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Black and Decker PowerCrush Multifunction Blender Review

black and decker powercrush multifunction blender reviewToday we are looking at the Black & Decker PowerCrush Multifunction Blender. This blender uses a unique glass jar, strong blades, and a reliable motor to blend all your toughest ingredients into a delicious smoothie. If you are looking for a powerful blender under $50 that comes with a large glass jar, this is the best blender for you.

At such a low price, it is surprising how innovative the technology inside this blender is. It uses specialized blade technology that works with the shape of the glass jar to create a constantly flowing vortex of ingredients that goes directly into the blades. This means all your ingredients get sucked downwards into the blades for premium blending.

The blender also comes with several different speeds that you can use to make a variety of recipes, from smoothies to desserts. Plus, all the removable parts are safe to put in your dishwasher. This makes cleaning an absolute breeze.

Black and Decker PowerCrush Multifunction Blender Review: Overview

It’s time to get into the best features of this blender. There is a lot to discuss, from how incredibly sturdy the machine is to how well it blends. It comes with a solid glass jar, it has incredible power for such an affordable unit, and it will basically replace any current blender you have at home.

QuadPro Blade Technology

The Black and Decker Powercrush blender comes with QuadPro Blade Technology. What that means is that the blender employs special scientific methods with premium stainless-steel blades to make you the best smoothie of your life.

With normal blenders, your mixture is swirled like a cyclone in a circle. And sometimes, it isn’t even like a cyclone, but more like bubbling water. Your mixture is not being blended sufficiently! But thanks to the technology inside the PowerCrush Blender and its premium blades, your smoothie will always be perfect. The blender uses the shape of the glass jar to form a vortex, and this vortex feeds your ingredients directly into the blades!

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Rather than choppy leftovers, bits of leaf, and hard chunks of fruit, all your ingredients get blended to perfection inside the vortex. Everything is fed straight into the blades where it is crushed and blended just the way it should be.

Full Compatibility

There is nothing more annoying than purchasing a blender and realizing you can only use the provided jar that came with the blender. Sometimes people want larger jars, smaller jars, or they want portable jars. Luckily, Black & Decker allows you to use their whole catalog of jars!

If you get sick of using the large glass jar that comes with the Black and Decker Powercrush blender, you can buy another one. There are tons of different options for jars, all of them sold separately, which can enhance your blending experience.

One of the best options is to purchase single-serving blending jars that you can hook directly to the motor base to make your smoothies and other drinks on the go. You can easily hook any compatible travel jar to the blender for a quick fulfillment of your smoothie needs!

Wash it in the Dishwasher

Nobody likes cleaning their blender. It is a huge pain in the neck. And while many blenders warn against putting their components into the dishwasher, that is not the case with the PowerCrush Blender.

You are able to disassemble this jar and put everything in the dishwasher. Obviously that does not mean the motor base, as you would be crazy to try and wash that in the dishwasher, but everything else will fit nicely on the bottom rack. That includes the main glass jar, the lid, and any other jars you might purchase separately.

Sturdy Design

The Black and Decker Powercrush Multifunction blender is designed to be sturdy. Unlike other blenders that slip freely on the counter, fall over, and are difficult to control, this unit has anti-slip rubber feet that keep it firmly in place. It’s also just generally well-built. The motor is heavy without being cumbersome, while still being extremely energetic and reliable. Plus, the glass jar is tough and hard to break.

If you have a blender that constantly overheats, you will be pleased with how great the PowerCrush works, basically never overheating! This is true even on the highest settings. You can use this blender repeatedly throughout the day and never have to worry about a malfunction.

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There is nothing better than having a sturdy blender. From top to bottom, this blender is only about 15.5 inches tall. It is the ideal piece of equipment to have pushed against the back of your counter, easily accessible and not at all in the way.

And talk about a well-designed front panel! All your options for blending are easily labeled directly on the face of the blender so that you can push a button and let the machine do the rest of the work. You have a setting for crushing ice, for pureeing and making a smoothie, for blending and shaking, and for dicing and chopping.

There is even a setting for “easy-clean,” which will help the machine to do a quick wash of itself using just soap and water.

Black and Decker PowerCrush Multifunction Blender Review: Final Thoughts

Most blenders you find at this price point are personal blenders with moderately powerful motors and very small containers. And that is what people love about the Black and Decker PowerCrush Blender – it’s not a personal unit. It comes with a large glass jar that you can use to make huge batches. This makes it ideal for anyone who wants a bit of versatility in their blender.

The glass jar is thick and sturdy, the removable parts are safe to put in the dishwasher, and the motor outputs 700 watts at peak performance for premium blending. You get 4 speeds to choose from, allowing you to crush ice, to pulse sauces and soups, and to help chop vegetables and fruit on a low setting.

Basically, there is not much this affordable blender can’t do. And at under $50, you really can’t argue. It is simply a great machine from a great company. I can’t recommend the PowerCrush Blender enough.