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Oster My Blend Review: Powerful Budget Model [2021]

oster my blend reviewIf you love eating healthily every day, among the easiest things you can do to make it easy for you is to own a blender. There are many blenders out there, and choosing the right one for you can be a bit tricky, but there are always some that stand out, such as the Oster My Blend.

In the past, blenders used to be bulky, super noisy, and difficult to wash, but not anymore. Nowadays, you can find small personal mixers, which are less noisy, and are quite easy to use and clean. You can make your smoothies effortlessly in the morning and carry some with you if you want to.

One brand that has been very consistent at making quality personal blenders is Oster. They have provided us with some exceptional personal blenders that are quite easy to use, clean, and relatively cheap. I have reviewed several of their blenders, and today I will be reviewing one of their best-selling, the Oster My Blend blender.

Oster My Blend Review: Overview

Oster has perfected the art of making quality kitchen appliances. Their brand always promises versatility, performance, and durability. The Oster My Blend is a perfect example of their great products, and I am confident that you are going to join the thousands who are very happy with it.

The Oster My Blend is designed to make single-serve smoothies for people who want healthy smoothies in the morning but do not have the time to make them before leaving. That being said, the blender is fast and effective, and it will save you time.

Oster My Blend Blender: Features

The Oster My Blend blender comes with some fantastic features and among the ones that most people are happy about are:

Sports Bottle

Among the nicest things about this blender is the sports bottle. You can blend whatever you want into it and then carry the bottle with you to work. Such a feature saves you the time you would have used to decant the smoothie into another container, and it also means less washing up, saving you even more time! You only need to wash the blade attachment, which will not take you even a minute.

The bottle is, of course, reusable, so you can be carrying it with you every day, and you can also use it to carry water to help you stay hydrated at all times. This lightweight bottle is dishwasher safe, and it is made of BPA-free plastic.

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The bottle comes in four different colors, and the color you get matches the color of the base of the blender you buy. It serves up to 20 ounces, which is enough for a single person, and it can easily fit into your rucksack or bag.


The Oster My Blend Blender comes with a three-year satisfaction guarantee plus a one-year limited warranty. The manufacturer wants to ensure that you have peace of mind, and you are happy with their product.

Stainless Blades

The Oster My Blend Blender comes with stainless steel blades plus it is super easy to use as it comes with One Touch controls. There is nothing you need to figure out while you are using this blender. You just need to turn your blender on and allow it to blend until you are satisfied with what you see.

An Instruction Manual and Recipe Book

Oster’s philosophy is everything should. They want you to learn how to make some fantastic drinks within the shortest time. A lot of people are impressed with the recipes the blender comes with, and I have a feeling you will too.

Why Is Oster My Blend Worth Considering?

There are several reasons why this Oster blender is worth your consideration. In my research, most people had good things to say about it, which include:

  • Affordable: For the budget-conscious people, this is one of the most affordable blenders out there. Its price ranges from one online store to another, but you can be sure that you will not use more than $30 for the blender.
  • It looks nice with a sleek quality design: A lot of people are in love with its small size, which won’t take much space in the kitchen. Also, it comes in four different colors, and you can be sure to choose the color that makes you the happiest.
  • With this blender, you don’t need a jar. You can blend your smoothie directly into a sports bottle, which you can use while you are the go.
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe: You have nothing to worry about compromising your health, and the blender is easy to clean.
  • The bottle that it comes with keeps your drinks cold for a long time.
  • It comes with a one-year limited warranty of one year plus a cookbook, so you don’t have to search online for recipes.
  • Most people who have rated the Oster My Blend Blender have given it a 5-star rating. A blender doesn’t get a 5-star rating if it does not give the user the value of his/her money.
  • The Oster My Blend Blender a little bit less noisy compared to most blenders in the market.

Even though the blender has many things to love, it also has some weaknesses. One of the main complaints is limited wattage, which makes it struggle when it comes to crushing ice, especially if you put large chunks in it. Also, it is not that great when it comes to grinding coffee beans, although some people are happy with how it does it.

Oster My Blend Review: Final Thoughts

Generally, the Oster My Blend Blender is a great blender that has been showered with love across the world. It is most suitable for people who lead an active and healthy lifestyle. It is quite affordable, and it is designed to make healthy smoothies and shakes for you to prepare and carry if you want to.

The blender is also so easy to use, plus it is quieter than most mixers in the market. It might not be the most powerful blender out there, but it surely gets the job done. However, if you are looking for a bigger blender for your family, you might want to consider buying another Oster blender or from other brands.

But if you need a single-serve blender that is powerful enough and versatile, this is the blender for you. You can buy it on Amazon at a very affordable price, and I am confident that you will not be disappointed if you are the right person for it.

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