Vitamix S30 Vs S55: Which Powerful Blender Is Better?

Best Overall

Vitamix S55

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  • Pre-set Functions
  • Compact Size

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Best Price

Vitamix S30

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  • Cheap Price
  • Compact Size

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Blenders can be found in almost every household. However, searching and finding the right blender that will suit your daily routine can be quite complicated.

To make buying easier for you, we reviewed and compared two popular Vitamix models, so you can see what makes these blenders better than some other models you might be considering. The Vitamix S30 and the Vitamix S55 have almost identical technical specifications but differ in terms of color options and pre-set programs.

These two models may not be as powerful as some of the more popular Vitamix blenders, but they are very functional and can perform a wide range of tasks. If you are someone who has limited kitchen space, or you plan on getting a blender that you can travel with, these two models can be the ideal choice for you.

Vitamix S30 Vs S55: Comparison

Vitamix S30

vitamix s30 blender


  • This product can effectively blend small batches at a time
  • Very lightweight and also smaller compared to the other models
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space


  • Less power compared to other models
  • Ingredients have to be cut smaller before blending

Vitamix S55

vitamix s55 blender


  • Automatic settings for desserts and beverages
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Speed settings are adjustable


  • It’s quite expensive, not for everyone’s budget
  • Might be too noisy for some people

Vitamix S30 Review

The Vitamix S30 is a great choice for a small family or if you are living alone.

Great Capacity

Frozen desserts, hot soups, and smoothies are just some of the things you can prepare with this blender. The S30 is also commonly used for cabbage, batters, dressings, and different kinds of salsas.

The blender comes with a 40 oz container, and a second 20 oz portable container that has a flip-top lid. It’s a lot smaller compared to other popular Vitamix blenders. It’s not significantly lighter than other products but due to its size, you can easily carry it when traveling.

Its small size also makes it easy for you to find room for it in the kitchen.

High-Quality Features

This blender also has a lot of cool features.

There are ten variable speed controls and a pulse function. Also, the blade unit can be detached so it makes for easy cleaning. Its blade base, pitcher, and lid are all dishwasher safe.

And, the blender has a strong 790-watt motor that makes the blending of ingredients run smoothly.

The Vitamix s30 comes from their new Personal Series has. So far the reviews have been great and the users are happy, so we can say that this blender has been proven successful.

It’s powerful, versatile, easy to use, and due to its size, you have a lot of storing options. Like we mentioned, if you live alone or with a small family, this can be the ideal product for you.

Vitamix S55 Review

The Vitamix s55 apart from having a flawless design, is also powerful, durable, and provides outstanding performance.

Wide Specter of Features

This product has a great range of features, making it a great choice for anyone who’s looking for a quality blender.

The Vitamix s55 is certainly the most advanced one in the new Personal Series product line and it’s regarded as an upgrade to the previously released blenders. The popular s55 is commonly chosen by people who live alone so they blend in small portions.

Well-Designed Containers

This model comes with two containers, a 40 oz jar that’s great if you have a few guests over and have to prepare a little bit more, and a 20oz one that has a flip-top lid and is portable, making it easy to carry around when traveling.

As far as the features go, there are four pre-programmed settings for power blend and smoothies, and 10 variable speed controls for comfortable blending. There is a pulse function as well. The S55 blender has a powerful motor and stainless steel blades that can be used on both soft and hard ingredients.

As one of the most powerful personal blenders currently available, you can’t go wrong with this blender. It’s ideal for people living small condos or apartments, and it can easily be carried around if you travel often.

Main Differences Between The Products

Here we will have a look at some individual features that may be important to users, and how they differ in these two products.

Pre-Set Programs

Pre-set programs are usually located around the dial knob and are turned on by activating the required program position. Pre-set functions aren’t really that important to a blender, but it does provide customers with extra flexibility, and it can lead to an overall higher price of the product. The Vitamix S30 blender doesn’t have any of these pre-set programs, while the Vitamix S55 has four pre-set programs: Smoothies, Dips and Spreads, Power Blends, and Frozen Desserts.

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Cleaning And Washing

Proper cleaning and washing of your blender has always been an important aspect, as it prevents dirt and other pollutants from contaminating it.

Remember that you should always clean the tamper, blades, and containers as soon as you are finished with blending.

The s55 is fairly easy to clean because it has water-resistant machine components built-in and the top rack is said to be dishwasher free.

This also means that you can clean the S55 without worrying about the consequences of pouring water on to it.

As for the S30, the cleaning is a little more complicated because you have to unscrew the blades every time in order to clean the threads after using the blender since some food particles can get stuck in there.

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Vitamix S30 vs S55: Final Thoughts

If you are looking to buy a model from this Personal Series product line, both of these models are good choices. However, our personal choice would be the Vitamix S55.

It has more functions, makes clean-up a whole lot easier, and it has pre-set functions that the Vitamix S30 doesn’t.

Casual users or people who are getting their first Vitamix may find the cheaper S30 model more suitable, shoppers who want convenience from their blender will likely choose the s55 — since it includes simple push-buttons and preprogrammed settings.

You cannot really go wrong with any of these models, but the s55 is definitely the better choice if it’s within your budget.

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