Vitamix S55 Vs 750: Which Of These Powerful Blenders Is Best?

Best Overall

Vitamix 750

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  • Powerful 1650W Motor
  • Large Capacity

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Best Price

Vitamix S55

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  • Cheap Price
  • Compact Size

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Whether you are single in your home or live with your family, the need for a multi-use kitchen blender is present.

Hopefully, after reading this Vitamix S55 vs 750 review you will have a closer picture to which blender type fits your purpose the most.

It is always convenient to have additional functions and preset blending programs on the blender you are using because these two blenders that I had a pleasure to do a review for will certainly prove effective as a cooking assistant.

While both blenders have some features in common, there are significant differences among them that will show you which one would suit you the best.

Classic Vitamix design and control panel in combination with some modern and stylish components and features make the Vitamix S55 and the Vitamix 750 the top choices in their categories, so let’s see what makes them so special.

Vitamix S55 Vs 750: Comparison

Vitamix S55

vitamix s55 blender


  • Very efficient in processing different food types, thanks to preset programs and variable speed
  • Comes with interchangeable blade assembly and containers with a flipping lid to take away
  • Fits in every kitchen perfectly due to its compact size


  • The jar size may be of small capacity for a regular family
  • Top of the container is a little narrow

Vitamix 750

vitamix 750 blender


  • Very powerful motor for easier processing of any food type
  • Has 5 very convenient pre-programmed blending options
  • Improved cooling system to prevent possible overheating malfunctions


  • Has no digital display
  • The container comes without measuring cup

Vitamix S55 Review

When it comes to smaller size compact blenders, the Vitamix s55 can offer amazing features and functionality.

Coming from the Vitamix Personal series of blenders, this one presents the upgraded variant of the previous models in the series.

Programmed Features

The s55 is full of features characteristic for full-sized blenders, such as pre-programmed settings to make your blending much easier.

There are four preset controls installed on this blender – smoothie, power blend, frozen desserts, and dips & spreads.

You will find it easy to operate this blender, since choosing the right blending program and setting up a required blending speed is all you have to do.

The speed scale is controlled by moving the physical switch on the control panel clockwise for a higher speed.

Moreover, the s55 features a pulse option for creating a better texture of the ingredients while blending.

The pulse is operated by moving the switch in the opposite direction than for the speed scale.

Design and Usability

The blender features a very stylish and modern design, with a manual control panel with all the programed features and controls.

Its base is a little bulky considering that this is a compact size blender but considering the functions it offers, that will not be a big issue.

Coming with two different containers, this blender offers you a 20-ounce jar with a flip-top for takeaway and a second and larger 40-ounce jar that will fit enough ingredients for one person or a small family.

The jars are completely BPA free and are made with double insulation so that your drink or smoothie preserves its temperature even when you are on the go.

As for the safety measures, the s55 will shut down its 1.0 horsepower motor in case the jar has been separated from the base or the device was physically moved.

Vitamix 750 Review

For the people in need of a full-scale high-capacity blender with all modern adjustments that a kitchen blender can have, the Vitamix 750 is an amazing choice.

For a regular family household, the 64-oz container has proved very efficient and combined with the preset features and controls, represents the winning combination of Vitamix 750.

Performance and Features

When it comes to the performance of this blending machine, the 2.2 peak horsepower motor provides amazing results for every food type.

The motor works perfectly well and delivers a great amount of power to the laser-cut stainless steel blades that are larger on this model than on its predecessors.

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This combination results in an easy blending of even high-density ingredients such as nuts or almonds while 10 variable speed controls and pre-programmed features make it so much easier for users.

The speed scale is operated by a switch movement to the right, while on the left side of the switch is where the pulse option and preset controls are located.

There are 5 pre-programmed blending options on this model – smoothie, hot soup, puree, frozen desserts, and the self-cleaning feature.

Each of those options has a specific purpose and will make your life much easier when it comes to blending since you will not be required to oversee the process or manually blend the ingredients.

Usability and Safety Features

The Vitamix 750 performs excellently and blends any ingredients you put in the container with ease.

Its thermal protection and radial cooling systems have proved quite convenient for the safety measures and the blender has a built-in shutdown option in case the blender is moved while working.

It also comes with a full 7-year warranty to assure you that you will not have to change it anytime soon after the purchase.

Vitamix S55 Vs 750: Main Differences

Both of these models are among the top models of their categories, so let’s now see the greatest differences between them.

Power and Features Differences

Both blenders have sufficient power for their sizes, but a 2.2 horsepower motor is of course much more convenient in use than the 1.0 motor that the s55 has, so the Vitamix 750 is better in this category.

Of course, for the blender of its size, the 750 needs to have a stronger motor than the compact size blenders such as s55.

On the other hand, the Vitamix s55 uses its 1.0 horsepower fairly good while 750 is better at blending higher density ingredients.

When it comes to preset functions and speed control, both blenders are feature-rich since the s55 has 4 preset control functions and the 750 has 5 of those.

Both blenders feature 10 variable speed controls, so overall for a compact blender, the s55 is a very good contender.

When it comes to safety measures, the 750 have slightly more options to prevent overheating and similar malfunctions than the s55.

Design and Convenience in Use Differences

When making this comparison it is important to state that the s55 is a smaller blender made for a single person or smaller family while the 750 is a full-scale kitchen blender.

Therefore, each blender is great for its purposes, and understandably, the 750 has a larger base, larger blades, stronger motor, and bigger container.

The advantage of s55 is that it comes with two containers suitable for takeaway, while the 750 is recommended to use in household conditions only.

Vitamix 750 is overall more professional than the s55.

Vitamix S55 VS 750: Final Thoughts

As we come to an end of this review, let’s go over some important features of these blenders again.

Both s55 and 750 have proved as highly effective blenders, each being among the best choices for their purpose.

While the Vitamix 750 is more powerful and suitable for high-density ingredients, the Vitamix s55 does a fairly good blending job for a single person or a smaller family.

Therefore, overall the 750 is a better choice but if you don’t have a need for a full-size professional blender and enjoy your smoothies and juices in small portions, you will not make a mistake by choosing the s55 either.

Both s55 and 750 are modern and easy to operate feature-rich blenders that certainly won’t disappoint the user by their performance.

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