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What Kitchen Knives Do You Really Need?

what kitchen knives do you needA knife is a must-have tool in a kitchen. A reliable kitchen knife can change the cooking experience dramatically in a moment. In fact, to make your work smoother and faster, you need a knife which you can count on. So, what kitchen knives do you really need to do that?

To find that answer, you must understand how many types of kitchen knives there are. Therefore, here in this article, we will guide you to understand the types of kitchen knives and how you can keep kitchen knives from rusting and sharpen them at home.

So, let’s step forward into details!

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What Kitchen Knives Do You Really Need: 7 Essential Kitchen Knives

Knives are an essential accessory of any kitchen. Different people use different types of kitchen knives that suit them. It is because knives are varied for their basis. On the market, you will find a lot of kitchen knives.

However, here we will share the 7 most essential kitchen knives that you really need in your kitchen. So without any more chit-chat, let’s get going forward.

Vegetable Knife

A vegetable knife is one of the essential knives used mainly for cutting, slicing, dicing, and chopping all types of vegetables.

The blade size is vast, and it has a square tip on the end. Furthermore, it has a straight edge that is handy for cutting vegetables without pushing and pulling horizontally. Finally, it is light and thin as that is perfect for slicing vegetables.

Fruit Knife

You must have a knife that you will use to make fruit salad. And a primary fruit knife that you can use for making fruit salad will be a peeling knife. It has the most suitable features for cutting all kinds of fruit. The blade is smooth and curved, as well as light and small.

Boning Knife

The boning knife is a knife used to separate bones from meat, pork, fish, or poultry. It can smoothly cut through any joint ligaments because of its sharpness. In addition, it has a thin and flexible long blade which is safe and effortless to use.

Bread Knife

A bread knife could be called a principal knife in a kitchen. Unlike its appearance, you can use it widely because of its zigzag edge. Its blade is like a saw, and it can cut through any crusty loaves by simply moving back and forward.

Steak Knife

Another essential knife for your kitchen will be a steak knife. To talk about a steak knife, it is the sharpest kitchen knife on a kitchen table. A steak knife can slice steak without any rough cut of the meat. Furthermore, it can cut chicken breast as well.

Oyster Knife

An Oyster knife is the only knife that can open an oyster. It has different shapes, different sizes for different types of oysters. Also, it has both single and double side sharpened knives that are handy for separating muscle from oysters.
The best oyster knife will be a remarkable addition to make the kitchen efficient. Its sharp, and beveled blade can thoroughly use to open oysters.

Chef’s Knife

According to chef BenK from We Knives, a chef’s knife is known as “King of the Kitchen” and can do most of the tasks. A chef’s knife has a round tip on the blade, and usually, it is 8 to 10 inches long. It can be used for cutting, dicing, and chopping fruits, vegetables, and herbs. There are options to cut meat and separate bones as well.

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How Do I Keep My Kitchen Knives From Rusting?

Everyone faces problems like having rust on kitchen knives when they become a bit careless. And that could be a concerning issue if it stays like that.

However, it is better to prevent knives from rusting from the beginning. To preclude that from being, you can follow some proper knife caring methods given below that will protect your kitchen knives.

Always Keep Your Knife Clean And Dry

It is one of the essential ways to prevent rusting. Always wash your knife with water and dry it immediately. But never count on air drying your knives.

Stay Away From Using The Dishwasher

Dishwashers use heat to clean knives, but they can’t stand any heat and humidity. Some types of knives can go through that process, but it is better to wash knives manually.

Store Knives By Wiping Oil On It

If you have planned to go out for a few days, you can wipe oil on kitchen knives to prevent them from rusting. It is quite a safe and effective way to protect knives.

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How To Sharpen Kitchen Knives At Home?

Using kitchen knives for several days, it needs to sharpen to keep it sharp. So to do that, some processes that you can follow at your home are as follows. You can use any of them to keep your knife sharp.

By Using A Ceramic Mug

Ceramic is used for sharpening knives at home as a kitchen hack. The process is simple.

Step 1 – Take any ceramic mug and turn over its bottom side

Step 2 – Rub the knife’s blade over the bottom side

Step 3 – Run the blade down at a 45-degree angle

Step 4 – Do this process only in one direction (do not forget to keep your fingers away)

And you are done.

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By Using A Newspaper

It is easy and one of the most straightforward methods to follow. Here are the steps –

Step 1 – Take any newspaper you want

Step 2 – Slowly run the knife over the newspaper for few times.

The carbon inks of the newspapers are perfect for sharpening the knife.

By Using A Sharpening Machine

You can find two types of sharpening machines, manual and electrical. Both have at least two settings, Coarse and Fine. The sharpening processes by these machines are the same.

Step 1 – Use the Coarse option to reshape the blunt knife

Step 2 – Rub the blade across the Coarse option from bottom to tip 3 to 6 times

Step 3 – Follow the shape of the knife to sharpen it properly

Step 4 – To done the process, use the Fine option and run the blade through it 2 to 3 times

Step 5 – Wash the knife with water and dry it with a towel

Final Thoughts

Having a bunch of kitchen knives indeed makes the kitchen work effortless. It saves time and makes your work done correctly. Therefore you need a set of kitchen knives which you can rely on.

Hopefully, using our suggested 7 types of essential kitchen knives will make your cooking experience better. Furthermore, you can now protect your precious kitchen knives from rusting and sharpen them at home.