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Oster Pro 500 Blender Review: Powerful Budget Model

oster pro 500 blender reviewOster is a name synonymous with a complete line of kitchen products from blenders and juicers to ovens and toasters and everything in between. However, today, I will be focusing on an Oster Pro 500 blender review that comes from the brand’s line of blenders.

The Pro 500 is a blender that falls in the mid-range price-wise but can give you plenty of features that you may find in some pricier models. The aesthetics on this model are in line with contemporary, sleek-looking kitchen appliances but that’s not all.

The blender performs just as well as it looks good. Equipped with Dual Direction Blade Technology, and a Crush Pro 6 blade, the Pro 500 will tackle any ingredient you want to be reduced to pulp. Its Smart Settings take the guesswork out of blending giving you perfectly blended smoothies, salsas, and milkshakes. The blender chops and blends with precision given its 900-watt motor and can yield larger capacities with its 6-cup blending jar.

With so many useful features packed into a fairly-priced appliance, it’s hard to overlook the appeal of the Oster Pro 500.

Oster Pro 500 Blender Review: Overview

The Oster Pro 500 blender is a machine that will do a lot for you in the kitchen without costing you a fortune.

There is a nice assortment of seven speeds to choose from, including some preprogrammed settings. You also get a sturdily built machine that will work with a 6-cup ingredient capacity, a blade that works in both directions and cruises through tougher tasks like ice crushing all backed by a 3-year satisfaction guarantee.

To get a closer look at each of these features, here is a breakdown of the Pro 500’s main offerings:

Motor Power

Powered by a 900-watt motor, the Pro 500 is by no means the brand’s most powerful blender but it is one that will give you the best versatility and results in its price range.

900 watts is just enough power to do most blending tasks effortlessly. Along with simple blending, the 900-watt motor will also chop, mix, crush and pulverize nicely without taxing the blender.

You can look forward to getting smooth smoothies with no sizeable grit or chunks even from tough ingredients like leafy vegetables or frozen fruits. Your salsas, dips, and sauces will get prepared with the blender’s preset programs and you can transform ice from cubed to crushed in mere seconds.

Its powerful motor is encased in an all-metal drive that gives credence to its durability. There is a 10-year limited Oster warranty on the all-metal drive.


Like its more advanced counterparts from the Oster brand, the Pro 500 also features a reverse blade. This means that the blender reverses the spin of the blade which lets food move down into the base of the jar for more thorough blending.

The blade on this unit is a 6 point one that doesn’t shy away from powering through all kinds of foods. You can pulverize the toughest of ingredients including ice, nuts, tough leafy greens, stalks and much more.

To keep up with the strength of the blade, the accompanying glass jar is made from Boroclass® glass that is shatter-proof and will withstand thermal shock. The glass jar has a 6-cup capacity that will let you work with larger blends with ease.

Speed and Settings

The control panel on the Oster Pro 500 nails the aesthetic component and makes the blender look sleek and stylish sitting on your countertop.

Boasting a distinct black interface on a silver base, there are a few different buttons to contend with. The On/Off button is positioned in the center of the panel with a Stop button right underneath.

The Pro 500 offers the three standard speeds of Low, Medium, and High on one side of its panel and the other side deals with preprogrammed options.

Here, you get one setting for Frozen Drinks and Smoothies and a second one Food Chop and Salsa, giving you the convenience of performing blending tasks with a single touch. And at the bottom of the control panel you get not one but two Pulse settings; one on Low and One on High pulse.

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The two-speed Pulse feature is more than what many of the best blenders offer. In fact, some very advanced models completely skip the Pulse function, opting for repeated release of the On/Off setting for pulsing which users may find bothersome.

Instead, the Pro 500’s Pulse feature helps add consistency and accuracy to the blending mechanism.

At first glance, the control panel may seem overwhelming which so many settings and speeds, but once you get familiar with your blender, it’s fairly straightforward and all the settings are useful for a variety of blending and mixing tasks.


Cleanup is simple and quick with the Pro 500 as all parts except the base are dishwasher safe. This makes tidying up after using your blender a breeze. Simply rinse and pop all parts into the dishwasher and you’re good to go.

If any food gets stuck around or under the blade, just give it a good rinse with warm water before putting it in the dishwasher.

Oster Pro 500 Blender Review: Final Thoughts

The Oster Pro 500 is a great blender for anyone who wants a machine that performs well but doesn’t need the most powerful blender in the market. If anything, it gives you just the right amount of power without breaking the bank.

Like others in the Pro series, this blender is crafted to perfection in aesthetics and performance. The preprogrammed settings add a convenience factor not many blenders can boast in this price range. And the three manual speeds take care of everything else that you may wish to do in the kitchen. The two-speed Pulse feature is an added plus that allows precision while making various blending functions more convenient to tackle.

All in all, the Oster Pro 500 is a versatile performer that users like for its looks, performance, power, and price point.

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