Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet: Popular Blender Comparison

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Some people might be wondering which popular blender is best for baby food. For this, we have to pit the Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet. The Magic Bullet is one of the most popular and well-designed personal blenders in the world. But how does it work for baby food?

The real question everyone wants to know is, do they need a special baby blender or is it appropriate to continue using the Magic Bullet they already have. The biggest fear among consumers is that once the baby is grown, the Baby Bullet will have outgrown its use. But that is not the case with the normal Magic Bullet, as you can continue using it basically forever.

To get a better idea of which blender is the best, we need to see which blender is going to be more useful for baby food. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.

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Baby Bullet Vs Magic Bullet: Comparison

Baby Bullet Blender

baby bullet blender


  • Specially Designed for Baby Blending
  • 6 Unique Storage Cups + Other Accessories
  • Extremely Safe for Infants


  • Not Much Use Outside Baby Food
  • Very Weak Motor

Magic Bullet Blender

magic bullet blender


  • High-Powered Personal Blender
  • Comes Included as 13-Piece System
  • Under $50


  • Not Ideal for Serious Blending
  • Only 250 Watts

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System Review

The Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System is an awesome system designed specifically to get your baby the food he or she needs easily and effectively. You can make an entire week of healthy baby food in under 5 minutes by using the Baby Bullet.

Baby Food Forever!

You will not find a better or smarter blender for baby food. This is not a high-powered blender that will heat your soup and grind your coffee beans, it is made only for blending all kinds of nutritious ingredients into easily digestible food for your baby.

Everything that comes with the Baby Bullet is safe. That means the plastic is non-toxic, the plastic is BPA free, and there are no phthalates to be found anywhere.

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Designed for Babies

Not only is this blender great at making the most delicious and healthy baby food ever, but it is also designed to keep babies happy. The six storage cups all have cute smiley faces on them, and even the baby blender itself looks adorable in baby blue.

If you are one of those parents who loves everything about having a baby, I highly recommend the Baby Bullet not only because it can grind carrots and peas into a delicious paste for your baby, but also because it makes feeding your child fun.

Magic Bullet Blender Review

The Magic Bullet Blender is probably one of the cheapest blenders on the market today, but not in quality. This thing costs less than what I spend on coffee in a week. For making personalized shakes and smoothies, it doesn’t get any easier than with the Magic Bullet. It comes as a 13-piece set with a recipe book, special blender cups, and the blender itself.

A Little Bit of Everything

You can do a bit of everything with the Magic Bullet. When it comes to baby food, you can definitely blend apples in the applesauce, carrots, and peas into a delicious snack for your infant, and even mix in special ingredients for added minerals and nutrients to help your baby grow.

You can also use the Magic Bullet for yourself. It’s great for mixing, blending, and even grinding. This unit is obviously not going to powerfully blend ice into snow with only 250 Watts, but it definitely works for mushing fruits and veggies into a drinkable solution.

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Always in a Rush

If you are constantly hurrying around, especially with a newborn baby, the magic bullet is a great system to make a quick shake or smoothie in under 5 minutes, then screw on the special to-go lid and head out the door.

Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet: Main Product Differences

I would have to say the main difference between these two products is strikingly obvious. The Magic Bullet is an all-purpose blender designed for making simple drinks and other blends. The Baby Bullet, built by the same company, is very much a baby-only blender designed specifically for baby food.

Different Accessories

The Magic Bullet comes with adult accessories, special to-go cups, and a recipe booklet to encourage experimentation with different smoothies and juices. Everything is designed for casual blending.

With the Baby Bullet, all of your accessories are tailormade for babies. The cups are adorable with smiley faces and are more similar to sippy cups than to adult drinking cups. This is awesome for babies. Also, everything is a nice baby blue color, making the Baby Bullet excellent for little boys or little girls.

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But What About Power?

The power is almost identical. The Magic Bullet has 250 Watts of power while the Baby Bullet has 200 Watts. There is not much of a difference. That said, I would not recommend trying to blend large quantities of ice inside of the Baby Bullet.

And while the power differential is minimal, I would definitely recommend the Magic Bullet for anything larger than a few ounces of non-frozen fruits and veggies. If you are thinking about grinding nuts or other grains, you may find the Baby Bullet leaves chunks behind. If you are wanting a blender that does baby food and normal food, the Magic Bullet will work better.

Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet: Final Thoughts

Here’s the deal. These blenders are not in the same category. One is not better than the other. These are two very different systems with very different purposes. The Baby Bullet is designed only for babies, to make a full week of healthy baby food that can be stored in the provided cups, which come included with special date dials so that you always know what’s fresh.

Of course, the Magic Bullet can also make one week of baby food, and it can arguably blend better than the Baby Bullet. So, why not buy the Magic Bullet and completely ignore the Baby Bullet?

Well, the same reason you buy a special litter box from the pet store rather than letting your cat do its business in a cardboard box full of sand. When you have a baby, it is nice to have quality products that are made for babies. There is a certain amount of comfort knowing you have the proper equipment to care for your child.

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