What Do I Need to Make a Fruit Smoothie? 4 Basic Tips

what do i need to make a fruit smoothieFruit smoothies are getting more popular by the day. These are not to be confused with green smoothies or dessert smoothies. Fruit smoothies are in a league all their own. You can make these for breakfast, you can have them for a snack after breakfast, or you can even have a fruit smoothie to replace your afternoon meal.

But many people wonder what they need to make a fruit smoothie. The truth is you can probably find all the ingredients you need right now inside your fridge. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to making a fruit smoothie.

And by no rules, I really mean no rules. You can make a fruit smoothie using just a single fruit and lots of vegetables, you can add your own ice cream, whipped cream, sorbet, or chocolate syrup. You can also make your fruit smoothie as healthy or as non-healthy as you prefer. It all comes down to personal preference, personal taste, and what exactly you wish to achieve from making great fruit smoothies.

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What Do I Need to Make a Fruit Smoothie: The Basics

The only necessity when making a fruit smoothie is that it needs to have some fruit. You can use any fruit you want, and shortly I will list all of the best fruit to try with your smoothie and what their different uses are.

Another thing your fruit smoothie needs is a liquid base. If you don’t use a liquid base in your fruit smoothie, you are just going to have a mushy pile of banana that doesn’t look very appetizing and that doesn’t taste very good.

Then you have your add ons. You can add any vegetables you want to your fruit smoothie for health purposes and for a boost in flavor. I will describe the best additions very shortly as well. If you combine the right fruits and vegetables, not forgetting a healthy serving of nuts and seeds, you can have a delicious fruit smoothie every day that is also great for your health, keeping you strong and full of energy.

The Best Fruits for Smoothies

There are a few fruits that you will find in almost every smoothie. The first is berries. Berries, like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, or a mixture of all four, are great additions to any fruit smoothie. You can use them frozen, canned, or fresh from the basket.

Berries are great for your health, they have a pretty mellow taste, so it never hurts to add a handful of them into your fruit smoothie, and they will typically make your smoothie a darkish color.

Next, we can talk about bananas. Bananas are a serious staple of almost every kind of smoothie, whether it be fruit or vegetable. Banana works by thickening the mixture so that it actually tastes like a smoothie. Avocado is something else that does this. By adding a banana or an avocado into your smoothie, you get an excellent baseline flavor and an ideal texture for drinking.

In fact, my all-time favorite smoothie is the banana and strawberry smoothie. You get the delicious flare of strawberry with the underlying taste of banana, and it blends to create a delicious red drink that you can enjoy at any time.

Other popular fruits for smoothies are mango, pineapple, peach, apple, melon, cherries, and apricot. You can feel free to mix and match whichever fruits you want in your smoothie. There is no end to the different variations and fun you can have.

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Best Vegetables for Fruit Smoothies

You can definitely only use fruit in your smoothies if you want, but it is not recommended. If you want the amazing health benefits that come from vegetables, it doesn’t hurt to add a few vegetables into your smoothie. The best thing about adding vegetables is that you can barely taste them. At least, some of them are tasteless.

The most popular vegetables to add to any smoothie are spinach and kale. These leafy greens are packed with nutrients and minerals, you can fit lots of them into a single drink, and they are basically tasteless. I always pack my blender with a hefty handful of spinach before blending, and I have never tasted spinach in any of my smoothies.

Other popular vegetables are carrot, avocado (not actually a fruit!), cucumber, pumpkin, and cauliflower. Just like with fruit, you can experiment by blending different vegetables with different fruits to see what you like the most.

Best Liquid Bases for Fruit Smoothies

Every smoothie needs a liquid base. You can’t blend frozen ingredients, thick ingredients, or even leafy ingredients without at least a small liquid base.

There are a few key liquids that most people use in their smoothies. You can use either ordinary water, coconut water, any type of nut milk, like almond milk, or you can use dairy milk if you want. There are really no rules except that you do need a bit of liquid to create the perfect fruit smoothie.

Other Ingredients for Fruit Smoothies

There are other extras you can add to your fruit smoothie. Many people, myself included, enjoy adding nuts and seeds into fruit smoothies. By adding flaxseed, chia seed, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and any other type of dry ingredient, you will be adding a slight crunch to your fruit smoothie, along with a huge boost of omega 3s and protein. Oats add a nice serving of healthy fiber to any smoothie.

Then you have ingredients that are not so healthy. If you just want a sugary drink with a bit of fruit in it, feel free to add chocolate milk, flavored yogurt, whipped cream, ice cream, and even sherbet to your fruit smoothie. Just remember that there are no rules and you are in charge. Feel free to experiment with all these different flavors and ingredients until you have mastered the fruit smoothie.

The ideal fruit smoothie consists of at least one type of fruit, some sort of liquid base, the addition of one or more vegetables, and extra dry ingredients for a small health boost.

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