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Can Blenders Crush Avocado Seeds – 3 Best Tips

can blenders crush avocado seedsIs there anything more annoying than wasting a perfectly good seed? If you are a smoothie junkie, and you love avocados, you’re probably sick and tired of throwing away half your avocado just because you can’t eat the seed. And you have probably found yourself wondering, “Can blenders crush avocado seeds?”

By incorporating the seed of the avocado into your drinks and smoothies, you get the entire fruit rather than having to throw part of it away. This means you get more nutrients and a healthier drink. But if you want to blend avocado seeds in your blender, there are a few pro tips on how to properly do it.

You have probably heard the term “super seed” before, and this refers to seeds that are full of nutrients and goodness. And guess what, the avocado seed is absolutely jam-packed with nutritional value. Much of the goodness that comes from the avocado actually comes from its pit. So stop throwing them out!

It may take a bit of preparation and an extra two or three minutes to properly prepare the pit to be blended in your smoothie, but it is definitely worth it. Stop wasting and start enjoying seeds the way they are meant to be enjoyed.

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Are Avocado Seeds Good to Eat?

Avocado seeds actually have more health benefits than many other fruits and vegetables. For example, avocado seeds contain more antioxidants than the majority of fruits. Over 70% of the total antioxidants found inside an avocado are located in its seed. The seed is also full of soluble fiber, which is obviously incredibly good for you.

But that’s not all. Avocado seeds have incredibly high amounts of phosphorus and potassium. They also contain calcium, nitrogen, magnesium, and more! This is an exciting seed that can really boost your diet and improve the health of your body in many different ways.

Here are some of the main health benefits of avocado seeds:

Phosphorus: High levels of phosphorus promote the growth of teeth and bone, while also allowing for healthy digestion and aiding in the transmission of nerve impulses. Phosphorus helps your kidneys to excrete waste, phosphorus gives you energy, and phosphorus helps to form the proteins which help in reproduction. Phosphorus may even help to block cancer in your body.

Calcium: Calcium is important for the heart. It helps maintain proper heart rhythm, it encourages muscle function, and there is some solid evidence that calcium prevents high blood pressure and reduces PMS symptoms while preventing some cancers. In fact, the calcium and vitamin D combo is supposed to help protect women against breast cancer.

Soluble fiber: This is another one that helps your heart. Soluble fiber can help control your blood sugar levels, it promotes heart health, and it will decrease your chances of having a stroke. Soluble fiber is also important for managing your weight loss, it helps remove fungus and yeast from your body, and it can lower the risk of developing hemorrhoids. Soluble fiber will also provide marginal relief from irritable bowel syndrome while reducing your risk of developing kidney stones.

How to Select the Right Avocado

Everyone should know how to select the right avocado. You don’t want to take home a bunch of half-rotten avocados that are ugly and brown on the inside rather than green and creamy. To ensure you always bring home the best, the key is to check under the stem of the avocado.

You can usually tell what’s going on underneath the skin by peeking at the stem. All you need to do is peel back the stem at the top of the fruit, which will come away easily, to discover the green part underneath. If it is indeed green, you have a good avocado in your hand, fully ready to eat.

However, if you peel back the stem and find a gross brown color underneath, the avocado is too ripe. It will end up rotting much quicker and is therefore not the best choice to put in your house. Also, if the stem doesn’t peel off the way it should, it means the fruit is not ripe yet. That is also one you want to leave in the store.

As a side tip, if you have an avocado that is going to be bad soon, try squeezing some lemon juice over it and then putting it in the fridge. This could give you a few extra days before the avocado goes bad.

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Can Blenders Crush Avocado Seeds – Top Tips

It’s time to blend your avocado seed. There are a few different ways you can prep the seed for blending, and I will go through each of them with you. Always remember that after your seed has been prepped, it is free to go inside your blender and be added to any kind of smoothie you want.

With a properly prepared avocado seed, it can easily be added to a green smoothie or a fruit smoothie just like you would add almonds or pumpkin seeds.

The first method is to slice the avocado seed into thin pieces and then roast it. This obviously takes a bit of time. It may be worth it to roast several avocado seeds at once and then store them in the refrigerator for later.

After the avocado seeds have been roasted, you can place these slices into a plastic bag and then crush them. You can crush them with a hammer like a brute or you can use a rolling pin. Once they are crushed, pour the remainder into a powerful blender and blend until you have a powder.

With the avocado seed powder, you can use it for adding to any smoothie you want. You can also put the avocado seed powder into small capsules, which are easily available at any food store, then take the powder capsules as a daily supplement.

Another method is to grate and boil the avocado seed and turn it into a tea. This tea is very healthy, and you get all the nutritional benefits without needing to do a lot of prepping.