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Black and Decker Blender Review: Budget 10 Speed Model

black and decker blender reviewBlack and Decker is a name synonymous with affordable appliances and its countertop blender under discussion today is no exception. This detailed BL2010BG Black and Decker blender review will introduce you to a blender that won’t put a dent in your wallet yet give you all the essentials of basic blending.

Not a high-end model by any standard, the BL2010BG is a budget pick blender that offers a decent quality of materials and performance. If you know exactly what you want to use your blender for, how much you want to spend on it, and whether you want it to go on the counter or in the cupboard, the search can become considerably easier.

For the BL2010BG everything from cost, aesthetics, storage, speed, and usage all comes in an affordable package without skimping on quality. It is ideal for most modest blending goals and fits well in a kitchen where users like to keep things simple.

Black and Decker Blender Review: Overview

Considered one of the most budget-friendly blenders on the market, the BL2010BG offers a range of functions and features to make life easier in the kitchen.

It takes a one-size-fits-all approach to blending with its multiple speeds and Pulse feature. And with the price tag that it boasts, you really can’t go wrong with this blender.

10 Speeds and Pulse Mode

The Black and Decker BL2010BG comes with 10 speed functions and a Pulse feature to do your bidding. That is what you would easily get on any high-end blender, and the multiple speeds give you the full range of options to prep any kind of blend. So, there’s not much to complain about here.

However, where this model my fall behind other elite blenders is in its power output. It runs on a modest 550 watts of power which is fairly humble in terms of blender power.

What I’m referring to here is that the machine will be fine working its way through regular blends such as shakes and smoothies. It will also fare well with chopping tasks like salsas and dips but may not hold up to tougher blends.

The power isn’t quite a deal-breaker though. It simply means you won’t be cutting ice or grinding coffee very successfully with this blender.

Control Panel and Blade Design

The control panel on this blender is crowded with lots of buttons marking the 10 speeds, Pulse function, and a Power button. The busy-looking control panel does little to add to the aesthetic appeal of the blender and gives a rather antiquated feel to this unit.

But if you can look past the hotchpotch of buttons, the interface is pretty simple to use.

The blades of the BL2010BG are a different story and feature a FusionBlade 4-pronged, stainless-steel blade that works seamlessly through its multiple speed options. Stainless steel lends strength and durability to the blade’s performance and the multi-levels of the blade optimize its blending potential. This gives a finer and smoother texture to anything you blend.

The non-skid suction feet at the base of the blender will keep it rooted as you work with your machine.

Blending Container and Lid

The Black and Decker BL2010BG uses a glass blending jar with a 48-oz capacity. This will appeal to users who prefer glass jars over their plastic counterparts.

Glass jars remain a favorite given their clarity, durability, and sanitation. They don’t scratch as easily, don’t absorb food odors, and are nicer to look at. So, if aesthetics is on the table, then the BL2020BG checks that box straight off.

But aesthetics aside, another less-known reason why this blender opts for a glass jar may be related to its low power potential. Many, if not most glass jar blenders have lower power because of the concern that glass isn’t completely shatterproof. As such, manufacturers may prefer to equip low powered blenders with a glass container to avoid potential cracking.

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The 48-oz capacity of the bending jar caters well to both large and small batches of blending. And its slim profile helps blends even a few ingredients quite flawlessly.

The blending jar also features a PerfectPour spout that waives the chance of spills and drips as you pour your blend out. The clear markings on the side of the container let you measure your ingredients to the T helping you create precise and delicious recipes.

Another small hidden gem for accurate measuring is the measuring lid insert found on the container’s lid. The lid insert measures an exact one ounce of liquid measurement. So, for all those recipes where you find yourself scrambling for a measuring spoon, the lid insert serves as an invaluable alternative.


The cleanup of this unit is straightforward as all parts except the base are advertised as dishwasher safe. Parts are removable so disassembling the unit is easy and even the blades are deemed as safe for the dishwasher.

However, I feel that that’s entirely up to the user’s discretion as blades will definitely last longer if washed by hand.

To wrap up your unit after use, the blender comes with a cord storage that helps keep otherwise bothersome cords out of the way.

Black and Decker Blender Review: Final Thoughts

Sometimes limiting yourself to a fixed price point can be priceless in filtering out the right product. In the case of the Black & Decker BL2010BG, this approach will give you a blender that is only cheap in terms of money but not quality.

It comes with an array of nice features including the glass jar, non-skid suction feet, the measuring lid insert, and cord storage. And what it lacks in power, it makes up for with its multiple speeds. This goes to show that Black and Decker will help bridge the gap between affordability and quality.

Yes, there are plastic components and lots of them with this blender, but that is part of what makes it a budget blender. It holds its own as a basic blender and decently versatile machine that newcomers to the blending world will find adequate.

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