Vitamix S30 Vs S50: Which Powerful Blender Is The Best?

Best Overall

Vitamix S50

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  • Cheap Price
  • Compact Size

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Good Alternative

Vitamix S30

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  • Cheap Price
  • Compact Size

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As the modern era drives us to continuously be in motion to complete different tasks, it comes in very handy to have a modern and relatively small blender that you can use to bring refreshments along. Today I will present to you the specifications of two amazing Vitamix compact blenders in this Vitamix s30 vs s50 review, and hopefully point out why are they so applicable.

Having a compact blender is helpful for many reasons – whether you live in an RV, often go camping, or just enjoy the pleasure of having a fresh smoothie always ready in your grasp, this type is the right choice for you. The crucial thing to do when buying a compact blender is to find one that is of considerable power for this category.

In this review, I will strive to provide you with all sufficient information regarding comparing the Vitamix S30 with the Vitamix S50.

Vitamix S30 Vs S50: Comparison

Vitamix S30

vitamix s30 blender


  • Portable blending cups with adjustable lids when you want to take the cup with you
  • Powerful enough for its size, allowing it to blend harder texture ingredients
  • Recipe book and the instruction manual on how to use it to blend different food types


  • Food parts can get stuck underneath the blades, making it harder to clean
  • May have difficulties with blending frozen ingredients without tamping

Vitamix S50

vitamix s50 blender


  • Features two pre-installed blending programs
  • Has variable speed selection
  • Dishwasher safe for easier cleaning


  • Limited capacity fitting for one user or small family only
  • The base of the blender is quite heavy for a compact blender

Vitamix S30 Review

When It comes to small-sized blenders, the first thing that will surprise you on the Vitamix s30 is its fairly large base.

Design And Construction

As much as the construction is made in a smaller size, it still represents a highly professional blender since the base is a little large but still does the job pretty well.

Besides its stylish and modern design, the base also has a manual control switch that offers 10 variable speed settings, as well as the pulse command for getting a better texture and chopping larger bits.

The controls are very convenient and easy for use and come in pretty handy considering that this is not meant to be a professional blender.

The containers are made of high – quality BPA free plastic and come in two variants – the 40-ounce jar and a smaller, 20-ounce jar with a flip-top for carrying away.

The smaller cup can be particularly useful in case you want to bring your smoothie or juice with you and preserve its temperature.

Using Convenience

The smaller size does not necessarily mean that this blender lacks power.

The 1.0 horsepower motor works perfectly in combination with laser-sharp blades and provides amazing results on most food types.

Unfortunately, you might need to tamp down the ingredients several times to blend harder texture bits.

Luckily, that can be solved if you follow the included manual that will show you how to use this blender to its full potential.

Blades are very efficient considering that they are smaller than the full-sized blender ones but may require taking out the whole blade assembly to clean it.

Vitamix S50 Review

The Vitamix S50 blender is as professional as a compact kitchen blender can get.

It will surely not perform as a full-sized one, but for its size, it will give you an outstanding performance.

Control Panel And Settings

This blender offers a fair amount of different traditional Vitamix features and a manual control panel characteristic for the manufacturer.

By moving the switch to the right you will be able to control and set the variable speed of blending, which can prove as a very convenient feature for different food types.

On the left of the interface, there is a useful pulse feature and two pre-programmed settings as well.

The additional options are smoothie and power bland controls, for making great texture smoothies and blending on a higher speed for harder or thick ingredients.

Usability And Durability Of The S50

When it comes to durability you will not have to worry for a longer period if you decide that this blender is your best choice.

The containers are made of high – quality plastic while the base is made of high – end materials for longer-lasting of the product.

As a last resort, there is a 5 – year warranty coming with this product to ensure that you will use it for a long period.

As for the usability aspects, the blender has proven quite successful in blending all kinds of fruit ingredients while it has a slight cleaning issue regarding food getting stuck under the blade assembly.

Vitamix S30 Vs S50: Main Differences

These two Vitamix blenders look very alike and even share some of the aspects, but are each eligible for certain specific uses.

While both are great as small-sized compact blenders and have 10 different speed controls, the Vitamix S50 features two preset controls giving the user a wider choice of blending options.

This can result in s50 being more effective when it comes to smoothies or harder texture ingredients than the Vitamix s30.

Both are eligible for one person or a smaller family usage and feature some additional carry – away adjustable cups.

The main issue with these Vitamix blenders is that the food pieces can get stuck under the blade assembly, making it more difficult to clean.

This might require the user to completely disconnect the components of the blender and clean each of them manually which may take some time.

For that purpose, the s50 is made as a more dishwasher friendly blender than the s30.

Both blenders are of smaller size but the low profile on the s50 is done in a slightly better way so it comes in more handy for storage considering that it also has additional controls and options.

Moreover, the s50 is more secure for use than the s30 since it has a built-in option that automatically shuts down the motor if the cup is removed from the base.

This feature was included knowing that most people will use this blender to carry away the cup with content, so this precaution is quite relieving.

Vitamix S30 Vs S50: Final Thoughts

Overall these two blenders are fairly tough comparison contenders and are each very convenient to use and storage.

Both blenders have sufficient power for compact size blenders, sharp blades, and 10 variable speed controls, as well as some other convenient options, especially for the s50 model.

It’s a good choice for everyone to have a compact blender that does not consume too much space but fulfills its purpose in a great manner.

The Vitamix s30 and s50 are both a great example of that blender type, while the Vitamix s50 is a little more convenient for use and cleaning, making it a better choice overall.

Having a small – size close to professional blender has many benefits, so if you enjoy taking your fresh smoothie or juice along to help you refresh during a hard day, the s30 and s50 are very good choices.

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