Vitamix S50 Review: Top Rated Professional Grade Blender

vitamix s50 reviewCombining everything I’ve come across and thorough research, I’ve gathered enough to inform about my Vitamix S50 review. This sole blender has multipurpose options.

Even the sturdiest of foods are blended to bits with its 790-watt motor. It can blend, grind, chop and purée.

Also, it contains two different pre-programmed blending settings, and two dissimilar blending containers, a 20 ounce and a 40 ounce, that attach to the machine.

Besides providing thirteen differing speeds, it comes with its handy cookbook and a five-year warranty including all the parts.

The supplementary addition to that is a manual that owners can download on the Vitamix website if ever in need.

A built-in pulse option exists, also a safety system that automatically shuts the machine off if the container is lifted or rocketed from the base.

The blade base, lids, and seals and almost all the parts are dishwasher safe.

Vitamix S50 Review: Overview

Despite its classy black color, there are plenty of features that distinguish the Vitamix S50 blender from its predecessors and the ones that are to follow. I consider this a fairly good deal.

This adaptable, multifaceted blender comes with an expensive tag. And those who can afford it will find every penny invested in it worth it. Also, its professional look is a plus.

Vitamix S50 is highly praised for its inherent ability to last and produce top-notch meals that anyone can perform with its easy functions.

There are endless food options to choose from that not only entail smoothies and many fruits and vegetables. This is sure to delight all the variety lovers out there.

Thrown into the mix are salsa fresco, various sauces, nut butter, hot and cold soups, dips and spreads, frozen desserts, dough and so much more.

When blending fruits, go for a slower speed and select a more forceful one when dealing with firm ingredients. Mainly, carrots, greens, and ice.

Pre-programmed Settings

Somebody did this blender justice when equipping it with pre-programmed settings. Unlike the Vitamix S30 blender, which doesn’t have it.

There are two pre-programmed settings on the Vitamix S50, for power blends and smoothies. The smoothie setting is meant for fresh fruits, yogurts, and generally soft ingredients.

Then there’s the power blend that is used for veggies and tough ice. It efficiently serves its purpose even when it comes to nuts and seeds.

Just determine what it is you want to make and choose the setting accordingly, based on the recipe and ingredients. The blender turns off automatically once the cycle is done.

Vitamix S50 Has Lots Of Options

So many options you can have your pick of when it comes to Vitamix S50 and food recipes. In my review of Vitamix s50, I consider its ability to perform different tasks one of its most beneficial features.

It is possible to make food in bulk and leave it for later. Just place it in containers to freeze for later use.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the best benefits of owning a Vitamix S50 blender.

It is widely used in order to prepare baby food. Choose personally what your children are going to eat and what is to their liking while exerting no energy whatsoever.

Because there are different speeds you can select and different blending options you have, there is an ideal type of food for your kid despite one’s age range.

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The option of preparing completely blended food for the youngest and food of entirely different texture for the older children is available.

Another astounding thing about this particular blender is its ability to produce soup.

Whether you are a fan of hot or cold soups, it doesn’t matter. For the sole reason, Vitamix S50 provides you with both within a reasonable time frame of just ten minutes.

Spice it up with different kinds of pasta and noodles and you have yourself a delicious homemade meal.

Yet another easy to prepare food is frozen desserts.

Ice cream is not the only thing you can make with this blender, fruit sorbets, sherbet, milkshakes are all at your disposal. Take your pick.

It is rapid and requires minimal clean up afterward.

Undoubtedly, the popular choices among many are refreshing drinks and healthy smoothies.

Pick out any fruit you like and indulge in tasty and at the same time healthy meal.

Create waffles, batter for pancakes, muffins, cakes, and cookies without any extra work. Also, salad dressings and many more. Prepare a homemade bread, pretzels and so on.

Dips and spreads are also an option.

You can make flours and doughs in a matter of minutes and clean it all up just as fast.

This blender’s convenience is outstanding and is of great use to people who have a taste for high-quality products.


Two containers can be attached to the Vitamix S50’s motorized base.

The 20 oz pitcher is just great for carrying when traveling. And the other one, the 40 oz jar is a bigger size.

Furthermore, they are solid and unbreakable. Both containers are BPA-free. Easy cleaning is attainable by removing the blade inside the container.

Clear-cut markings that are easy to read are on the container for measurements.

Vitamix s50 Review: Final Thoughts

Are you living by the law of time-efficiency or are you on the lookout for scrumptious soups that can be made in a jiffy?

If so, you’ve stumbled upon the right article.

Or, are you, perhaps, an athlete eager for an appliance that’s great for snappy and healthy smoothies? To top it all off, even all the meat lovers out there can benefit from it.

Not only that, but it proves as a satisfactory solution for moms in need of an easy baby food prep that can be achieved in a swift manner.

There is a reason why Vitamix blenders are flying off the shelves all around the world.

I wrote my review of the Vitamix S50 in hopes of coherently explaining why this rapid, efficient blender that is a time-saver might be a perfect fit for you.

If any of the aforementioned below applies to you, find out for yourself. Your customer satisfaction is ensured.

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