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Mangonada Recipe: Simple 5 Ingredient Mexican Smoothie

mangonada recipeFor mango lovers and ice-cold drinks, the Mangonada should be your favorite treat. There is nothing more refreshing than a glassful of Mangonada to perk you right up.

The mention of Mangonada should present a Mexican mango beverage made from freshly cut or frozen mangoes with a touch of lime juice, Chamoy chili sauce, and Tajin chili powder. It is an easy to prepare drink that is best for all occasions and weather.

Whether I am having a barbecue on a sunny afternoon with my friends or just relaxing with my family in the evening, the Mexican fruit drink is my go-to.

You may be wondering; can I use a Mangonada recipe for at-home use? To find out, plus more information about Mangonada, read on!

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Can I Use A Mangonada Recipe For At Home Use?

Yes, you can use an easy-to-follow Mangonada recipe and prepare this heavenly beverage in the comfort of your house.

For a perfect Mexican taste, use the ingredients in the Mangonada recipe without substituting them. Mangonada is best served ice-cold for a memorable experience.

Why I Love Mangonada

The piquant Mangonada taste, thanks to the Chamoy mango, presents a mix of flavors. It has a bit of saltiness, spiciness, a good treat of tanginess, and a heavenly dose of sweetness.

The savory Chamoy offers a perfect balance of saltiness and sweetness from the first sip until the last drop lands in your mouth.

Is Mangonada A Smoothie?

Yes, Mangonada is a sweet Mexican smoothie made by blending freshly cut mangoes or frozen mangoes then adding other tangy and sweet flavors.

The Mangonada recipe is easy to follow as long as you get the ingredients right, have a blender, plus ice cubes. In only a few minutes, you will be enjoying your favorite ice-cold beverage.

Is Mangonada Healthy?

Yes, a look into the Mangonada recipe, and you will notice that the main ingredient is a fresh mango which means that it is a natural smoothie.

The smoothie’s sweetness comes from safe, natural sugars found in the very ripe mangoes. The mangoes also offer a rich dose of Vitamin C and antioxidants, making it a healthy drink.

However, you should limit the amount of Mangonada you consume if you watch your sugar levels. Mangonada is a bit too sweet for those with sugar-related issues.

Which Are The Main Flavors In A Mangonada Recipe?

The heavenly Mangonada smoothie is made of sweet, salty, spicy, and a little tart from 4 flavors.

Mangoes are the source of the sweetness, Chamoy sauce contributes to the spicy taste, lime juice is the source of the tartness, while savory taste or the saltiness comes from Tajin.

A Mangonada smoothie is famous for its piquant taste, making it a perfect beverage for spicy drinks lovers.

What Goes Into A Mangonada Recipe?

There are various ways of preparing the sweet, tangy, and spicy Mangonada beverage based on your desired ingredients.

However, the main ingredient has to be a mango which typically is the origin of the name ‘Mangonada.’ Then add sugar, Chamoy, lime, Tajin, and water.

To get the perfect Mangonada, use ripe and juicy mangoes but remember to use ice cubes to increase the thickness of your smoothie.

How To Turn A Mangonada Recipe Into A Smoothie

Equipment Needed

  • Chopping board
  • Kitchen knife
  • Blender


  • Ripe mango, preferably frozen to add thickness to the smoothie
  • Lime for the tanginess
  • Chamoy sauce – It’s a pickled fruit sauce that adds spiciness and a little bit of salt.
  • Tajin – It’s a seasoning with a chili-lime flavor and adds a savory taste to the Mangonada.
  • Water
  • Ice cubes (optional)-for blending and if you use a fresh mango instead of frozen.


  • 16 oz frozen mango or 5 fresh mangoes.
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar (you can add more or less).
  • For all the other ingredients, add to your desired amount that suits your taste buds.


First Step

I start with preparing the base of my Mangonada:

Peel the mangoes and cut them into small cubed pieces on the chopping board.

Add the sliced mango into the blender, leaving some for later, ice-cubes, and lime juice, and blitz until smooth.

Second Step

I take out two saucers or small bowls.

Pour the Tajin seasoning in one saucer and the Chamoy sauce in the other.

Third Step

I get out my glass or glasses depending on the number of guests I have.

Dip the rim of your glass into the Chamoy, then dip in the Tajin.

This step helps to fill your lips with the Chamoy and Tajin flavors as you sip your drink.

Fourth Step

Add 1 tablespoon of Chamoy sauce to the glass and swirl the glass to distribute it.

Pour the blended mango mixture into the glass.

Add the remaining cubed mango chopping on the mixture.

Sprinkle some Tajin on the mangoes.

Add a straw and enjoy the Mexican Mangonada.

Points To Remember In A Mangonada Recipe

  • To achieve a thick consistency, use the minimum amount of liquid possible.
  • There is no limit to the amount of Tajin and Chamoy you use. It depends on your taste buds.
  • When you use frozen mangoes, you do not necessarily need ice to thicken the Mangonada. However, be sure to add ice to your puree when you use fresh mangoes.
  • If you use fresh mango to garnish, add ice cubes at the bottom of your glass and some on top after pouring in the Mangonada smoothie.
  • Tajin is only a brand of chili-lime seasoning, meaning that you can use any other brand fit for beverages.
  • For fun, you may use candy straws or sugarcane straws as a garnish to your Mangonada recipe and enjoy your smoothie. You can also make a twist to your Mangonada by turning it into popsicles.

Mangonada Recipe: Final Thoughts

For the best Mexican Mangonada recipe, use fresh/frozen mangoes, Chamoy, Tajin, and lime without any form of substitution.

The perfect Mangonada is thick, prepared by using frozen mangoes or adding ice while blending fresh mangoes.

You can add extra flavors of your liking for a twist from the regular Mangonada recipe. I love my Mangonada ice-cold, so I choose to add more ice-cubes on top of the mango blend.