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Waring Pro Professional Blender 500 Watts Review

waring pro professional blender 500 watts brushed chrome reviewThe Waring WPB80 Professional Bar Blender is a fantastic piece of equipment, and undoubtedly one of the best USA-made blenders currently on the market. This is an affordable countertop blender that comes with a large 48-ounce container, designed to make quick smoothies and delicious blended iced beverages.

If you are looking for a quality blender to use at home for rapid blending and quick mixing of fruit smoothies, salsas, soups, and even margaritas, this is a great unit for you. It comes with lots of power, it has a reliable motor, and it has two simple speeds for minimal confusion.

The product is made in the United States of America, it’s very high quality, it comes with a solid warranty, and you can use it for making all your favorite drinks. In fact, the primary use of this blender is to make shakes, smoothies, and other beverages.

Waring Pro Professional Blender 500 Watts Brushed Chrome Review: Overview

This is a fairly standard blender. It does not come with a lot of fancy features, it comes with minimal accessories, and it has a normal motor. There is honestly nothing overly special about this blender, other than the fact it is made at home in the USA and it is extremely affordable.

That said, there are some great qualities to this blender that make it ideal for use at home in the kitchen. It can make smoothies very quickly, it’s proficient in iced beverages like iced coffees and margaritas, and it has an extremely durable body. The blender is sturdy, it has an excellent design, and it is well worth the affordable price.

Two Speeds

The Waring professional bar blender only comes with two speeds. And while this may seem lacking in a world of variable-speed blenders that go from 1 to 10, it’s actually not a bad quality to have. You can either blend at low speed or at high speed, and for your average smoothie lover, this is ideal. Simply turn on the machine, select high speed, and let the blender mix all your ingredients into a perfect drink.

Too many variables speeds just gets confusing. This is one of the biggest draws to personal blenders that don’t have any speed settings. So long as the blender’s blades are moving and breaking apart your ingredients, who cares what the setting is? This is not a fancy restaurant blender, but it is great at what it does in your home.

While the unit does not have a pulse feature, the only reason you would really need a pulse feature is if you are making purees, sauces, or soups. And while you can definitely do that in this blender, it is better used for making beverages.

500 Watts of Power

500 watts is not a lot of power. There are many personal blenders that have upwards of 900 watts. Still, 500 is enough to handle 48 ounces of very tough ingredients. You can rest assured knowing all your ice chunks, your frozen bananas, and your almonds and chia seeds will be blended into a perfect mixture that you can drink and enjoy.

And speaking of the motor, there is very little chance of this motor overheating. It is built with too much quality! And so are the other parts of this Waring blender, like the steel blade assembly and the polycarbonate 48oz container, which comes included with measuring lines so that you can easily measure out your ingredients. If you want a durable, well-rounded product, this is it.

The Ideal Blend

What I really love about this blender is how well it blends all your ingredients. And it does so without making too much noise. It is about the same level of noise as any other blender, but definitely not to the point where it is annoying.

It powers quickly through frozen ingredients and will have your smoothie complete in less than a minute. In fact, the blend is so perfect that you will have a complete smoothie in about 30 seconds.

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The blender is also really easy to clean. It is not dishwasher safe, as the plastic jar could melt if you put it in the dishwasher, but you can clean it quickly in the sink just by rinsing it, or you can let the blender clean itself by dropping some dishwashing soap into the blender with hot water.

The container pours smoothly into your glass, the chrome base is solid and only wobbles a little bit during blending, and considering its incredibly low price you really can’t argue with this Waring blender. It will stand up to all your kitchen abuse for years and years to come.

And as a final note, just keep in mind this is a blender designed for beverages. You are not going to do any food processing and you are not going to do any complicated tasks. However, if you want the ideal blend for your smoothies and shakes, this is definitely the right blender for you.

Waring Pro Professional Blender 500 Watts Brushed Chrome Review: Final Thoughts

The biggest draw to the Waring WBP80 blender is that it’s made in the USA. For anyone who wants their product made at home in their own country, I highly recommend checking out this blender. It has lots of power, it’s not very loud, it’s simplistic, and it can make your protein shakes and health smoothies in a matter of seconds.

It comes with a large jar, it has a long shelf life, and it is excellent at crushing ice and frozen ingredient. If you use a lot of frozen vegetables and fruits, you won’t have a difficult time blending them. It is also great for breaking apart seeds and nuts, for grinding coffee beans, and for doing a handful of other blending tasks.

There are only two speeds, so you won’t be confused with too many variables, and the blender looks very nice in any modern kitchen. It’s not too big, it looks stylish in chrome, and it will suit all your needs. I highly recommend this blender for use at home in your kitchen or personal bar.