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What Type of Blender Does Starbucks Use? Hint: It’s A Vitamix

what type of blender does starbucks useThis is an extremely popular question. Anyone interested in purchasing a quality blender always wants to know what type of blender Starbucks uses. Luckily, I am here to answer this question for all you curious coffee aficionados.

Starbucks obviously only uses the very best. They have a lot of different drinks going on behind the counter, and they need quality, speed, and reliability in order to continue offering the best service in the country when it comes to unique and delicious drinks.

People often forget that Starbucks does not only make coffee. They have dozens of specialty beverages along with even more seasonal beverages that come and go with the passing of the months. They make everything: healthy teas, delicious smoothie drinks, unique milkshakes, and almost endless variations of blended coffee beverages.

To make all these drinks for thousands of happy customers a day, Starbucks uses the very best blender in the business. They have chosen a machine that is quiet, that blends quickly and efficiently, and that can be relied on day after day and hour after hour.

What Type of Blender Does Starbucks Use?

Starbucks did not always use the very best. Many years ago, Starbucks used blenders from Blendtec. These are great blenders from a great company, and Starbucks used them for many years. However, Starbucks did eventually make the switch to a quieter model that is now the standard in basically every Starbucks shop in the world.

That’s not to say anything bad about Blendtec, as they do make some superior blending machines, most of which work great in industrial kitchens and restaurants. But Starbucks really needed something quieter and better suited to working in a calm and peaceful café environment.

This is why Starbucks upgraded to using a Vitamix blender. Everyone knows Vitamix makes the best blenders in the world, and it is no surprise that the biggest coffee giant in the world uses the best machines. This should be an absolute no-brainer.

The specific Vitamix machine Starbucks uses is not overly large, it’s not necessarily jacked up on too much power, nor is it particularly fancy. But it is one of the most reliable blenders in the world, it is incredibly quiet, and it works flawlessly for all of the daily operations at Starbucks. I’m of course talking about The Quiet One Vitamix Blender.

Starbucks certainly had a lot of options to choose from when outfitting their hundreds of global locations with a new blender, but they chose The Quiet One for a very good reason. It is designed to be used in a quiet cafe environment, it’s an affordable machine, and they basically never break. You can bet Starbucks put some serious research into choosing the best blender for their business.

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The Quiet One Vitamix Blender

There is a lot to be said about The Quiet One Blender. In case you didn’t know, this blender was literally created by Vitamix specifically for Starbucks. It is in almost every single Starbucks you will find anywhere across the world in dozens and dozens of countries, and you can even find it in lots of other cafés and restaurants.

The blender was designed specifically to be quiet, which is obviously where it got its name. This is the quietest blender on the market. It has an unmatched sound reduction to match its exceptional blending power. This is a blend of silent technology and unparalleled motor speeds. The blender enhances the blend of the beverage, brings all the flavors to life, and does it without making a sound!

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Of course, the blender obviously makes noise. However, it is sheltered by a sound-dampening enclosure that makes hearing the actual vibration of the blender nearly impossible. It has an incredibly smart design that dampens the vibration and makes the entire blender around 18 decibels quieter than any competing blender. That means it is four times quieter than other blenders that are in the same category.

What this means for Starbucks is that they can operate several blenders at the same time without disturbing the quiet coffee shop atmosphere they have strived so hard to create. There are no more upset customers or annoyed employees because of the constant droning from blenders.

You will notice every Starbucks is as quiet as ever, allowing you to enjoy your coffee, the employees to enjoy their peace and quiet, and everybody to enjoy working on their laptops, chatting with friends, or just reading their favorite novels.

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What Can The Quite One Blender Do?

The Quiet One Blender can do much more than just make drinks quietly. The blender has loads of impressive features that make it an excellent choice for your home, your business, or your basement bar.

It comes with variable speed controls, an automatic shutoff mode, lots of user flexibility, 6 programmable buttons, 34 optimized programs, and a very powerful 3 horsepower motor. The blender is designed with air management to reduce the noise, its reliability is drastically improved over other Vitamix machines, and you never need to re-blend a drink. Everything works perfectly with this blender, otherwise, Starbucks wouldn’t use it!

Interestingly enough, the blending container is also very high quality. It is only a 48-ounce container, but that is lots of room for you to make one or two servings of a delicious smoothie or coffee drink. The blender is designed to pour faster and smoother, while the blades of the machine have been designed to last longer.

In fact, this whole machine has been designed to save time, to save money, and to be as efficient as possible. You will not find a more durable blender out there today. It is the best blender for use in coffee shops, restaurants, and bars.

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Because The Quiet One Blender was designed for Starbucks, there are literally no mistakes with the design. Everything works the way it should, everything is properly sealed, the noise-dampening enclosure really stifles the noise, and the blending power is phenomenal. If you are looking for a quality blender, you can trust Starbucks and Vitamix.

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