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Why is my Vitamix Leaking? 3 Reasons & Easy Fixes

vitamix leakingIs your Vitamix leaking? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are plenty of ways that a Vitamix can leak and it’s important to understand the different causes so you know what to do about it.

If your Vitamix is leaking, it can be a little confusing to figure out where the leak is coming from. It will generally be coming from the lid, the container, or your Vitamix will be leaking from the bottom.

In this article, I’ll go over each of these situations and explain what to do about them. Follow these easy fixes to find out what’s causing the leak in your Vitamix blender.

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Why is my Vitamix Leaking – Overview

Vitamix machines are well known for their power and durability, but sometimes things can go wrong. If your Vitamix blender develops a leak and you’re not sure why, then don’t worry. It’s usually a quick and easy fix that can save your Vitamix from an untimely death!

Here are the main reasons why your Vitamix is leaking so you can quickly determine what’s wrong with it.

Vitamix Leaking From The Bottom of the Base

This could potentially be the most severe and costly leak in a Vitamix, as if your power base is leaking then you may need a whole new machine.

The first thing to do is check if the base is actually leaking. Sometimes liquid will spill out of the container down the base, making it look like the bottom is leaking.

The easiest way to test this is to fill the container up with water over the sink and check if any water escapes. If it does, then follow the steps below to fix a leaking Vitamix container. If no water escapes, then you may have a problem with the base.

Check your Warranty

Check for cracks, chips, or any other damage on your Vitamix power base. If you see any damage, stop using it immediately. If you are still under warranty, you should contact customer service. They will either ask you to send your machine in for repairs or send out a new machine.

I don’t recommend opening up the base of the Vitamix and performing any repairs yourself. This will void the warranty and could be dangerous if there is a fault.

Vitamix Leaking from the Container

vitamix container leakingIf you filled up the container with water and it started leaking, then you may have a problem with the container. If the container has any cracks at all, then the liquid will escape.

The container should not be used if there are any cracks or chips in it, even small ones. The Vitamix warranty does cover damage to containers, so you should contact customer service for advice.

Retainer Nut Needs to be Tightened or Replaced

Another reason why your Vitamix could potentially leak from under its base is that the retainer nut may need to be tightened. The retainer nut is on the bottom of the container and holds the blade assembly in place. If this nut is loose, then liquid could escape from it.

You can buy a special Vitamix wrench that is used to replace the blade. This wrench will allow you to tighten the retainer nut. Be aware that attempting to fix a Vitamix blender yourself will most likely void your warranty, so think carefully before attempting any repairs.

The Blade Assembly is Worn out

If your blade assembly is worn out, then there is a chance that it could be leaking. If the blade assembly has been damaged from dropping your Vitamix, or if you have overused it and worn down the blades, then this may happen to you too.

You can order a new blade assembly for your machine online or through customer service. You can also attempt to replace an old one yourself with some guidance from YouTube videos on how to do so safely. It’s best not to perform any repairs unless absolutely necessary as they will void the warranty on your appliance.

If your container is leaking from any part, you should probably just buy a new one. Vitamix containers aren’t cheap, but they are much cheaper than buying a new blender.

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Vitamix Leaking from Lid

Another thing that can cause a leak is if your container lid has become warped or damaged over time. Check to make sure it’s not deformed, cracked, or broken before attempting to replace the seal on top of the lid as you would with an o-ring seal.

If you find any damage here though, then it might be best just to purchase a new one altogether as this isn’t something that can easily be fixed.

Check all Parts are Correctly Fitted

Sometimes, even if your container isn’t damaged you can still have a problem. Sometimes the lid will be fitted incorrectly and liquid may escape through any air holes or gaskets on top of it.

Check that everything is correctly seated inside the lid before attempting to fix anything else. If something has gone wrong here then there’s no point in trying to repair it as this would just cause more problems later down the line which could potentially cost more than simply replacing it.

Replace Your Gasket/O-Ring Seal on Lid

The gasket seal on top of your lid can also cause leaks when it gets worn down after many years of use. This should be replaced every few years for maximum performance and may even prevent your Vitamix from leaking in the future.

Deep Clean your Container and Lid

If your Vitamix is leaking around the side of your container, then it’s most likely because there is some residue stuck on the seal. This can be caused by using too many fibrous ingredients in one blend or simply not thoroughly cleaning out your blender after every use.

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Vitamix Leaking – Final Thoughts

I hope that this article has been helpful to you in figuring out what is causing your Vitamix blender to leak. With a little troubleshooting and some common sense, it’s easy enough to find the cause of a leaking Vitamix and fix it before any damage can be done.

Just remember that any repairs you make yourself will likely void your warranty, so it’s best to not try and fix anything unless you absolutely have to. If the problem with your Vitamix is something easy like a bad seal or gasket then I would suggest buying new ones before attempting any repairs which could be potentially dangerous if they aren’t done right.

If you’re still unsure about how to stop leaks from happening in your own Vitamix, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.