Vitamix S50 Vs S55: Which Powerful Blender Is Best?

Best Overall

Vitamix S55

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  • Cheap Price
  • Compact Size

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Best Price

Vitamix S50

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  • Cheap Price
  • Compact Size

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A blender is a necessity in the kitchen, and therefore, everyone should have one. Whether you want to change your diet to a healthier one, lose some weight, or you just want some versatility in your meals, a blender is an excellent choice.

There are different kinds of blenders of different brands, but the Vitamix blenders are truly one of the best.

I present you two products from the S-series- the Vitamix S50 and the Vitamix S55. These two blenders will guarantee you good functionality and durability.

The blenders will allow you to make different kinds of specialties. They offer extraordinary features that will fulfill every one of your needs in the kitchen.

Vitamix S50 Vs S55: Comparison

Vitamix S50

vitamix s50 blender


  • 2 containers of different sizes
  • 2 pre-programmed settings
  • Variable speed control


  • Takes a little longer to blend
  • Moves a little when blending

Vitamix S55

vitamix s55 blender


  • 2 containers of different sizes
  • 4 pre-programmed settings
  • Spill-proof vented lid


  • Good for small tasks only
  • A little loud

Vitamix S50: Review

The Vitamix S50 is very popular among users and its features will amaze you.

2 Size Containers

The package includes 2 containers of different sizes- one is a 40-ounce container and the other a 20-ounce.

With a larger container, you can make soups and yogurts that you can put in your fridge for a longer period of time and just get it out and eat it when you feel like it, or make a dip to go with your tortilla chips when you invite over your friends for a movie night. The Vitamix S50 is also perfect for making soup or chowder for your whole family.

The 20-ounce container is excellent for traveling since it does not take up a lot of space in your bag. In the morning you can just make yourself a shake and head off.


When comes to its performance, you are given 2 pre-programmed settings that provide walk-away convenience and consistent results for smoothie and power blend recipes.

You can just choose what you are willing to make, push the button, and go to another room, check your phone while the blender does its magic.

Moreover, it has variable speed control and pulse function that achieve every texture you desire. It chops quickly and efficiently.

Vitamix S55: Review

The Vitamix S55 has some very good features that allow you to perform a variety of tasks in the kitchen.


It has laser-cut blades from hardened stainless steel, which deliver superior blends and it has a longer lifespan. The blades process even the toughest ingredient efficiently.

You will love how many various dishes you can make with this blender. It gives you 4 pre-programmed settings that allow you to make anything you desire- from smoothies and frozen desserts to dips and spreads, baby food and power blends for hearty greens and liquid recipes.

Namely, these settings are specially formatted to deliver optimal processing time. It also gives you control over it. They are programmed depending on the ingredients.

Spill-Proof Lid And Cookbook

Like the previous model, The S55 has 2 containers, a 20-ounce and a 40-ounce, that are BPA-free. The smaller one has a double insulated wall so it keeps your blends cold or warm.

It comes with a spill-proof vented lid with a removable lid plug that allows ingredients to be added while blending.

In addition, you also get a ‘’Personal blending ’’ cookbook that includes different recipes for every meal. So if you run out of ideas what to make, you can take a look in the cookbook to get inspiration.

Vitamix S50 Vs S55: Main Differences

These blenders have exceptional qualities and have some similarities – they both come with containers of two sizes, so with both, you can make smaller and bigger batches, they have variable speed and pulse function. Both of them come with cookbooks that will give you plenty of meal ideas.

However, they still have some differences.


For starters, the Vitamix S50 comes with 2 pre-programmed settings, while the S55 model comes with 4 pre-programmed settings. That does not mean that with the S50 you cannot make dishes as you would with the S55, it just means that you will have to control the blending. With the Vitamix S55, you can choose more modes depending on what you are making, and leave the blender unattended while it works.

With both of them you can still make whatever you want- smoothies, soups, frozen desserts, hummus, dips, salsa, anything you please.

Containers and Tamper

Although with the both of them you get two different sized containers, the 20-ounce container of the S55 model has a double insulated wall that will keep your blend cold or hot, whereas the containers of S50 do not. The first one works somewhat like a thermostat, so you can carry hot tea on a hike, or cold lemonade to the beach.

Furthermore, the Vitamix S50 comes with a tamper, and the S55 does not. With many blenders, you do not get one so this is a great asset. Blender tampers remove air pockets in the blend by pushing ingredients down the blades. As a result, the final product is smoother.

Vitamix S50 vs S55: Final thoughts

To sum it all up, the blenders have amazing features that will enable you to make various dishes. The top efficiency and durability grant that these blenders will be in your possession for a long time.

With 2 size containers, variable speed, excellent performance, and pre-programmed settings you can make any specialty that you want and will not have any problems.

They may be a little bit pricey, but these kinds of high-quality devices cannot be any cheaper. They are definitely worth buying. The Vitamix S55 just shades it over the Vitamix S50.

From this review, you found out about the specifics of these blenders, and I am sure that whichever blender you choose to purchase, you will not be disappointed.

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