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Cleanblend Review: Powerful 1800W Commercial Blender

cleanblend blender reviewQuality usually comes with a price tag — sometimes a hefty price tag, but not with the Cleanblend Commercial Blender. Matching the power and features of other well-known commercial blenders on the market, surprisingly, it only costs a fraction of their price.

Cleanblend is powerful enough to perform similar tasks of other commercial blends and in some instances actually out-perform them. This power blender can turn anything into a smooth creamy consistency and is excellent at crushing ice without adding liquid. It also pulverizes vegetables such as carrots, celery, and ginger into a smooth consistency, make hot soups, process raw ingredients into a perfect puree, and can churn out nut butter.

In this Cleanblend review, you will see why it is a contender for one of the top high-performing power blenders on the market.

Cleanblend Review: Overview

A relative newcomer on the scene, the Cleanblend Commerical Blender is a 64 oz countertop blender with an 1800-watt base. It stands tall at 21 inches with the lid on and close to 19 inches with the lid off. Versatile with wide-ranging functionalities, Cleanblend will pulverize fruits and vegetables, crush ice, as well as puree, chop, and grind ingredients into any desired texture and consistency. The container has a narrow bottom which makes it suitable for processing small batches of food. It also comes with a tampered wand handy for moving around tough ingredients to ensure a smooth blend. The warranty on this appliance is 5 years, or you can buy an extended 10-year warranty.

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  • Very affordable
  • Versatile and powerful enough to produce creamy smoothies and makes delicious frozen desserts
  • Easy to use with relatively simple controls


  • No preset buttons
  • Might not be able to fit in some kitchen cabinets because of its height

Cleanblend Blender: Design

The original Cleanblend had a design flaw that has since been corrected. Previously, the container was made of thin plastic, but the upgraded version of BPA free Tritan plastic looks sturdy and durable.

Perhaps the biggest flaw is the height of the Cleanblend Commercial blender. At 21 inches with the lid on, this creates a storage issue since the standard height of upper kitchen cabinets is around 19 inches.

The lid is made of rubber and quite easy to take off. The same cannot be said for other blenders that you sometimes have to fight with to remove the cover.

3HP Motor

This machine is equipped with a 3-horsepower motor that can deliver an impressive performance of blending creamy smoothies, crushing ice into a snow-like effect, and transforming sugar into a powder.  Overall, the 3HP is a relatively good power rating for an appliance that can handle intensive blending jobs like other high-end blenders.

The motor is also equipped with a cooling system and the machine will automatically shut off if overheating is detected. In the event the Cleanblend Commercial Blender shuts off, it can restart after 45 minutes by using the reset button at the bottom of the machine.

Stainless Steel Blades

This appliance comes with 6-pronged stainless-steel hardened blades to tackle the toughest of ingredients such as ice, nuts, and frozen food. There are 4 serrated blades at the top and 2 downward facing ones at the bottom. Unlike some blenders, the blades can be cleaned without removing them, making cleanup easy and quick.

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Easy To Use Controls

The controls are simple and pretty straightforward. There’s not much to figure out. There is a variable speed dial, and two levers to switch on/off and pulse. One common complaint, however, is the lack of variance in the speed settings. You will get the same consistency whether it is at low or high speed. For optimal results, it is highly recommended to start the blending process on a low setting then gradually moving up to a higher speed. Starting out on a high-speed setting could see your ingredients jumping around in the container causing them to not blend properly.

Unfortunately, the Cleanblend Commercial blender does not come with a preset speed dial so you will have to use your own judgment when whipping up your favorite smoothies, nut butter, and ice cream.

Easy To Clean

The Cleanblend blender is self-cleaning and will only take a couple of seconds to rid of any residue. The trick is to clean immediately after use. Add dishwashing liquid to the jar, pour some warm water, and then blend for about 30 seconds and it should be clean.  Please be warned however that the instruction manual recommends not placing this appliance in the dishwasher.

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Cleanblend Review: Final Thoughts

The Cleanblend Commercial blender is an all-round high-performing blender that delivers value way beyond its asking price. From creamy smoothies to snow-like ice, this power blender is the right match for any prospective buyer who is looking for a budget-friendly, high-performing appliance. Need to pulverize the toughest of ingredients? This handy tool is up for the challenge. It will pulverize any ingredient just as good – or even better than other high-end blenders.

The blender is not without limitations. There’s not a wide range of speed and it seems there is no significant difference in intensity between the low and high-speed settings. It’s also a tall blender and might potentially be a storage issue if you do not have tall cabinets.

Cleanblend is a viable contender as a top industrial blender to tackle the toughest blending jobs with amazing results. Best of all, you can get it for way less money.

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