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Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Review: Powerful 54220 Blender

hamilton beach wave crusher reviewNowadays, having a versatile blender like the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender in your kitchen has become a necessity. After all, making smoothies, sauces, and pastes has become inevitable, especially if you are a home cook. Of course, finding a great home blender that suits your needs perfectly can be easier said than done. To help my readers with that task, I have prepared this brief Hamilton beach wave crusher review.

This blender provides users with a wide range of functionalities and features that make blending in batches so much easier. Undoubtedly, with no less than 14 blending functions, this is one of the handiest home blenders you can try. You can use it to puree, crush, and mix whatever you want as Hamilton’s Wave Action System serves to eliminate the tedious parts of blending.

Now, it is vital that we take a closer look at this product. This way, you can see for yourself why I believe this blender could make a worthy addition to your kitchen.

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Review: Overview

Compared to other high-end home blenders, Hamilton Beach blenders are considerably more affordable. That is why they serve as a perfect alternative to other pricier brands. Not only do you get a strikingly powerful blender, but you also do so without having to break the bank.

Of course, by now, you are probably asking: what makes the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender so great? Don’t worry. We’ll be exploring this question and more below.

Features and Specifications

To better understand what makes this blender tick, we need to take a closer look at its specifications.

  • 700-watt motor
  • Detachable Sabre Blades
  • 40 oz. glass jar with spout and lid (Dishwasher safe)
  • 14 adjustable speed and blending options
  • Blade detaches from the base.
  • 3 years’ warranty

It is also worth noting here that this blender is more compact compared to its competitors. This means that storage shouldn’t be a problem with this model. All in all, looking at these specs, you simply can’t help but be impressed. The fact that it is available at such a low price point only makes Hamilton’s product that much more remarkable.

Power and Performance

Do not let the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher’s subtle appearance fool you. Underneath all that cool, this blender packs a punch with its 700-watt motor. With this powerful motor under its hood and the impressive set of detachable blades, you can tell that this blender was designed to easily process all sorts of ingredients.

While not as powerful as other high-end blenders, there is still no question with regard to its performance. It certainly has enough power to get the job done whether you are looking to dice, puree, mix, or even crush ice.

In fact, making smooth cold drinks is a particular activity that this blender excels in. It also solves one of the most common issues you can find with blenders. As you are probably aware, most blenders tend to leave chunks of ingredients around the walls of the jar during the blending process. So, even if their blades spin rapidly, you are not able to maximize the entirety of your ingredients as a significant portion is left untouched by the blades.

With the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher, this problem is eliminated completely. Making smoothies and shakes has never been easier. This is thanks to Hamilton’s Wave Action System. It eliminates some of the tedious parts of blending by continually forcing your ingredients down into the blades. It provides you with consistently smooth drinks without having to stir your ingredients.

You’d also be happily surprised to know that unlike most tabletop blenders in the market today, the Beach Wave Crusher hardly makes a noise.

Control and Ease of Use

While a powerful blender is nice enough, one of the most common complaints people have is most high-end models have a steep learning curve. This is puzzling to me considering that blending shouldn’t be rocket science. Thankfully, I found myself hard-pressed to find something to complain about in this regard when it comes to this particular model.

While it comes with a plethora of buttons and features, the controls are intuitive and fairly simple to use. You can choose between different modes and it is as simple as pressing a button. Namely, you can choose between mix, puree, chop, and crush modes. Needless to say, this gives you a wide array of tasks and functionalities to choose from. It also considerably expands the versatility of the blender as it gives users significant leeway in terms of what you can put into the device.

In addition to the different modes, you can also easily adjust the blade speed on the fly. It would also please users to hear that the Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher has a pulse feature. Taken together, it is easy to see how users are given total control over how they wish to use the blender.

It is also worth noting here that handling the 40-ounce glass jar is a treat. Like with everything else, it is intuitively designed. Not only is it easy to hold, but it is also extremely durable. It is worth mentioning that the jar is resistant to breakage and extreme temperature changes.

Easy Clean-Up

Another prominent feature that I liked with this blender is the fact that it is extremely easy to clean. As you are probably aware, washing blenders can be a bit of a pain. Luckily, both the 40 oz. glass jar and the detachable blades are dishwasher safe.

So, after you are done making your smoothie or salad, just stick it in the dishwasher and forget about it. Cleaning up has never been more simple.

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Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Review: Final Thoughts

The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender would make a perfectly powerful and versatile addition to any kitchen. It can do a wide array of tasks that will make things that much easier and simpler for you. With its easy-to-use controls and a wide array of settings, getting tasty results has never been easier. Everything is as easy as pressing a button.

More impressively, this home blender is known as one of the most affordable models in the market today. So, be sure to make the most of it.

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