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How To Make A Smoothie Thicker: 7 Simple Ideas

how to make a smoothie thickerSmoothies are a delightful snack and beverage you can have at any time of day. Smoothies fill you up and are a healthier choice over other beverages.

Lots of people tend to prefer to have their smoothies thicker, smoother, and richer in texture, though not everyone knows how exactly to make them this way.

A thick smoothie feels more like a meal and something that will keep you fuller for longer, which is ideal if you are trying to watch what you eat.

Listed below are five easy ways on how to make a smoothie thicker, smoother, and more enjoyable with every glass you make.

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Frozen fruit

frozen fruit makes a smoothie thickerOne of the easiest ways to make a smoothie thick is by freezing the contents of the smoothie beforehand. Colder ingredients and utensils will result in a smoothie that whips up smoother, thicker, and nicer.

One thing you can freeze inside of the smoothie is the fruits. You can buy them fresh, freeze them overnight, and then enjoy them in a thick, refreshing smoothie.

You can also stash up on frozen fruits. These are easier to find in stores and cheaper to buy. You can also get fruits that are not currently in season, meaning there is no limit to your favorite smoothies so long as you have the right frozen fruit at hand.

Do note that though frozen is what you’re going for, you need to give your fruit some time to thaw a little. (try moving the fruit from the freezer to the fridge to keep them cold but not icy) You need to do this because you could risk damaging the blender blades if they’re completely frozen.

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Freeze the liquid component

Other than the fruits in use, you can also freeze the liquid you need to use beforehand. Make sure that whatever you’re going to use is nice and cold so it comes out richer and thicker once you’re done blending.

This method works best when you’re working with smoothies made with juices. Orange juice or fruit punch, if frozen beforehand, will create a thick, lush smoothie full of flavor.

It’s not recommended to freeze almond or coconut milk beforehand, however, since this can separate the components within. You’ll still get the basic taste from the milk, but there could be a weaker blend since the milk was thinner and weaker after being frozen.

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Use as little liquid as possible

It’s basic enough understanding to realize that the more liquid there is in your smoothie, the runnier and thinner it’s going to be. The best way to minimize this effect is by getting a strong blender that blends better with less liquid. If you have an old one with worn-down blades, consider getting a replacement part or a new blender wholly for a better smoothie experience.

When adding liquid, make sure to do it slowly and in stingy amounts. You don’t want too much being added all at once, otherwise, you’ll end up with the runny smoothie you were trying to avoid. It’s best to blend all of the harder ingredients with liquid first, then place all of the easier-going ingredients in afterward. This makes the smoothie smoother and thicker.

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Scoops of raw oats or chia seeds

chia seeds thick smoothieThat’s right, your solution to blending a thicker smoothie could lie in oats and chia seeds.

Oats can help thicken your smoothie since they are absorbent in nature. A couple of tablespoons in one smoothie should be more than enough to properly thicken and increase the nutritional value of your smoothie.

Chia seeds are another ingredient to try out for the purpose of a thicker smoothie. They are natural thickeners that expand when wet. This will add thickness the longer you have it blending.

One tablespoon is more than enough for a smoothie to thicken properly and deliver that creamy, ice-cream texture. Chia seeds also provide you with healthy fats in every proper serving.

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Add ice cubes

Ice cubes are yet another way of adding frozen components to your smoothie to make it thick. You can use regular ice cubes, frozen milk cubes, or coffee blend cubes to add a burst of flavor to your smoothie while keeping it thick.

½ to 1 cup of ice is more than enough for a smoothie to keep it cold, thick, and refreshing. Be sure the ice cubes are small enough to properly blend in the blender without completely melting away, but at the same time, not big enough to damage the blades.

For the absolute best results, you can also chill the bowl or glass you are going to pour the smoothie into. A cool glass or bowl prevents the smoothie from melting as soon as you pour it out of the blender, keeping it thick and frosty.

Use yogurt

Rather than resorting to milk, you can use yogurt instead as your liquid. Of course, you can also freeze your yogurt beforehand for the richest and thickest results. Yogurt is already thicker than milk, so you’re off to a good start. Yogurt will also provide you with natural proteins for greater nutritional value.

The best yogurt to use for a smoothie is Greek yogurt. This is the thickest and smoothest yogurt which will give a strong flavor and rich texture. There are also coconut and almond yogurt that you can use.

Use coconut milk

Another alternative for regular milk is coconut milk. This type of milk is thicker, creamier, and has higher nutritional value. It provides your smoothie with healthy fats.

Coconut milk is also more filling than regular milk. You’ll feel content and satisfied for longer, warding off that empty-stomach feeling after having a refreshing and cool smoothie with coconut milk.

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How to make a smoothie thicker: final thoughts

Smoothies are delectable treats that everyone should be open to enjoy. With these recommendations on how to make a smoothie thicker, you can now savor all the fruits and veggies you want to chow down on in drink form. There is no harm in treating yourself to a yummier smoothie either, especially if you want to make them a daily routine. So, thicken up your smoothies and relish in the refreshing goodness of your favorite foods.

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