Vitamix Touch and Go Blender Review: Quiet With 34 Settings

vitamix touch and go blender reviewThe Vitamix Touch and Go Blender is a fantastic unit, and definitely one of the best in terms of quiet operation and reliable power. Anyone looking for a solid commercial blender to use in their restaurant, bar, or café should take a closer look at the Tough and Go from Vitamix.

This unit has everything you love about Vitamix blenders. It’s extremely reliable, everything is built using premium components, and the overall design is simplistic. The blender comes with a sound-dampening enclosure to promote a peaceful work environment. It also has six program buttons with a whopping 34 optimized settings to give you consistent and easier blending at all times.

This is the ideal blender for smoothies, shakes, iced drinks, and alcoholic beverages. Any type of beverage you might need to make for your business can be blended in seconds using this blender. It’s easy to clean, the blades are super durable, and your employees will have a fun time learning how to master the Touch and Go blender.

Vitamix Touch and Go Blender Review: Overview

The Touch and Go Blender from Vitamix is a fully equipped blending station, unlike anything you’ve ever had in the kitchen before. And you better bet it performs better than what you’re used to given its super high price. This model is less popular than the ultra-expensive Quiet One Blender, but it still has lots of great features and near-silent operation.

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You can expect perfect blending 100% of the time when you use this blender. It has heaps of settings, strong blades, a robust motor, and a smartly designed sound enclosure for minimum noise.

Full Blending Station

The really great thing about the Vitamix Touch and Go Blender is that it comes as a full counter blending station. This is going to be your go-to appliance in the kitchen for all things blending. And while that will primarily mean smoothies, milkshakes, blended fruit drinks, frappuccinos, iced coffees, etc., you will also use it for a variety of other tasks.

Shakes and smoothies aren’t the only things you will find yourself blending in the kitchen. When you need to make a sauce, blend a few ingredients into a creamy mushroom soup, or even mix together a quick batch of dough for some cookies, you will find yourself at your blending station.

The Touch and Go blender is designed to stay in one place. You set this station up on your counter and use it for all your complicated blending tasks. If you are using it at home, this will be the centerpiece of your kitchen. You will use it for basically everything. It will replace your expensive mixing machine, your dry grinder, and even your juicer!

Peace of Mind with no Noise

Nothing is worse than a noisy blender. This is true when using the blender in your home or in the workplace. The last thing you want is listening to the constant rumbling and vibrating of cheap blenders all day long. Your customers will be upset, your staff will be annoyed, and it will create a generally chaotic atmosphere in your business.

But when you use the Touch and Go blender, you don’t have to worry about all that excess noise. The sound-dampening enclosure works with anti-vibration technology to keep the sound at a bare minimum. This means absolute peace and tranquility in your workplace. Nobody will even notice the blenders constantly blending throughout the entire day.

And when it comes to using this blender at home, feel free to make your six AM shake with no guilt since you won’t be waking anyone up with all the noise. This is one of the most discreet blenders Vitamix has ever made. It’s also very easy to clean. The sound enclosure very rarely gets dirty thanks to the sealable lid on the large jar.

Speed Settings

Speed settings are important. They are important on every blending machine out there, Vitamix or not. And when it comes to the Touch and Go Blender, you get more speed settings than you will know what to do with. Not only does the machine come with six program buttons, but it also has 34 optimized settings. This allows for consistent and precise blending with every mixture.

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Most blenders only have 2 settings. They have high mode and low mode. But Vitamix does not mess around, especially not with their commercial units. This machine is designed for smoothies, frozen cocktails, and frappes. You must be able to maintain a certain standard of texture in all your drinks.

And your drinks need to be uniform. This is why you have the program buttons. If someone orders a mocha frappuccino and loves it one day, then complains it’s too watery the next day, it’s a blender problem. You either blended too long or too short. But when you use the Touch and Go and learn how to master the programs and optimized settings, all your drinks will be consistent and delicious.

Vitamix Touch and Go Blender Review: Final Thoughts

Yes, there are more expensive commercial blenders from Vitamix. There are also drastically cheaper blenders from Vitamix. But if you want all the bells and whistles at a reasonable price, the Vitamix Touch and Go is your best option.

This blender comes equipped with everything you need for a reliable kitchen appliance at your bar or café. Complex recipes can be finished in second, the machine takes no time at all to clean, and you have 34 optimized settings to span a large variety of different types of drinks.

Basically, this is the best blender for commercial use at this price. You can get better Vitamix blenders, but they are going to cost a lot more. Not all of us have thousands of dollars to throw away on a blender, and if you want one for under 900 that still has premium features and the reliability to last the next 10 years, this is a very smart choice.

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