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How to Tell If Watermelon Is Bad: 5 Simple Checks

how to tell if watermelon is badDo you know how to tell if watermelon is bad? Many factors need to be considered when it comes to how long watermelons will last. However, if you want your watermelon to stay fresh, there are a few things you can do.

If you notice that your watermelon has gone bad, how do you know? Is it the color of the fruit, how it smells or how it tastes? There are a few ways to find out if your watermelon is not fresh anymore.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to tell if your watermelon has gone bad. We also have some tips on what to do if a watermelon has gone off so that you can enjoy your favorite fruit for as long as possible.

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How to Tell if Watermelon is Bad

There are many ways to tell if watermelon has gone bad. Check these aspects of your watermelon to ensure you don’t get a nasty surprise when you bite into it.

The Expiration Date

The first thing you should do when receiving a new watermelon is to check the expiration date. If it doesn’t have one, then how long will the fruit last? Once you have determined the expiration date, keep an eye on your fruit and use it before the date has expired.

The Watermelon Should Be Firm to Touch

There are some visual signs which indicate that your watermelon may no longer taste fresh. The flesh should feel firm yet slightly yielding when pressing down with your fingers (but still avoiding squeezing). You don’t want to buy anything too hard or soft.

If it’s soft or mushy, the watermelon has gone off and should be thrown away immediately. You should also check if there are any cracks in the outer skin of the watermelon. Any sign of mold growth indicates that something isn’t right either.

Take a Look at Its Skin Color

Another aspect that might indicate whether your watermelon has gone bad is its coloration. There are three main colors for harvesting fresh fruits: green, yellow-green and red/yellow coloring. If your watermelon has turned fully yellow, this means that it will not last as long as one that is still green.

If you notice that the fruit has turned yellow, it might not taste as fresh and may therefore be off. However, if your watermelon’s skin has become more of a duller shade of green, then it should still be fine to eat.

When buying a new melon, make sure that it’s bright green without any soft spots on its skin. If brown marks or other discolorations are present, the fruit might be rotting inside.

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The Smell Should Be Fresh Too

Another indicator for whether or not your watermelon has gone bad can be its smell. Before you buy one from the grocery store, always give it a good sniff before taking anything home with you. There shouldn’t be much of an aroma coming from the exterior surface unless there are certain smells associated with other types of produce.

However, if you can smell a strong and unpleasant odor before taking it home with you, then the watermelon has gone off and may be dangerous to eat. It may also be bad if any cracks in its surface or any unusual discolorations are present on the skin.

Also, please take note of how your watermelon smells when cutting open, as this can also help indicate whether or not it’s no longer fresh. A sweet smell is usually an indication of good quality, while anything sour may have turned rancid already. You want to avoid purchasing anything with an unpleasant odor, so make sure to trust your nose!

Red or Pink Flesh

When cutting into your watermelon, it should be a uniform pink or red color throughout the flesh and not feel too mushy. If you notice any brown spots on its inside, then that means that the fruit has gone bad.

If you notice that your watermelon has changed color or is starting to turn brown, then it’s no longer fresh.

Check the Shape and Weight

The watermelon’s shape and weight can also be a good indicator of whether or not it has gone bad. A perfect watermelon should have a smooth surface and be round in size.

If you notice that the watermelon is misshapen with bumps all over it, something isn’t right. It could either mean that there are problems internally or that insects were present during harvest time which may indicate infestation.

A good watermelon should be heavy. A heavy weight is due to the water and fiber content of watermelons. A watermelon that feels light to hold could indicate less water content, making it less sweet and juicy.

What Can I Do if My Watermelon Has Gone Bad?

what to do if watermelon is badOnce you’ve checked all of these signs, it’s time to bring your watermelon home and enjoy. If, however, the fruit has already gone bad, you can do a few things with it.

Remove the Bad Flesh

If the flesh has good and bad patches, you can cut the bad parts off. If there is any mold present, you must cut off the moldy pieces plus and extra inch of flesh around it. Cutting off excess fruit will ensure that the remaining flesh is safe to eat.

Make Bowls from the Skin

If the skin is still good, you can cut the watermelon in half and scoop out the bad flesh. Use these as bowls to hold other fruit. Watermelon fruit bowls make a great impression at parties.

Add the Fruit to Smoothies

If there are no signs of mold or rot, but the flesh isn’t as fresh as you’d like, you can add it to a smoothie or juice. Adding to a smoothie is a great way to use up fruit that has almost gone bad, cutting down on wastage.

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Can an Overripe Watermelon Make You Sick?

An overripe watermelon may have started to ferment due to the rapid breakdown of its sugars. As a result, some people believe that it is unsafe, but this isn’t true.

Since ancient times, fermented fruit has been used to prepare food for long periods without worry about spoilage or poisoning.

Of course, you should only eat fermented items in moderation and if you’re not sure how they’ve been prepared, avoid eating them altogether. Always check your melon thoroughly before cutting into it to know what state the flesh is in.

While eating an overripe melon may not be bad for you, it doesn’t mean it will taste nice.

Does Uncut Watermelon go Bad?

Uncut watermelon doesn’t go bad in the same way that cut watermelon does. However, once it’s been harvested, the flesh inside will slowly dry out and lose its juiciness over time.

There is nothing you can do to stop this from happening but once again, make sure that your melon is free of any mold or unusual smells before cutting into it.

Why Does my Watermelon Smell Like Pumpkin?

People are often shocked by the strong smell watermelon gives off when being cut open. The strong smell is often mistaken for the fruit being bad, but there is another explanation.

People have compared this particular odor to pumpkin because it smells sweet, with notes of cucumber and cantaloupe thrown in for good measure.

This is because watermelon and pumpkin are part of the same family, which is why they share similar characteristics. The Cucurbitaceae plant family also includes squash and gourds.

The strong smell might be off-putting for some people, but at least it gives you a nice hint as to what your watermelon will taste like by the time you’ve finished cutting into it.

Does Cutting Watermelon Make It Go Bad Faster?

While cutting a watermelon may speed up the rate at which it goes bad if you make a deep cut through the flesh, this won’t have any long term effects on its lifespan. The only real difference is that more of the sugars inside will start to ferment faster due to being exposed to air and giving off carbon dioxide gas.

To make your watermelon last as long as possible after cutting, make sure to wrap it tightly in cling film or place it inside a sealed container. Stopping air from getting to the watermelon will prevent the sugars from escaping and prolong its life for up to three days before any signs of spoilage start showing.

How to Tell if Watermelon is Bad – Final Thoughts

In this article, I’ve covered a few ways to tell if watermelon has gone bad. I also gave you some tips on what you should do when your favorite fruit starts going off so that it can last as long as possible.

I hope this article has been helpful for you and that it has given you some ideas on what to do when your watermelon starts going bad. Watermelon can be expensive, so make sure not to let any fruit go to waste by throwing it out too soon.

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