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Ninja BL780 Vs BL770: Powerful Blender Comparison

Best Overall

Ninja BL770

ninja bl770 mega kitchen system thumbnail
  • Powerful 1500W Motor
  • Cheap Price

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Good Alternative

Ninja BL780

ninja bl780 blender thumbnail
  • Powerful 1200W  Motor
  • Large Capacity

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Welcome to the best blending systems from Ninja. It’s time to see which mega blender system is the best, the Ninja BL780 vs BL770. While both of these amazing blenders come with huge horsepower engines, a food processor bowl, and a wet bowl for smoothies and other drinks, one of them must be superior.

But this is a close race. These units are almost identical. Each has a 64-ounce food processing bowl that can make over 2 pounds of dough in roughly 30 seconds. Each has a durable 72-ounce main container for liquids. Both are some of the most impressive blenders on the market. In fact, the only major difference is in the wattage.

At the end of the day, any home blending system designed and manufactured by Ninja is going to be a great pick. The Ninja Supra Kitchen or the Ninja Mega Kitchen – it hardly makes a difference. You’re always in good hands with a Ninja product in your kitchen.

Ninja BL780 Supra Kitchen System Review

The Ninja BL780 Supra Kitchen System is one of the company’s most expensive top-end models. This all-in-one machine comes equipped with a large main container, a food processing container, and two single-serving cups.

Focused Power

With a unique 1200-Watt motor, the Supra has focused power to crush, mix, blend, and even knead with expert precision. You can process 2 pounds of heavy dough in less than a minute. Just think about that for a moment. 30 seconds, 2 pounds of dough, hands-free. That is something every baking enthusiast can enjoy.

And once you have finished baking, change containers, throw in some ice and frozen fruit, then sit back and enjoy a delicious smoothie blended to absolute perfection thanks to the focused motor.

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It’s always nice when the guesswork is taken out of blending. With the five pre-programmed buttons on the face of the machine, you can choose how to blend. There is a mode for blending, for dough, for crushing ice, for making a single-serve drink, and for pulse. These are super handy.

You now have the choice of what mode you want to use. The only blatant downside I can see is that there are no variable speed controls.

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System Review

Welcome to the last blender you will ever need. The Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System comes with all the best tools to be the centerpiece of your kitchen. It is even designed to pulverize your favorite fruits and veggies into a convenient to-go cup for simple servings.

Single-Serving Mania

What I love about the Mega Kitchen System is that it replaces any need to have a small personalized blender. With the pair of single-serve cups, you can take your smoothies on the go without having to make a huge 72-ounce batch.

The single-serving cups are 16 ounces each and they screw directly onto the blender’s base. Say goodbye to multiple machines. Now you can make a 72-ounce batch of your favorite drink, a personal 16-ounce cup of any beverage, and you can process food.

A Great Addition

The Ninja BL770 is a great addition to anyone’s kitchen. With its impressive 1,500-Watt motor, you can rest assured that all your smoothies will turn out flawlessly.

Even better than that, the BL770 is super lightweight. It can be moved easily and it fits snugly anywhere on your counter, even between the toaster and the coffee machine because of its slim profile.

Ninja BL780 vs BL770: Main Product Differences

This is where things get a little weird. It almost feels like the Ninja BL780 Supra Kitchen System is a refurbished version of the Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System, yet it has a weaker motor, a heavier base, and it is louder and makes more noise in the morning. But the weirdest part is that the BL780 is more expensive. Can you believe it?

A Difference in Wattage

I know, 300 Watts is not a huge difference. Considering both blenders have the same speed controls for crushing, blending, and kneading dough, the size of the motor does not seem particularly important. However, the BL780 with its weaker motor has a larger base, it takes up more room on your counter, and it makes more noise when you’re blending. What’s the deal?

Keep in mind that both machines promise to prepare 2 pounds of dough in only 30 seconds. Each has amazing crushing power when it comes to ice and frozen veggies. It’s just that the Ninja BL770 has ½ an extra horsepower.

Is There a Difference?

Both Ninja machines offer the exact same settings. Each machine comes with the exact same containers: 1 72-ounce pitcher, 1 64-ounce processor bowl, and 2 16-ounce smoothie cups. The only visible difference in these two machines is that the BL780 is bulkier, weaker in the motor, and heavier.

For the extra few bucks to buy the Supra Kitchen System, I really couldn’t imagine wasting the money. I cannot see a single positive advantage the BL780 has over the Mega Kitchen System.

Ninja BL780 vs BL770: Final Thoughts

There is really not much to say for a conclusion. The better machine is obviously the Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System. It does everything from blend smoothies and health shakes to mix dips and salsas. And while the BL770 does not have some of the high-tech features you see with more expensive blenders, like a heating feature or full speed controls, it is a great medium-range blender.

Oddly enough, you could say the exact same thing about the Ninja BL780 Supra Kitchen System. The only difference is in size, bulk, and price. It does not make any sense to spend more money on a weaker unit that is heavier to carry around the kitchen. I don’t imagine there is any benefit to it.

With the BL770, at least it fits discreetly on your counter and can be used to make quick single-serving smoothies on your way out the door. I highly recommend the BL770 from Ninja.