Blenders with a built-in pump are considered more convenient as it is one part you have to deal with. Those with a separate pump have an additional blender part to use and store. Also, the setup for the separate pump versions needs an extra step. First, you set up the blender and then put the pump in place to start the extraction process.

However, the results delivered by the two varieties are the same and you end up with smoothies that retain all their nutrient power while also cutting down on oxidation.

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Prevents nutrient depletion

Visually, the first thing you notice after using a vacuum blender is the color vibrancy in drinks as compared to the aerated results from other blenders. Then you will also notice a difference in taste.

Drinks blended in a regular blender start to split, separate and discolor as soon as they are prepared since the mixture is already in contact with oxygen during the lending process. However, with vacuum-sealed drinks this can only happen when the drink gets exposed to the air.

Many vacuum blenders come with additional vacuum storage containers that will help you keep your food fresh for up to a week in the fridge and with little nutrient depletion.

Ideal for the health enthusiast

The vacuum blender is a time-saving device for people who like to have smoothies daily. With a regular blender that means taking the machine out seven times a week, making a smoothie every day, and then cleaning up afterward.

But with a vacuum blender, the same chore can be reduced to a single session of big blending and store the prepared smoothies in vacuum tumblers in the fridge.

With a vacuum blender, you can prepare all your blended recipes in advance knowing that they will stay fresh, taste great, and continue to nourish you for the rest of the week.

Best Vacuum Blender: Final Thoughts

kuvings sv500s blender is my top pickSaving leftovers has never been easier than it is now with today’s innovative vacuum blenders. With their precise vacuum sealing features, these blenders will let you savor your blends long after they were first prepared.

The Kuvings SV500S is a robust vacuum blender that sets itself apart from the competition with its powerful motor, sturdy construction, and Auto-Blend technology. Not only is there plenty of vacuum suction to contend with, but its powerful operation lets it fragmentize the toughest ingredients with extreme ease.

From its powerful operation to its easy-to-use design, the Ninja Smart Screen DUO offers just as much as its pricier competitors. This budget-friendly vacuum blender will vacuum seal your blends with its FreshVac feature and makes for an ideal alternative to more expensive blenders.

And if you’re looking for something that excels in the area of juice making, then you can bet your money on the Pado Ozen 500. The blender’s unique blade system and precise vacuum seal mechanism will give you the results you are looking for.

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